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Find the Ideal Snow Melting, De-icing, or Heating Solution

November is here, and winter will be here before you know it. Winter brings cool evenings filled with family gatherings, parties, and holiday errands. You may be warm and cozy in your home, but snow and ice build up outside your home can create hazards. These hazards can make the season frustrating instead of bright. Preparing your home for winter beforehand is one of the best ways to ensure the holidays at your home are warm, cozy, and worry-free.  

After doing your indoor winter prep tasks, call Warmzone to ensure the outside of your home is ready to go. Warmzone offers snow melting solutions for every area of your home. These systems provide peace of mind by enhancing safety and convenience. Each system eliminates the need for chemical or manual snow removal. Warmzone snow melting systems are automated, using a small activation device to detect moisture and temperature. When weather conditions warrant, the sensor sends a signal to the controller, which then sends power to the heating element. Warmzone systems are also easily customizable. The systems can be tailored to meet your budget needs as well as your specific snow melting demands.

Snow-melting systems can be installed in almost any application or layout. Heating driveways is an ever-popular option, as are large parking and pedestrian areas. If heating an entire area isn’t the right fit, consider these other driveway heating options. One popular option for homeowners is that of installing heated tire tracks. These systems typically include two 24-inch-wide heated tracks. The heated tire tracks require less power to operate, and can also be cheaper to install, making this an ideal option for those with limited power, as well as a tight budget.

Heated driveway and sidewalk
A heated driveway and sidewalk after a large snowstorm.

Another great option is to heat an 8-foot-wide strip in the middle of the driveway. Trusted ClearZone heating cable can also be installed to heat specific problem areas, such as inclines, shaded areas, or parts of the driveway that are susceptible to snow drifts. Warmzone radiant heat systems are versatile, and can be used to hear virtually any outdoor space. Keeping inclines free of snow and ice enhances safety, and homeowners can also install radiant snow melting systems on steps, accessibility ramps, porches, sidewalks, and more.

Heating highly trafficked steps or walkways is especially vital for business owners who must not only keep their stores accessible during business hours, but also provide safe properties to avoid slip-and-fall accidents. Many businesses also heat loading docks and ramps to enhance productivity and protect workers.

Snow melting systems can also be designed for outdoor animals, such as in kennels or dog runs. You can enjoy all of your property year ‘round by installing radiant heat systems in your most popular areas. Steps, outdoor decks, and the pathway to your hot tub can remain clear of snow and ice throughout Mother Nature’s coldest months. Whatever your snow melting needs are, a friendly Warmzone customer service professional can help you with custom design.

Once walkways and driveways are squared away, don’t forget to prepare another vital area of the home. The roof can easily become a problem during the winter without proper maintenance. Inspecting your roof and knowing what shape it’s in can save money, time, and your home from damage. A simple roof inspection each fall starts the cooler months with peace of mind. First, ensure no impediments, such as large branches rest or hang over the roof. Items like branches can break under the weight of heavy snow and damage the roof. Check the condition of your roof shingles. Inspect each shingle carefully and look for worn, missing, or loose shingles. Damaged shingles can allow water into the home. If you see any problems with your shingles check your attic for water damage. While in the attic, be sure it is properly insulated. If the insulation is faulty it can lead to warm air escaping from the attic. This warm air can melt the bottom layer of snow on your roof, causing it to run down the roof before it refreezes at the eaves, creating an ice dam. Ice dams are the number one cause of damage to roofs, and often lead to expensive repairs. Next, take a peek at your gutters and downspouts. Remove any existing leaves, debris, or blockages, and make sure the downspouts drain appropriately.

Heated roof valley and edge
A low-voltage roof de-icing system installed along roof valley and eaves.

Warmzone offers a large selection of roof de-icing systems that can customized to fit the needs and budget of any homeowner. Warmzone’s state-of-the-art self-regulating heat cable is perfect for almost any application. It is affordable and effectively helps to facilitate runoff and prevent ice dams. Its rugged construction allows it to withstand harsh winter conditions. Because it is self-regulating, the heating core increases output when the temperature falls and decreases output when temperature rises. The system can also be activated manually if necessary. Its affordability, flexibility, and efficiency are what make it the choice of customers across the nation. 

Another option is low-voltage RoofHeat STEP. This is one of the most efficient systems available on the market. The heating element features thin, flexible, polymer heating panels that can be installed underneath roof shingles and even metal roofs. The low-voltage polypropylene-fused heating elements also ensure each panel is waterproof and protected from alkaline and salt damage. It is available in 3-, 6-, 9-, or 12-inch wide rolls, making it convenient for installation in a wide variety of unique layouts. Roof de-icing systems can also be combined to create the optimal solution for your home. For instance, a low-voltage system can be installed along the roof eaves while self-regulating heat cable can be used to heat gutters and downspouts. Warmzone de-icing systems can help homeowners ensure that their home is ready for winter’s onslaught.

