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Add Luxurious Warmth to Your Home with an Energy Efficient ComfortTile Heated Floor

Combat Soggy-Sock Syndrome in Your Foyer this Winter

A ComfortTile radiant heated floor is a proven, energy-efficient way to stay one step ahead of winter. Most of us have battled soggy sock syndrome during the winter months (you know, the phenomenon that happens when you take your wet boots off at the door), but there’s a sure way to overcome this inconvenient winter mainstay. With a ComfortTile floor heating system warming up your entryway, your feet are more likely to stay dry and warm after you un-boot. These systems consist of thermostat-controlled heating cables under the surface of the floor to provide safe, evenly distributed heat. Because heat radiates up from the floor, radiant floor heat is a highly efficient means for combating cold winter temperatures.

ComfortTile floor heating mat and thermostat

ComfortTile electric radiant floor heating systems consist of thin heating cables that can be easily installed under virtually all types of floor surfaces to provide comfortable, even floor heat. A fully-programmable thermostat communicates with the heat cables to quickly and efficiently deliver heat to each zone or room as you see fit. There’s no wasted energy. Save money by heating only the
specific areas you need. Because there is no noisy blower and heating ducts or vents, ComfortTile radiant heated floors silently heats your home without stirring up dust and allergens. Radiant
heat is clean, quiet and used renewable energy.

ComfortTile floor heating mat and thermostat. ComfortTile is available in mats or on spools. The mats include a thin heating cable that’s pre-spaced on an adhesive-backed fiberglass mesh for easy installation. They are pre-terminated for use with 120 and 240 volts, heat an area two feet wide, and are available in a variety of lengths. For greater flexibility heating odd shaped rooms and areas, ComfortTile heat cable is available off spools. ComfortTile features a rapid response time and is suitable for heating tile, linoleum, wood, laminates and even carpeted flooring.

Having been in an environment that relies on radiant floor heat for providing warmth, I’ve seen and felt its effectiveness first hand. My young boy’s environmentally conscious school recently installed, radiant heated floors, and its effects are impressive. I’m particularly attuned to the performance of the heated floors because I work there in the evening. As fast as I can mop, these floors are drying directly behind me.

During winters, as snow accumulates, it’s not uncommon to see a dozen or so snow ensembles such as hats, gloves, coats and snow pants laid out on the school’s heated floor to dry. Despite the abundance of little wet feet, there’s little time for melted snow puddles to accumulate in this environment.

Imagine harnessing this same heating power in your home! Using ComfortTile to heat foyers and entryways is a great way to combat the tracking of ice and snow into your home. Radiant heat not only provides a little extra assurance beyond the welcome mat by providing comfortable warmth, but enhances safety by helping to eliminate slick wet spots that are typical during winters.

Warmzone is a trusted, leading provider of radiant heated floors for commercial and residential applications. To find out more about Warmzone products, design services and customer support, contact Warmzone at 888.488.9276 or visit www.warmzone.com.

Self-Regulating Heat Cable

Self-reg Cable for Roof Deicing and Pipe Trace Solutions

Self-regulating gutter trace heat cable is extremely effective and energy efficient thanks to its unique construction. The cable is comprised of a rugged, durable outer jacket surrounding an irradiated conductive core that increases the heat output as outside temperatures fall, and decreases output as temperatures rise. This construction also makes RoofHeat radiant heat cable incredibly resilient in the toughest conditions. The superior outer jacket allows provides greater flexibility and can be mounted to heat roof edged as well as in gutters and downspouts to facilitate runoff.

Self-regulating heat cableWarmzone roof deicing and gutter trace systems are fully automated and easy to customize. Warmzone roof heating experts will provide a comprehensive system design/layout as well as installation support and even free installation training if you choose. In addition to the self-regulating heat cable, Warmzone roof deicing systems include a snow/temperature sensor and thermostat or controller. Warmzone radiant heat professionals work closely with you to determine the best solution to meet your snow melting needs, power requirements and budget.

Heating your roof edges is a great way to protect your home from the water damage caused by ice dams. When warmer air escapes from your attic, it can melt the snow on your roof, causing it to run down towards the edges. However, the water refreezes when it reaches the eaves, and as this process is repeated over time, ice dams form, causing pools of water to backup behind the ice where
it can eventually damage your roofing and seep into your home, causing expensive water damage. Ice dams can also be responsible for causing structural decay and rot, or mold and mildew formation in the attic and on walls.

Heated roof edgeHeavy icicles can strain gutters and damage the support pins. No matter how you look at it, damage from roof ice and snow can be costly. A few well placed heat trace cables along your roof’s edge and in gutters and downspouts can serve as an excellent investment in your home. Contact a roof heating expert and learn more about the many roof deicing options that are available.

