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ClearZone Heat Cable and Mats

It’s that time of year to dig out the coats, snow boots and Halloween costumes again. But there is still time for homeowners to decide how to spend this winter season. Will they choose to labor all season with a snow shovel to keep their walks and driveways clear, or are hoping to relax and let a heated driveway do all the work?

October is a prime month to help homeowners plan for winter. While a driveway heating system may seem like a luxury for many customers, Warmzone is making it easier than ever. Whether your customers want to heat an existing driveway or create a stylish new brick paver driveway, Warmzone offers the ideal snow melting cable – ClearZone heat cable – to keep driveways free of snow all winter long.

ClearZone snow melting heat cable in mat.

The ClearZone cables are ideal for melting snow in just about any outdoor area, including the growing trend for building outdoor living spaces for recreational and entertainment purposes. Several past articles have highlighted outdoor heating projects, such as parlors and patios, each of which utilize the CZ cables to ensure the ultimate in comfort, longevity and ease of use. An outdoor space is a great way to add value and comfort to homes, while still keeping within budget.

ClearZone heat cables are made specifically to withstand the harshest construction applications and extreme weather conditions. Durable ClearZone snow melting cables can be embedded in concrete and asphalt, as well as under brick pavers.

Many snowmelt systems are not capable of withstanding the harsh temperatures of new asphalt; and low-voltage systems do not pass the ASHRAE standard for snow melting systems. Warmzone offers one of the most comprehensive warranties on the market. Warmzone is a trusted manufacturer of radiant heat solutions and has a reputation for offering only the highest quality radiant heat products.

Installing a snow melting system eliminates the need for harsh chemicals and snow removal devices, and will increase the life span of your driveway and the value of the home. Whether you’re looking to install a heated driveway or create a new, warm outdoor space, Warmzone can help you plan a system that keeps within your customers’ budgets while providing a lifetime of benefits.

Brutal Winters Predicted

Scientists Predict Extreme Winters to Continue for the Next 30 Years

Climatologist John Casey, a former space shuttle engineer and NASA consultant, believes that we’re in for decades of unusually cold winters with greater snowfall. And Casey isn’t alone in his claims. Noted Russian astrophysicist Habibullo I. Abdussamatov has even gone so far as to argue that a new mini-ice age has just begun.

While Casey isn’t proclaiming the dawning of a new ice age, he does say that the facts indicate we are entering a new cold era. In a recent interview with Newsmax, Casey declared, “All you have to do is trust natural cycles and follow the facts, and that leads you to the inevitable conclusion that the sun controls the climate, and that a new cold era has begun.”

Radiant heated driveway in Colorado.

According to weather experts, a decline in solar activity has kick-started a major alteration in global climate that is projected to last at least 30 years. The prospect of frigid winters with record snowfall for the next several decades is not a pleasant one, but there are steps one can take to ease the pain of the upcoming “mega winters”.

Installing an automated snow melting system can ease the burden considerably, and even save you money in the long run. Warmzone offers affordable snow and ice melting options designed to keep your driveway, sidewalks, steps, and roofs clear of ice and snow – eliminating the need for manual snow removal. Every snowmelt system utilizes industry leading ClearZone heat cable that is easy to install and can be used in almost every type of snow melting application. Available on spools or in mats with tape backing for easy roll-out installation. (There is no mesh backing to impede concrete pours, making Warmzone solutions the optimum choice when it comes to installing radiant heat in concrete projects.) Self-regulating heat cable and RoofHeat STEP systems are used for roof deicing.

Why Invest in a Warmzone Snow Melting System? 

Fully Automated: You’ll get a fully automated snow removal solution that can sense and respond to snow before it can accumulate. ClearZone systems are activated by aerial- or pavement-mounted snow sensors that signal a small wall-mounted control unit to activate the system when needed. Each system also features a manual on/off switch to deal with snowdrifts or ice that has formed in shade.

Fast Response Time: Warmzone’s electric snow melting systems feature rapid response times, heating your driveway quickly and efficiently.

Enhances Safety: Radiant heat systems offer instant, consistent protection from slips and falls caused by icy steps, walkways and driveways.

Easy to Customize: Warmzone snow melting systems are easy to customize, so you can install a system that meets your specific snowmelt needs as well as your budget. Check out some of the snow melting options.

Energy Efficient: Minimal operation times and low operating costs will save you money and time over the life of your system.

