Heated Driveways are Winning Battle Against Snow

Automatic Snow Melting – A Winning Solution

A snow shovel competing with an automatic snow melting system is like pitting a fly against a wind machine. The automatic snow melting system has proven snow melting capability on its side and the snow shovel, well, it just offers a lot of grief and aches and pains. When keeping score, the snow melting system wins every time. Snow doesn’t stand a chance against the advanced radiant heat cable technology. Snow melting systems are becoming more and more widespread because those keeping score at home can see clearly for themselves that heated driveways are winning the war on snow every time it falls from the sky.

The radiant heated driveway is a smart driveway. The snow melting cables radiate consistent warmth beneath the surface of your driveway to provide a snow-free environment every time. The snow still falls, we haven’t figured out a way around that yet, but it doesn’t stick on a warm surface. It quickly turns to water and evaporates on the next dry day with some sun. Snow doesn’t have a chance to accumulate because the minute it begins to fall the snow melting cables kick into gear thanks to the automatic sensors included in the radiant snowmelt systems. Chances are the automatic snow melting system is going to keep on winning, so you better get on the right team.