Warmzone customer service professionals can help you find the perfect solution to meet your needs and budget. Warmzone’s industry-leading customer service is unmatched, and will help to ensure a hassle-free purchase and installation.  Contact Warmzone today at 888-488-9276 to speak with a customer service professional who can help you with winter prep today!

A Company that Customers Trust

Investing in your home is one of the best ways to increase monetary value and pride of ownership. Every homeowner wants their home to have a beautiful exterior and amenities that make life easier and more comfortable. Warmzone offers many amenities for savvy homeowners, including heated flooring, roof de-icing systems, snow-melting systems for driveways, and more. Warmzone’s products can increase home value and make the job of “homeowner” a little easier.

Warmzone that respects and values its customers, and working with a company Warmzone can be invaluable. Customer service support services at Warmzone are unparalleled in the industry and assure that its customers get what they need for their home while keeping within their budget.

Customer support at Warmzone starts the second you browse the website. Information about the basics of radiant heat, from how it works to shipping information is readily available. A good place to start for any customer is Warmzone’s FAQ page. Found here, it contains answers to questions you may have when browsing the website. The FAQ page features questions about individual products, shipping, and a glossary to help you understand anything you may not know. You can also find articles and editorials here with practical information about radiant heat and its applications.

A heated paver driveway.
A long paver driveway with a Warmzone radiant snow melting system installed.

If you’re ready for more in-depth information check out the product literature page. Warmzone’s product catalog, data sheets, technical guides, system overviews, and other valuable documents are available here. This extensive library has any information needed for Warmzone products. Installation guides are also available here to not only make the entire process of buying a radiant heating system a breeze, but to give prospective buyers some insight in regards to the installation process. An online instructional video library is also available through Warmzone University. Here you will find a variety of informational videos. Videos feature everything from showing timelapse footage of snow-melting systems as well as installation how-to videos. Customers can revisit the video center as they see fit. This is another valuable service that provides customers with peace of mind.

In addition to providing a wealth of documentation, videos, and online information, Warmzone provides other support services that truly set it apart from the competition. One of the most valued services is Warmzone’s free installation training. Installers can take the training online, via web conference, where an experienced instructor will cover every aspect of your installation. The courses typically take about an hour, but you can stop and ask questions at any time. Photos, illustrations, and video clips are shown throughout the training.

When you purchase your system, Warmzone’s professional design team will create a detailed layout for your system. The system design will include all of the proper materials, design, and electrical information needed by your electrician. This is a valuable roadmap that simplifies the installation, and helps to ensure the system components are installed correctly.

Warmzone also maintains full-time installation support personnel. If you have a question during your installation, you can call Warmzone and speak with a friendly radiant heat expert who will help to resolve any issues at hand. We also maintain relationships with experienced installers around the country, so we may be able to recommend a trusted installer in your area.

The most important asset that Warmzone offers its customers is its staff of trained, friendly customer service professionals. When you pick up the phone and call Warmzone a customer support specialist will help you with any questions and concerns. Our dedicated team will help you find the right products for your project. Radiant heat experts will work with you to meet your needs and your budget.

Whether you are a homeowner or a business professional, Warmzone is the radiant heat expert you can trust. Warmzone’s commitment to providing the best, comprehensive customer service in the industry means you can rely on us and trust our products. Our comprehensive customer support services assure purchasing, designing, and installing each radiant heat system is as easy and hassle-free as possible. Find more information and links to mentioned services in Warmzone’s pressroom and get started with your radiant heat project today. If you have questions, or you’re ready to speak to a customer support specialist, contact us today at 888-488-9276.

Affordable Roof De-icing and Pipe Tracing

The first day of spring has come and gone, yet most homeowners have still been left in the cold. Since winter seems intent on overstaying its welcome this year, thinking about preparing your home for the upcoming winter doesn’t seem so far-fetched.

Radiant heat is an ideal solution to protect often overlooked areas of the home or business. Freezing temperatures and heavy snow and ice can cause safety concerns as well as damage to roof and gutters. Ice and heavy snow buildup can create ice dams along roof edges. Runoff from snow trickles down the roof and refreezes along the eaves, creating ice dams. These dams prevent roof drainage and cause dangerous seepage that can threaten the integrity of the roof. Over time, water seepage into the home may cause mold and mildew, creating a serious health hazard.