Maintenance Free: These systems are virtually maintenance free, and backed by one of the best warranties in the business, for years of confident operation.

These are just some of the benefits you can expect from a radiant heated driveway. But what really makes Warmzone a great choice for radiant heat is the level of customer service you can expect. Contacting them gives you immediate access to radiant heat professionals with deep industry knowledge, knowledge they are eager to pass on to you at no cost.

When dealing with Warmzone, you’ll benefit from free installation support and in-house engineering and design services. You can get a schematic of your entire design system, plus a solid understanding of system requirements. Warmzone also offers free installation training and an abundance of information online. For a complete radiant heat solution, there’s no better partner than Warmzone. To find out more about Warmzone’s industry leading products and service, call 888.488.9276 today.

The Advantages of Warmzone Snow Melting Mats

The Tape Backing of ClearZone Mats Facilitates Proper Concrete Pours
Radiant heated driveways offer many benefits; however, a snow melting system is the sum of its parts and only as good as its design and installation. While there are many products available, Warmzone systems have proven to be the clear favorites among professional installers. These tried and tested solutions are carefully considered by Warmzone “resident” professionals with deep industry knowledge and experience. What does this mean for you? When dealing with Warmzone, you have a wide selection of affordable products that outperform the competition in all phases of installation and performance.

Consider a recent conversation between a Warmzone professional and an experienced installer. The installer preferred to avoid using electric snow melting mats based on an experience with a competitor’s heating mats years earlier. During the concrete installation, he noticed a significant issue. The mesh backing on the competitor’s mats impeded the concrete pour, which dramatically affected the quality of the concrete installation. When the concrete cannot flow through the mats, small air pockets can result, resulting in a weakened driveway that is susceptible to cracking and collapsing.

ClearZone snow melting heat cable in mat.

For the installer’s next radiant heat install, he opted for heat cable off the spool to ensure a proper concrete pour. As effective as the cable can be, cable off the spool requires more installation time, as the cable must be secured to the remesh with zip ties every 6 to 12 inches.

Shortly after that installation, the installer made a business-boosting discovery. After expressing his concerns with Warmzone, the installer learned that Warmzone snow melting mats offer significant advantages over similar products. Because of the unique construction of Warmzone snow melting mats, concrete maintains its integrity by enjoying an unimpeded pour. Not only is Warmzone heat cable the premier heating cable on the market, but the mats have become the solution of choice for concrete installers.

When it comes to performance and durability, the spacing between the runs of cable, tape and mesh backing truly matter. Warmzone’s ClearZone radiant snow melting mats utilize tape (without a mesh backing) to properly maintain their overall integrity during installation. Because ClearZone mats don’t include a mesh backing, concrete can flow through the mats during a fresh concrete pour, ensuring a strong driveway that will not buckle or cave over time, while enjoying superior performance characteristics.

The ClearZone snowmelt system is an industry leader, and the premier snow and ice melting solution for both commercial and residential applications. ClearZone electric snow melting cable is extremely durable and versatile, and can be used for a variety of residential and commercial applications, from fresh concrete pours, to installation under hot asphalt and stone pavers. On the spool, ClearZone cable allows for greater flexibility in terms of custom layouts, including hard-to-reach, intricate configurations for steps and sidewalks.

Whether you’re embarking on a radiant heat project yourself, or you’ve enlisted the assistance of a contractor yourself, you’d be wise to enlist the help of Warmzone. Warmzone provides professional system design/layout, so you know all the power requirements and technical specs before a foot of cable is installed. You’ll also have access to free installation support from an experienced pro. For more information about Warmzone’s products and services, call 888.488.9276. 

All-Purpose Outdoor Heating Blankets

Rely on Heating Blankets for All Your Outdoor Needs

They say few things in life are certain. Most days you wake up and have a plan for how you think your day will go and pretty soon (as soon as you walk out the door usually) life hits you smack in the face and rearranges your day entirely. What you expected to happen doesn’t happen at all. So it’s hard to rely on anything for sure. The good thing about an all-purpose heating blanket is that in all ways you can always count on them. All your outdoor projects are made better because of the reliability of an easy-to-use outdoor heating blanket.

PowerBlanket outdoor heating blankets are versatile and durable insulated mats that thaw the ground, heat barrels, buckets of liquid, car batteries and engines, cure concrete, and even provide warmth for pets. PowerBlankets, as well as Warmtrax portable heating mats, are often used as portable snow melting solutions. Both types of heating mats are built for rugged outdoor use and are simple to use.