Self-regulating heat cable is also the ideal solution for pipe tracing and pipe freeze protection. Warmzone carries a variety of self-regulating heat cable for industrial, commercial and residential
heat trace applications. Warmzone designers are happy to talk with you to discuss the solutions that can best serve your needs. There’s no obligation, so call 888.488.9276 today.

Superior Products and Unmatched Services

Warmzone Sets the Gold Standard When it Comes to Customer Service

Tis’ the season for construction and home improvement projects, but finding the right provider and installer for your radiant heat installation can be tricky business. That’s why you should work with experienced pros who emphasize COMPLETE solutions and unparalleled customer services – like Warmzone. So, what’s Warmzone got that the others haven’t?

Knowledgeable Experts who Actually Listen. If you’re on the fence about an installation, no worries. Warmzone professionals are always available to answer your questions. If you’re interested in a radiant heat solution, Warmzone can work with you to determine which system and design is best for your specific radiant heat needs.

Snow melting system installed under pavers

Lots of Choices. Awesome Prices. Warmzone’s selection of radiant heat systems and products represent a wide variety of the best solutions in the industry. Offering more than one brand gives Warmzone the flexibility and freedom to dial in a system that’s just right for your home, and your budget.

Inclusive Design Services. All Warmzone custom radiant heat solutions come with a professional system design at no extra cost to you. You’ll know all the technical specs and power requirements before any heat cable is laid out. Warmzone designers are experienced pros when it comes to designing the most effective and energy efficient system possible for each unique installation. This ultimately saves you time and money, and eliminates any costly “surprises” during the installation.

A resource of Qualified Installers. No matter what system you purchase, a radiant heat system will only be as good as its installation. Warmzone understands that finding the right installer can be a bit of a crap shoot for homeowners. Despite having the best radiant heat system components, it can all be for naught if your contractor isn’t up to the job.

Warmzone can help take the guesswork out of the hiring process. In addition to maintaining relationships with professional installers throughout the country, Warmzone also provides free installation training. This means that Warmzone can recommend contractors in your area who are trained in radiant heat installation. This is just one more service in Warmzone’s long list of comprehensive customer services.

Excellent Follow-up. Ever get the feeling that your contractor steps into a project with one foot out the door? At Warmzone, your customer service experience doesn’t end with your purchase. They’ll stay with you throughout the installation process to ensure that your system is installed correctly and performing as it should.

Lots of Support. When you call Warmzone the voice at the other end of the phone is an expert in radiant heat solutions who can answer questions regarding your installation. Installation support is included with every system Warmzone sells.

With any big home improvement purchase comes some serious homework. If you’re shopping products and/or contractors, add Warmzone to your list of possibilities by simply calling 888.488.9276.

Warmzone’s Industry Leading Product Line

Warmzone Offers a Wide Variety of the Industry’s Most Proven Radiant Heat Solutions
When it comes to selection, you’ll find products, products and more products are what makes Warmzone excel in delivering outstanding radiant heat system quality. Unlike many radiant heat providers, Warmzone is not locked into selling customers ONE brand or type of system or heating element. Warmzone offers a wide variety of the industry’s top radiant heat solutions for interior and exterior applications.

Just how vast is their product selection? Warmzone offers a great opportunity to shop brand names and systems that can be installed under virtually any type surface, for virtually any type of application, indoors or out. Consider, for example, Warmzone’s impressive selection of proven, radiant floor heating applications:

Floor Heating Solutions

ComfortTile  Designed specifically for heating ceramic tile floors, this proven industry leader is compatible with all standard sub-flooring materials and can effectively heat virtually all types of floor surfaces.

FloorHeat This thin, low-voltage polymer heating element can be installed directly under laminate and hardwood floors to deliver luxurious warmth without any floor build-up.

In-Slab Heat Cable Designed for installation in new concrete slab applications to efficiently store and distribute heat.

RetroHeat Allows you to heat existing floors. By accessing the floor joists from below, the thin heating element is stapled up in the floor joist and then insulation is applied to efficiently direct the heat upwards to warm your existing floor.

FilmHeat This paper thin heating element can be cut on site to deliver moderate heat to laminate surfaces without buildup.

FoilHeat radiant floor heating system

FoilHeat Incredibly thin and efficient floor heating mats for use under laminate, wood, glued hardwood and other types of floating floors.

Hydronic Lightweight aluminum Rau panels with flex tubing is the premier hydronic radiant heat solution, and is easy to customize for your specific project needs.

