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Baltimore Roofs get Tested During Record Snowstorm

January’s record-breaking snowstorms proved to be a serious test for residential and commercial roofs in the Baltimore area during the winter of 2015-2016. Some homeowners struggled to manually remove snow from their roofs during the infamous blizzard of January 22-23. Snowfall from the multi-day storm ranged from a whopping 22 to 25 inches across Baltimore county.

While most homes and commercial structures were more than capable of handling the heavy stress loads of the recent storms, the subsequent ice dams and potential for snow and ice to break free from roofs and fall on those below proved to be the most significant threats.

Inner Harbor waterfront view of Baltimore
The view of Baltimore from the Inner Harbor waterfront.

Baltimore businesses and building owners are tasked with keeping their roofs in safe condition to prevent snow and ice from falling and injuring pedestrians on the sidewalks below. And though homeowners are less worried about law suits as a result of ice falling from their roofs, they are faced with the potentially costly threat of water damage as a result of ice dams.

As heat rises from the home, it can escape into the attic and warm the roof, causing water to trickle down near the roof’s edge. But since the roof eaves are colder, the water refreezes. As this process is repeated, water can build up behind the ice where it can seep into tiny cracks of the roof. Each night, as the water refreezes, it expands, paving the way for more water to seep into the cracks and eventually into the home. The resulting water damage within walls and ceilings can be expensive to repair.

Warmzone roof deicing systems and self-regulating heat trace cable for gutter heating systems offer ideal roof heating solutions for preventing hazardous ice dams and heavy icicles from forming on roofs. The roof heating systems are easy to customize and install. Once installed the roof deicing and gutter trace systems operate only when conditions warrant, keeping heavy ice from damaging roof gutters and preventing ice dams from forming along roof edges.

In addition to Warmzone’s large variety of industry leading roof deicing systems, Warmzone radiant heat experts work closely with customers to determine the best and most affordable option for the roof.

The most popular roof heating system features an advanced polymer heating element (RoofHeat STEP) that can be installed directly under roof shingles. This low-voltage system has proven to be a favorite roof heating solution among professional installers and homeowners throughout the Baltimore area. Heat trace cable can also be installed to heat gutters and downspouts, or the systems can be combined to produce optimum results.

Warmzone professionals are experts when it comes to roof heating, and its customer service is second to none. In addition to providing complete system designs (AutoCAD), installers have access to free installation training as well as personal installation support. If installers encounter any issues or have any questions during the process, he/she can speak with one of the dedicated installation support staff to resolve the issue.

Many home and business owners in Baltimore are already enjoying the benefits of a Warmzone roof deicing system. To learn more about Warmzone’s roof heating options, or to speak with a radiant heat expert, with no obligation or sales pressure, call 888.488.9276. As an industry leader, Warmzone offers one of the most informative radiant heating websites available. Visit warmzone.com and learn more about radiant heating systems and why some systems (and services) are better than others when it comes to heating specific projects.