In many ways it is the ideal outdoor heating tool because it wears so many different hats. And each new hat an outdoor heating blanket wears it does well at the task at hand. Relying on a heating mat is one certain thing in your day. As long as you provide your weatherproof heating blanket with the proper electricity (120 volts), you are assured that your outdoor heating in all ways is heated always. Our all-purpose heating blanket is portable as well, so you can roll it up, smash it into a back seat and move it to the location you desire heat to happen. Simple as that, all ways, always.

When to Install a Heated Driveway

Time for a Radiant Snow Melting System

According to radiant heat experts, the most popular time to install a heated driveway is during the summer and fall. However, early spring may be the best time to purchase a radiant heat system because that is when there is less demand, which may translate to discounts or slightly lower prices for you.

If you are remodeling or building a new home in a cold climate region, plan for the winters by exploring the options of installing a radiant heated driveway. These electric snow melting systems are fully automated and virtually maintenance free, providing reliable, energy-efficient performance and eliminating the need for manual snow removal or the use of harmful snow melting chemicals.

Heated driveway

Installing a heated driveway during spring or summer – before cold weather hits – is ideal for several reasons. The optimum temperature for curing concrete is between 65 and 85 degree Fahrenheit. This is crucial in order for the concrete to cure correctly and maintain its maximum compression strength rating, ensuring the cement’s durability and enhancing its life span. So, if you are considering installing an automated heated driveway system, don’t wait until winter hits to to begin construction. And believe it or not, installing a heated driveway is surprisingly easy, and one sure way to take the chill out of the arrival of winter.

With energy costs continuing to soar, consumers are searching for the most efficient ways to take the “sting” out of their heating bills. Consequently, homeowners and commercial property owners have not only discovered the appeal of energy efficient, indoor electric radiant floor heating options, but also of outdoor snowmelt systems, such as heated driveways, walkways, staircases and more.

Given the benefits of maintenance-free operation, reliable performance and affordability, it’s no wonder that heated driveways are becoming more commonplace among residential and commercial properties. Heated driveways are fully automated and provide labor-free snow removal without the need for salt and other snowmelt chemicals.

The cost to maintain an electric heated driveway is typically much less than hiring someone to manually remove the snow. Your concrete lasts longer because salt or harsh chemicals (or snow plows) are not being used to melt or remove ice and snow. Electric radiant snow melting systems are also simple to install, extremely durable, and require no maintenance.

Heated driveways not only enhance safety and increase the value of your property, but offer convenience and peace of mind. Driving your car out of the driveway doesn’t have to be an adventure every morning, and you shouldn’t have to put on your snow shoes to retrieve the morning newspaper. Check out the driveway heating and snowmelt options for your home today.

Portable Snow Melting Solutions

WarmTrax Heated Traction Mats and Stair Treads
Are you looking for a way to keep your porch, steps or sidewalks clear of snow and ice this winter but don’t have the resources to install an embedded snow melting system? Then look no further than Warmzone’s portable snow melting solutions. WarmTrax portable heated traction mats and stair tread snowmelt products are a great alternative to embedded snow removal systems for heating outdoor walkways, ramps and stairs.etc. The mats are extremely durable, and the stair treads are available in aluminum or rubber, so they can handle heavily trafficked areas. These convenient snow melting solutions are a popular means of enhancing safety, and the systems are very easy to use.

Heated traction mats for outdoor steps

The heated traction mat features an electrically operated heating element sandwiched between two protective surfaces of non-slip rubber, making them as durable as automobile tires. WarmTrax mats are a popular solution for enhancing safety during the winter by providing a reliable solution for slip prevention. Potentially dangerous areas for pedestrians are kept safe and free from slick ice. The mats are designed with a continuous chevron pattern to provide extra traction.

WarmTrax mats and stair treads are a popular alternative to embedded systems because of their ease of use and unmatched performance. If you want to heat outdoor steps, both the rubber and aluminum stair treads can be easily daisy-chained together to cover as many steps as you need. These reliable snow melting mats eliminate the need for harsh snowmelt chemicals and snow shoveling.

When cold weather hits, simply unroll the WarmTrax heating mat across the area that you want to keep clear of snow or ice and plug the cord into a standard 120V or 240V outlet. The heating mats and stair treads also feature their own equipment leakage circuit interrupter (ELCI). When it comes to keeping your walks clear and enhancing safety during the cold winter months, nothing could be easier than the WarmTrax portable snow and ice melting mats.