Ice is also hazardous to pipes on the outside or interior of the home. Frozen pipes can burst and cause expensive water damage that can take months to repair. Heat trace cable is a simple, effective way to prevent the hassle of dealing with cold-weather damage to your home or business. Warmzone heat trace products are the optimal choice for protecting pipes or roofs from the hazards of harsh winter weather.

Self-regulating heat cable
Self-regulating heat trace cable for roof de-icing and pipe trace applications.

Warmzone’s roof de-icing systems feature efficient self-regulating heat trace cable. This heat cable consists of an irradiated conductive core housed in a rugged outer jacket that protects it from the elements. The specially designed core increases heat output as the temperature falls and decreases as the temperature rises. Each Warmzone system features an activation device so that the system can be activated manually or be fully automated. The advanced features and reliability of these systems make them extremely popular among customers.

Self-regulating cable is used in gutters, downspouts, valleys, or installed in a serpentine layout along roof eaves. Using self-regulating heat cable is an affordable option for protecting roofs by creating channels for the water runoff so that ice dams don’t develop. Installing self-regulating heat cable in gutters also helps to ensure that heavy snow and ice doesn’t accumulate and prevent runoff or cause damage to the gutters. Uniquely shaped roofs, trouble spots, or north-facing roof edges are also areas where cable installation can be particularly beneficial. Warmzone carries several variants of heat cable so that customers are assured of finding the ideal solution for their specific roof de-icing needs.  

Heat trace cable from Warmzone is not only efficient but versatile. Running heat trace cables along the length of pipes to prevent freezing is another application that can alleviate worries, especially in a commercial setting. For pipe tracing, pre-terminated self-regulating cable and constant wattage heat cable are excellent choices. Warmzone’s self-regulating heat trace cable can also be used with other top-of-the-line roof de-icing systems. Combining systems allows you to create a completely custom de-icing solution that meets your specific needs. One popular, and often recommended option is to combine self-regulating heat trace cable with the low-voltage RoofHeat STEP system.

Low-voltage roof heating system being installed.
Low-voltage STEP heating elements installed on a roof.

The innovative low-voltage STEP system features a thin, semi-conductive, flexible polymer heating element. The unique construction of the thin panel allows it to be nailed or stapled through, and can be discreetly installed under roof shingles. The versatile low-voltage heating element is available in rolls of 3, 6, 9, or 12-inch wide panels for installation in gutters, valleys and roof edges. The system utilizes transformers to control specific areas of the de-icing system, stepping down high voltage to low voltage (60 V or less). RoofHeat STEP systems also use an activation device that senses precipitation and temperature, making it fully automated and virtually maintenance-free.

Heat trace products from Warmzone will stand the test of time and keep your home comfortable, and protected from winter weather. If you’re not sure what products best suit your de-icing needs, call and talk with a friendly customer service professional. Our experts are happy to talk with you to help determine the best options for your home.

Warmzone custom designs each system to best meet the specific needs of each customer. These detailed system layouts also include all the electrical information for your electrician. Warmzone also includes free installation training and technical support. The free training can be completed with your instructor online via video conference (usually in less than an hour). If needed, installers can also call and speak with an expert at any phase of the installation. No matter what questions you have, a trained customer service professional is available to assist you.

Top-notch customer service sets Warmzone apart and ensures every customer receives the support needed to have their installation go off without a hitch. If you need help locating a qualified installer, Warmzone may also be able to help. Warmzone maintains relationships with experienced installers and electricians throughout the country, so we may be able to recommend a trusted installer in your area. Whatever your de-icing needs are, a friendly Warmzone professional can help you get started today. Reach out to Warmzone at 888-488-9276 and see what radiant heat can do for you this spring.

Is it Time to Inspect Your Roof?

The new year is an ideal time to assess your home’s needs and what the best investment going forward would be. Resolving to keep your home updated and protected in 2023 will help to ensure a safe future for your home and your family. But where do you start?

One of the most neglected, or overlooked areas for homeowners is the roof. What kind of shape is your roof in, and what can you do to ensure a long, healthy life span for your roof?

Ideally, homeowners should inspect their roofs twice a year (spring and fall). Now that winter has hit, take a look at your roof during and after snowstorms. Are there areas of snow buildup or large icicles? Perhaps it’s time to look at the benefits of a roof de-icing system. Investing in your home by safeguarding vital areas like the roof is an excellent first step. A roof de-icing system protects a vital part of your home, the roof, which in turn, protects your home. Winter months bring beautiful snow, but snow and ice cause harsh wear and tear on your home. Damaged roofs, gutters, and downspouts can lead to repairs that can break the bank and decrease the lifespan of your roof.

Self-regulating roof heating cable
Self-regulating heat cable installed along the roof eave.

