Warmzone Cited in Wall Street Journal

Online Wall Street Journal Interviews Warmzone Sales Manager, Bryan Morris

The Wall Street Journal recently cited Warmzone Sales Manager, Bryan Morris, in an online article, “ The New Cold Warrior,” published January 19, 2011. The piece features an in-depth view of the various snow removal tools and methods that are available to homeowners nowadays; ranging from battery operated snow blowers and ergonomic shovels to fully automated radiant heat systems. The general emphasis of the article is that high-tech snow removal solutions are on the rise because they are not only easy on the driveway and surrounding property, but also on the body.

Much of the exposé was devoted to Warmzone, including a spotlight on one of its recent snow melting projects. Richard Silverstein of Chappaqua, N.Y., purchased the snow melting system from Warmzone for his home’s steep 8,000-square-foot stone-paver driveway and walkways around his outdoor hot tub. The 60-year-old neuro-ophthalmologist works out of his house and was concerned that patients and visitors might hurt themselves because of icy conditions. The Journal was particularly interested in the Silverstein job because of the size and scope of the project.

Dr. Silverstein emphasized that he didn’t want to be at the mercy of numerous plows and snow blowers, but instead wanted to be “stress free” during the winter months. That’s when he decided to explore the options for radiant heat. Bryan Morris was the Warmzone representative who answered Dr. Silverstein’s call. Together with a team of designers and electrical engineers, Morris worked to develop the extensive snow melting system.

“At Warmzone,” Morris stated, “we deal with a variety of affordable environmentally green products; ranging from interior floor heating solutions to heated driveways and snow melting systems that melt snow and ice from roofs, gutters, walkways, ramps, etc.  Our approach is to thoroughly understand our customer’s needs, recommend services and solutions to meet those needs, and to support them before, during and after the sale.”

As a leader of radiant heat solutions, Warmzone carries a host of industry-leading snow melting and radiant floor heating products. The company also provides professional radiant heat design services along with detailed CAD drawings of each radiant heat system.

The Wall Street Journal article further elaborated on the components of Warmzone’s automated snow melting systems in addition to the cost and benefits of electric radiant heating. For a FREE quote, or to learn more about Warmzone heated driveways, roof deicing or radiant heated floors, visit the Warmzone website or call a radiant heat expert today, at 888.488.9276.