The WarmTrax portable snow melting traction mat is a popular solution for melting snow on disability ramps, steps, sidewalks, and porches, etc. The traction mats are also handy even in times when there is no snow. The durable mats increase safety during wet, rainy weather and also serve to minimize dirt and mud from being tracked inside your home or business.

WarmTrax products are made of the highest quality materials so they can withstand harsh weather and repeated use. The convenient portable snow melting mats are very easy to use and can be plugged in directly into any standard 120V or 240V outlet using its own equipment leakage circuit interrupter (ELCI).

Portable Radiant Heat Solutions

Turn up the Heat with WarmTrax and Powerblanket Heating Mats

Despite the arrival of spring, getting up at 6:00 a.m. to clear the snow from my porch, stairs and walkways is still a fresh and somewhat painful memory. With the help of some blazing innovations, like Powerblanket and WarmTrax portable snow melting mats, I may actually have something to look forward to next winter (but as of now, I’m certainly not rushing it).

Heated traction mats for outdoor steps

      WarmTrax heated stair treads

WarmTrax snow melting mats and stair treads are an inexpensive alternative to shoveling, snow blowing, salt and embedded systems, and require no formal installation. They’re designed to lie on top of existing surfaces to continuously melt snow and ice. Just roll them out over sidewalks, ramps, walkways, your front porch, even your stairs, enough to keep your mail carrier happy through the winter months.

WarmTrax snow melting mats are incredibly durable. An electrically operated heating element is sandwiched between two protective non-slip rubber surfaces that are designed to endure harsh conditions and provide excellent traction, while enduring repeated foot traffic. To get instant heat, just plug them into any standard 120V or 240V outlet after placing them over the surface you wish to heat.

Powerblanket concrete curing mat

PowerBlanket concrete curing and ground thawing blanket.

Powerblankets, another portable, extremely efficient portable heating solution, can also be used in the harsher months as curing blankets, for ground thaw or to warm barrels or engines. Made from rugged, non-flammable material, Powerblankets are durable enough to meet the demands of large construction projects or heat stalls, kennels and common areas where animals congregate during the winter months.

On construction projects, Powerblankets are often used to accelerate concrete curing or as a ground thaw and heating source for working areas, or to protect materials and heavy equipment. They are available in a wide variety of sizes and shapes to accommodate jobs, large and small (very smart indeed, for those of us whose jobs take us outside during the harsh winter months).

Both of these products are low voltage, durable and incredibly safe, even wet. It doesn’t take a construction professional to appreciate the power of WarmTrax and PowerBlanket products. Knowing that I have a portable snow melting solution at my finger tips provides me with a security blanket of my own. Mother Nature can unleash a barrage of white stuff during winter’s coldest months, but I only have to throw down the heating mat and plug it in to create a safe, ice-free walkway. Not to mention that rolling out my portable snow melting mat during a snowstorm is like rolling out the red carpet as far as my mail carrier is concerned.

Snow Removal Bliss On-the-Go

Warmzone’s Portable Snow Removal Systems Bring Snow Removal to you, no Matter Where you are.

You’ve heard of radiant heated driveways and they’re stellar snow melting power. You’ve seen the magnificently snow-free driveways they produce and the overjoyed customers they please, but did you know that all of this also comes in a portable version? It’s true—radiant heat that goes with you is finally possible.

Warmzone’s WarmTrax portable snow melting mats are the miniature, pocket version of a radiant heated driveway. Designed to be as durable as a tire, these rubber traction mats will melt snow wherever you want whenever you want. All you have to do is roll the mat out on an existing surface, plug it in, and let it melt the snow—no shovels, ice melter, or harsh chemicals required.

The WarmTrax portable snow melting mats allow you to reap the benefits of a radiant heated driveway without having to install anything. You can place your WarmTrax mats over stairways, handicap ramps, entryways, or even rooftops and then move it and take it to the next snow-riddled area. Radiant heat has never been so flexible.

WarmTrax snowmelt traction mats have a continuous chevron pattern and heat continually, obliterating snow and ice before it has a chance to accumulate and leave you on your buttocks. What’s more, the WarmTrax heated mats eliminate the need for salt or ice melter, which not only leaves a mess on your shoes, but also wreaks havoc on your concrete.