To address your needs outside, Warmzone offers industry-leading products designed for concrete, paver, and even hot asphalt installations, as well as the top roof deicing and gutter melt solutions. Warmzone snow melting systems are second to none, and you can take your pick from heat cable off the spool or preconfigured in easy-to-install mats. In addition to its embedded snowmelt systems, Warmzone also offers portable snow melting solutions.

Regardless of your situation, be it time, budget or application, Warmzone has a product and design to best meet your requirements. For more information on their complete line of radiant heat solutions, call 888.488.9276.

Electric vs. Hydronic Snowmelt Systems

Which Radiant Heat System is Best for You?

Old man winter is providing plenty of incentive for many of us to purchase a hydronic or electric radiant snow melting system, and Warmzone can help you settle on which system to choose for melting snow and ice from your driveway. The good news—both hydronic and electric snowmelt systems are effective, efficient, and surprisingly affordable solutions to keeping exterior porches, walkways and driveways clear and dry.

Hydronic systems heat a mixture of hot water and propylene glycol (anti-freeze), then circulate it through a network of polymer Pex tubing installed in asphalt, concrete, or just about any other medium. The water is circulated from a centrally located water heater or boiler through the Pex tubing to warm your sidewalk or driveway. These systems feature condensing boilers that can be powered by any energy source, including natural gas, wood, oil or even solar panels, making operation extremely affordable.

Paver heated sidewalk

Electric radiant snowmelt systems can also be installed in a variety of mediums including hot asphalt, mortar beds, under pavers, and concrete etc. Prior to a concrete pour, heat cable is laid down and secured to the remesh with wire ties. The system’s activation device (in-pavement or aerial-mount snow sensor), communicates with a compact master control unit to send power to the embedded heat cable which quickly and evenly distributes heat to prevent ice and snow build up.

Both snow melting systems feature energy efficient, advanced technology backed by impressive warranties. Generally, hydronic is the best pick for larger-scale, commercial snow melting applications because of the potential for lower operating costs; whereas electric radiant heat systems are often the more preferred solution for residential or home improvement projects. Hydronic snow melting systems require a larger investment upfront. They rely on a high-efficiency heater or boiler to function properly, and they cannot be retrofitted in existing driveways, so in addition to the system, you’re looking at the cost of a driveway tear out and pour. The systems also need their own dedicated mechanical room.

Electric radiant snow melting systems feature rapid response times and are extremely efficient. They rely on a sensor and a small control unit to operate, so the initial cost up front is decidedly smaller. If you want to save a few bucks on installation, Warmzone’s ClearZone electric radiant heat cable comes on a spool or in pre-configured mats that can be laid out for quick, easy installation. And, ClearZone electric radiant heat cable installation is very easy to customize, so you can configure your system to ideally suit your budget and snow melting needs. You can heat the entire driveway or a strip up the middle or just two 24-inch tire tracks. Electric systems grant you lots of custom options.

Probably the biggest incentive for choosing electric radiant snow melting systems is their efficiency in removing ice and snow. Designed to produce 30-50 watts per square foot, ClearZone radiant heat cable has the quickest response time (time to heat the driveway upon system startup) of any snow melting system on the market). Hydronic systems rely on hot water. More time is required to heat the water before it is subsequently pumped through the system, so the response time is considerably less.

If you’ve had it “up to here” with snow this winter, it’s not too late to purchase and install a snow melting system. For more information on hydronic and electric radiant snow melting systems, contact Warmzone at 888.488.9276.

FoilHeat Floor Heating Mats

Your Perfect Solution for Heating Carpet, Laminate and Other Flooring
A FoilHeat radiant heat mat is an excellent way to warm up frosty laminate and even carpeted floors when the weather outside is frightful. If your floors rest on concrete, life at home can be especially chilling during the winter months. As you would expect, cranking up the thermostat to remedy the situation generates even more heat, all of which eventually rises, rather than solving your initial dilemma—cold floors. Made from durable heat-conducting aluminum materials, a FoilHeat radiant heating mat distributes heat quickly and evenly, so it’s not prone to “hot-spots” or localized heating you might expect from forced air, baseboard or other heating systems, making it a great alternative for home heating.

FoilHeat is a unique, ultra-thin electric radiant floor heating mat specifically designed for use under laminate, carpet, engineered wood, glued hardwood and other floating floors. This paper-thin grounded flat aluminum sheet can be layered between the installation pad and the floor with virtually no buildup, to deliver uniform heat throughout your home. And don’t let its “thin” skin fool you—FoilHeat maintains a durable yet flexible construction suitable for do-it-yourselfers and professional installers alike. It’s made with fluoropolymer insulated heating cables sandwiched between two layers of specially reinforced aluminum foil to form a strong, yet thin and flexible laminate mat that’s perfect for prolonged use.

