Heated Sidewalks is a Smart Business Choice

Cut Snow Removal Labor Costs and Increase Pedestrian Safety with Radiant Heat

Most of us may associate a radiant snow melting system with a heated driveway. Why not apply the same smart technology that comes in a snowmelt system, to a sidewalk? Pedestrian safety is key when running a business or taking care of public buildings such as schools or libraries. Using a radiant snow melting system underneath a sidewalk would be a significant perk to any existing or new project where pedestrian traffic is being taken into account. Having walks clear of snow at all times would increase traffic and safety.

Radiant snow melting systems are relatively affordable and save you in the long run when it comes to snow removal cost and headaches. The fully automated snow melting systems are simple to maintain because they require no human intervention. They do however come with a manual override should you ever need to melt a snow drift that collected on your driveway or ice that formed in some shade.

Radiant snow melting systems utilize radiant heat beneath the concrete or asphalt to help keep walks clear of snow and ice. This makes walking much safer for pedestrians in cold climates. Each snow melting system can be customized to meet your specific project needs and they fit in uniquely shaped areas as well. Using a snow melting system anywhere there are pedestrians is a sure way to keep everyone safe and dry