Radiant Floor Heat, You are a Superstar

Radiant Heat Has Star Quality

Seriously, what’s not to love about radiant floor heat? This affordable, energy efficient method of home heating is fast becoming a superstar in home improvement projects as well as the first go-to heating method of new construction. If you have a home or an office building and you live in a cold climate you will have to install some form of heating. Radiant floor heat has some star qualities that might help you decide to install a heated floor system.

Superstar Qualities of Radiant Floor Heat Include:

Silent Operation: The way a radiant floor heating system is installed allows it to be virtually noiseless when operating. This quiet operation is more relaxing for everyone inhabiting the dwelling or building.

Air Quality: Without the forced air from a furnace stirring up the air, creating dust particles, you enjoy a higher quality of air when using radiant floor heat. This aids those with allergies and helps to keep dust accumulation lower.

Heat Distribution: Using radiant heat means the entire space/room gets warmth thanks to the even distribution of radiant heat.

Comfort: Tile, hardwood, or laminate surfaces tend to get very cold in the winter. Heated floors gives the added benefit of warming luxury as you walk across an evenly heated floor.

Energy Efficient : You are more likely to feel warmer with your system set at a lower temperature which means your system doesn’t have to work as hard to reach your comfort temperatures and also doesn’t have to work as long, running only when you set it to run at the exact temperature you specify.

Appearance: Underfloor heat means just that; all the equipment is underneath your floor so there are no unsightly heat vents to vacuum around or arrange furniture to accommodate