If you’re intent on installing FoilHeat radiant heat mats in your home, no worries. Each mat is available in a range of nominal outputs and predetermined lengths for easy installation, regardless of the size and shape of your home’s interior flooring, or your heating requirements. Their thin construction can be safely and easily cut and shaped to meet the specific requirements of your project, so they’re a breeze to install, and ideal for efficiently heating any size or shape room, from basements and bedrooms to bathrooms and kitchens.

FoilHeat radiant floor heating system

 FoilHeat installed on slab to heat basement floor.

As with every Warmzone radiant heat system, FoilHeat mats are prefabricated and tested in a carefully controlled factory environment to ensure you receive a reliable product that’s designed to deliver consistent performance, year after year. Each UL-approved FoilHeat mat is watertight, completely grounded and safe enough to install under regularly steam-cleaned carpets or floors, and includes a 15-year warranty and manufacturer installation guarantee to boot.

While living over a concrete slab is wonderfully cool during the summer, in winter, it can be the polar opposite. If you’ve already worn out your slippers this season trying to keep warm, give Warmzone a call at 888.488.9276 to discover how a FoilHeat radiant floor heating system can help. Our consultants are the most knowledgeable and helpful radiant heat experts you could hope to talk with. Learn more about your floor heating options today.

Add Radiant Floor Heating Any Time

New Construction and Existing Homes Benefit from Radiant Flooring

Radiant floor heating
is a fantastic addition to any home and adaptable enough to be added to one room or the entire floor plan. Most homeowners believe that the installation of a heated floor is something best done during the initial construction of a home. The belief also exists that radiant floor heating be cast throughout the entire home, thereby maximizing the heating potential and benefits. The reality is that a heated tile floor can be added at any stage of home ownership and to any size space you desire to have a heated floor.

Heated tile floor in dining area

Who wouldn’t love to walk into a small tiled bathroom or entryway and feel the same luxurious heat offered by radiant heat floor systems? Radiant floor heating can be installed beneath tile, hard wood flooring, or carpet making this a conceivable reality for your smaller spaces. If you have access to the floor joists below then RetroHeat is a great fit for your home.

Achieving heat with radiant floor heating is easier than ever before. RetroHeat makes it possible to receive the same benefits of radiant heat without doing damage to your existing floors or causing costly damage in repairs. RetroHeat uses warming panels that are cut to proper length, then stapled in-between the floor joists. Using a RetroHeat floor heating systems under an existing floor can be added to any space and is an effective floor heating solution at an affordable price.

Spring Unsprung with Radiant In-Floor Heating

The Cold is Fleeting but Your In-Floor Heating is Still Working Efficiently

The season we’ve all been waiting for is slowly starting to creep into our neighborhoods. Snow and cold temperatures are receding and spring is quickly becoming un-sprung. At last we can leave the house without seven different layers of warmth. There are still a few chilly days ahead for some climates, and the nights tend to still be nippy, so using your in-floor radiant heating system is still the best way to counter cold floors and keep your home warm. Radiant heat is an efficient way to take the edge off any frosty room or area of your home, and floor heating systems provide a luxurious warmth that spreads evenly throughout your home.

Each room – or zone – can operate independently because each zone has its own thermostat. There is really no better or more exact way to warm specific areas and rooms in your home. With radiant floor heating systems the heat initially caresses your feet before rising to warm the rest of your living area. Unlike forced air systems that require the furnace to operate at maximum level regardless of how many vents you close, radiant heat can be precisely controlled and no energy is wasted.

When spring blooms full force and the need for around the clock heating is no longer as pressing, using a lower setting on your in floor heating system will keep the chill at bay without needing to crank out large amounts of forced heated air. Radiant floor heating is a home heating system that can work for you year round and you won’t feel the sting of your energy bill working year round. The in-floor heating cables run radiant heat smartly from the floor to the ceiling so you don’t lose unwanted heat when it rises right out of sight. The heat will literally radiate all through your home and ease the stress of finding a cost-effective, energy-efficient means of heating your home. Check out the many different radiant floor heating and snow melting solutions available from Warmzone.

Change Your Mind About Radiant Heat

Nervous About Radiant Heat Being Tough to Install? Think Again.

