Even When the Four Winds Blow, You’ll Have Heated Floors

Colder Temperatures Outside Don’t Have to Mean Colder Floors Inside

The winds can be howling, the temperatures dipping, the ice forming, and the dogs barking and yet you can escape it all just by walking inside to find your cozy, comforting, warmth providing radiant floor heating hard at work to keep your home steadily warm. Heated floors are the newest craze sweeping new home building, but it’s not just reserved for new construction. Radiant heat cables can be retrofit beneath your existing floors. Radiant floor heating works especially well for areas of your home that always seem to be chilled; even better if those floors typically have colder surfaces, such as tilehardwood, or linoleum.

Radiant floor heating is masterful at maintaining steady, welcome heat throughout your floors. Even on the coldest days outside, you can walk inside and immediately feel the radiant heat hard at work touching every surface it comes into contact with. Heat rises, so it only makes sense that heat cables installed in your floor would make a difference in the way your home feels each day. Installing radiant heat can be done year round and the benefits realized as soon as the cold weather returns. Radiant floor heating is a smart choice for a smaller bathroom, or kitchen, or basement bedroom and also powerful enough to heat an entire home efficiently and effectively