Add Radiant Floor Heating Any Time

New Construction and Existing Homes Benefit from Radiant Flooring

Radiant floor heating
is a fantastic addition to any home and adaptable enough to be added to one room or the entire floor plan. Most homeowners believe that the installation of a heated floor is something best done during the initial construction of a home. The belief also exists that radiant floor heating be cast throughout the entire home, thereby maximizing the heating potential and benefits. The reality is that a heated tile floor can be added at any stage of home ownership and to any size space you desire to have a heated floor.

Heated tile floor in dining area

Who wouldn’t love to walk into a small tiled bathroom or entryway and feel the same luxurious heat offered by radiant heat floor systems? Radiant floor heating can be installed beneath tile, hard wood flooring, or carpet making this a conceivable reality for your smaller spaces. If you have access to the floor joists below then RetroHeat is a great fit for your home.

Achieving heat with radiant floor heating is easier than ever before. RetroHeat makes it possible to receive the same benefits of radiant heat without doing damage to your existing floors or causing costly damage in repairs. RetroHeat uses warming panels that are cut to proper length, then stapled in-between the floor joists. Using a RetroHeat floor heating systems under an existing floor can be added to any space and is an effective floor heating solution at an affordable price.