We may not be able to change your mind about a lot of things. We probably can’t motivate you to switch your loyalty of a favorite sports team, eat sushi if seafood repels you, or read romance novels if you are a hardcore mystery reader, but we may be able to help convince you that do-it-yourself radiant heating projects are well within your grasp. Radiant floor heating is easier than ever to install by yourself or with your buddy as you cheer on that favorite sports team in the background.

Warmzone professionals design and can help you lay out the proper radiant floor heating system and make sure you purchase the proper equipment and right amount of heat cable for your space. There are easy to read installation manuals found online and instructional videos you can watch to help you change your mind about this home improvement project. If having a warm floor is always something you’ve thought sounded good, but you were always nervous to tackle the installation, there is hope for you and your cold floors yet. Having a heated floor will add value to your home and your everyday life. Contact Warmzone today and have one of the heated floor experts help change, or rather ease your mind about installing radiant heated flooring today.

Even When the Four Winds Blow, You’ll Have Heated Floors

Colder Temperatures Outside Don’t Have to Mean Colder Floors Inside

The winds can be howling, the temperatures dipping, the ice forming, and the dogs barking and yet you can escape it all just by walking inside to find your cozy, comforting, warmth providing radiant floor heating hard at work to keep your home steadily warm. Heated floors are the newest craze sweeping new home building, but it’s not just reserved for new construction. Radiant heat can be installed beneath your existing floors. Radiant floor heating works especially well for areas of your home that always seem to be chilled; even better if those floors typically have colder surfaces, such as tilehardwood, or linoleum.

Radiant floor heating is masterful at maintaining steady, welcome heat throughout your floors. Even on the coldest days outside, you can walk inside and immediately feel the radiant heat hard at work touching every surface it comes into contact with. Heat rises, so it only makes sense that heat cables installed in your floor would make a difference in the way your home feels each day. Installing radiant heat can be done year round and the benefits realized as soon as the cold weather returns. Radiant floor heating is a smart choice for a smaller bathroom, or kitchen, or basement bedroom and also powerful enough to heat an entire home efficiently and effectively

Radiant Floor Heating is the Best Way to Ensure Consistent Heat

Radiant Heat Spreads Warmth from Your Toes to Your Nose

Radiant floor heating is a term being thrown about during most new construction projects. More and more homeowners (even business owners) are considering and then purchasing a radiant heated flooring system. Radiant heat is famous for its even and pleasing heat emitting from the heat cables beneath a floor. Radiant heat spreads warmth starting at your piggy toes, then on to each of its neighbors and then fills the room all the way up to your nose and beyond. A normal size room will feel the effects within moments of the radiant floor heating system kicking on. Radiant heated floors are especially effective in basements that normally suffer from colder drafts and settling cold air. Radiant heat emanates from the ground up and settles on each object it reaches, ensuring consistent and reliable heat.

Radiant floor heating is the best way to ensure consistent heat as well as a more energy efficient approach to your home heating needs. Radiant heat spreads much like a coffee mug keeps your coffee warm in the morning. It radiates the warmth outward from the heat source, warming room from the floor up. In this case it could be as small a space as a guest bathroom that never warms up to an entire floor and hallway that you wish to heat. Heating experts are standing by to assist you in the layout and design of your radiant floor heating. You’ll be assured of getting what you need and the tips to make it work efficiently and smartly.

Radiant Heaters

Radiant heating, as opposed to warm air systems (such as a forced air unit heaters), deliver the source of heat to the floor level, not the ceiling. And since warm air rises, heating the floors proves to be the most efficient means of heating living areas.

Radiant floor heating or radiant energy is the oldest form of heating used to provide comfort and is the basis for all heating systems. Radiant energy is totally pure radiation and is absorbed by an object without physical contact with the heat source or by heating the surrounding air, as is the case with convective, forced air systems.

Under floor heaters were first used by the Romans. Initially the preserve of the rich, under floor heating became increasingly commonplace in public buildings and villas, particularly in the colder regions of the Roman Empire. The Roman system was based on hypocausts, comprising ducts that underlay the floor (itself built on raised brick piles) and flues that were built into walls. Hot air or steam from fires circulated up through this system, warming the floor and walls, with heat passing into the rooms.

More specifically, the floor was laid out as series of concrete slabs acting as radiant heaters supported by columns of layered tiles, with a furnace at the bottom of one exterior wall. By placing the fire here, the draught would take the radiant heat under the floor, and up through the walls to radiant heater chimneys located in the corners of the room.

Today we recognize the brilliance of the Romans and Koreans as early adopters of radiant heating, as the technology is still a desired method for delivering comfortable and efficient heat in our homes. Now we have radiant heaters using electric resistance cables that are constructed of highly rated materials and feature manufacturer warranties of up to 25 years.