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New IoT Controller Offered

Warmzone Adds Advanced Controller to its Impressive List of Product Offerings

Over the years a growing number of consumers have come to rely on Warmzone for all their radiant heating needs. Knowing they can count on Warmzone’s industry-leading products and customer support services, homeowners and construction professionals alike turn to Warmzone for their snow melting, home heating, and roof de-icing needs.

As an established industry leader, Warmzone has focused on two basic philosophies: Provide unmatched customer support services, and a large selection of the industry’s most proven products. This emphasis on selection and service is why Warmzone has grown to be a favorite among building professionals.

In keeping with Warmzone’s commitment to offering the largest selection of the best products, Warmzone recently added the EcoTrace IC controller to our line of snow melting controls. This advanced device is a single-circuit IoT heat trace controller for use in snow melting, freeze protection and temperature maintenance applications.

What is IoT?

“IoT” refers to the Internet of Things, and may be one of the most important technologies of this century. It allows us to connect everyday objects such as roofs, driveways, kitchen appliances, etc., to the internet via embedded devices. These devices (or sensors) can be added to objects to measure environmental parameters, and the data is then transmitted through a communications network. IoT technology makes seamless communication possible between people, processes, and things.

EcoTrace IC Controller for snow melting and heat trace applications.
The new EcoTrace IC Controller for snow melting and heat trace applications.

How does the Controller Use This Technology

The advanced controller uses its proprietary algorithms to process weather data and adjust the system’s power output according to storm conditions. In addition to activating the heating system, the controller’s “smart” snow melting capability includes optional preheating, the ability to ignore light storms, and dynamic heating after the storm, all to improve overall system performance and reduce energy use and operating cost. The versatile controller allows the user to choose from a selection of weather-based control algorithms, which include, roof de-icing, gutter heat tracing, and heated driveways and snow melting systems.

Pipe Heat Trace

For pipe trace applications, the EcoTrace IC controller can be used for freeze protection and temperature maintenance. A temperature sensor can be connected, allowing you to use either ambient or pipe sensing modes to prevent pipes from freezing. Hybrid freeze protection uses weather forecast data in combination with the local sensor to control freeze protection systems up to 40 percent more efficiently. The temperature sensor can also be used for process temperature maintenance, grease waste lines, and hot water maintenance lines (HWM).

Eliminate Silent Failure with 24/7 Monitoring

Heat trace failures can result in frozen pipes, leaks, and damage to critical equipment. With the comprehensive 24/7 system monitoring and automated fault notification, you can rest easy knowing your systems are working. The device’s cloud platform allows you to manage all of your heat tracing systems in one place, even if you are somewhere else.

Connect from Anywhere

The advanced controllers connect to the Frio Cloud via Wi-Fi, Ethernet, or Cellular. When connected to the cloud, the controller will upload system status and receive operational commands. Multiple devices can be joined together in the Cloud platform, allowing centralized control of multiple heat tracing systems. Users can access their control device remotely via the Cloud platform to check status, activate the system or run a diagnostic test, eliminating the need to physically check the heater control system.

Front view and internals of EcoTrace IC Controller.

Two models of the controller are available: one with Modbus and BACnet connectivity, and the other, which accepts a thermistor only. Both controller models support Wi-Fi and Ethernet connections. The devices are designed to use 802.11n Wi-Fi operating in the 2.4GHz band or the 5GHz band. Both units are compatible with older 2.4GHz 802.11b, 802.11g, and 802.11a networks. The ethernet connection supports 10Mbps and 100Mbps operation. See the user manual for firewall information.

The controller can drive up to a 30A resistive load to control electric heat trace systems operating between 110 VAC and 277 VAC. The IC (Internet Controller) comes in an outdoor-rated enclosure, tested to IP67 standard.

The controller also allows for the user to manually activate the device for a set period of time. Manual override can be set from the device’s Cloud platform, or through Modbus for BMS connected systems.

Warmzone is one of the largest providers of floor heating, snow melting, and roof de-icing systems, as well as luxury home heating amenities. For more information about Warmzone radiant heat systems or luxury amenities, contact a friendly Warmzone representative today, at 888-488-9276.