Warmzone can help you protect your home from that wear and tear with its industry-leading roof de-icing systems. Roof de-icing systems are proven to provide reliable, efficient heat that keeps problem areas free of snow and ice. Warmzone’s systems help protect residential and business roofs around the country from the damaging effects of harsh winters. 

The most popular de-icing option is Warmzone’s self-regulating heat cable. This versatile cable is affordable, extremely effective, and can provide channels for runoff to help keep any area of your roof clear. Self-regulating heat cable features a rugged and durable outer construction that houses an irradiated conductive core. This core will increase heat output as outside temperatures fall and decrease output as temperatures rise. This construction is what makes it a top seller among Warmzone customers. It can withstand harsh conditions and can be installed to activate only when necessary. Automated self-regulating heat trace systems are activated by advanced sensors that detect precipitation and temperature, making them extremely energy efficient. They can also be activated manually if necessary.

Warmzone also has several variants of heat cable, so de-icing any area of the roof is easy. Self-regulating heat cable is a prudent choice for almost any application. The cable’s versatility makes it an ideal choice for problem areas of the roof. Areas that can cause big problems for homeowners include downspouts, gutters, valleys, or north-facing roof edges. Heavy snow build-up and icicles in these areas can decrease the integrity of your roof and cause safety issues. Installing self-regulating heat cable in these areas will create channels for runoff to prevent the formation of heavy snow build-up and ice dams that can damage the roof. Cable along eaves, gutters, or edges can also prevent heavy icicles from forming.

One of the most hazardous problems self-regulating heat cable can prevent is ice dams. In the winter, ridges of ice develop along roof eaves when runoff trickles down the roof and refreezes when it hits the colder eaves. This can leave pools of water behind the ice dam. The pooled water can seep into tiny cracks in the substrate or shingles, refreeze, and expand. This causes degradation in the roof, which can eventually lead to water seepage in the home. Water seepage creates mold and mildew in the home, leading to costly repairs and frustration. Preventing ice dams is simple. Installing self-regulating heat cable in a zig-zag pattern along roof edges creates channels that allow runoff to reach the gutter. Prevention is key for maintaining any part of your home, especially your roof.

Warmzone can also help you prevent ice dams with one of the most efficient de-icing systems on the market, low voltage RoofHeat STEP®. This system features thin, flexible, polypropylene-fused polymer heating panels. Each section of this de-icing system is controlled by an individual power unit that steps down from high voltage to low voltage (60 V or less). This ensures safe, accurate, and efficient performance for every system. This semi-conductive heating element is installed discreetly under the roofing, and can be nailed, stapled, or cut on-site, making installation a breeze. Polypropylene fused panels mean each panel is waterproof and protected from alkaline and salt damage. The versatile RoofHeat STEP system can be safely installed underneath roof shingles and even metal roofs. Low-voltage RoofHeat STEP installation is typically along roof eaves or valleys. RoofHeat STEP is available in 3, 6, 9, or 12-inch wide rolls, making it easy to install in any area.

Low-voltage roof de-icing panels shown with cutaway views.
The low-voltage RoofHeat STEP system with heating panels shown.

Warmzone understands the importance of protecting the roof of your home or business. Assuring each customer gets the roof de-icing system they need is a top priority. Each Warmzone system is custom designed by an industry professional with your specifications, needs, and budget in mind. They will recommend the best solution to fit your needs, and help you every step of the way. Professionals can also combine Warmzone systems to create the perfect solution for your home. A popular choice for many customers is to install RoofHeat STEP systems along eaves and run self-regulating heat cable along gutters or other problem areas. If you need other options for your project, Warmzone also offers the RetroRoof de-icing system and RoofHeat panels. RoofHeat panels feature self-regulated heat cable channeled through attractive aluminum panels. These panels are available in different colors to complement any home’s design. The RetroRoof de-icing system features thin panels that install underneath existing shingles. They use an adhesive for easy positioning under the shingles, making them perfect for existing roofs. 

No matter what your home or business de-icing needs may be, Warmzone’s unmatched customer service and support is there for you. Professional system design includes a detailed layout (AutoCAD) for your installer that lists all electrical information needed for installation. Warmzone also has customer service representatives available at any time to answer all your questions. You also receive technical support, free installation training, and access to all of Warmzone’s online resources. Because we maintain relationships with experienced installers throughout the country, Warmzone may also be able to connect you with an electrician or qualified installer in your area. Warmzone is the perfect choice to start investing in your home this year. If you’re ready to install a roof de-icing system or have questions, contact a friendly, qualified roof heating professional today at 888-488-9276.

Preparing Your Roof for Winter

Summer has finally given way to fall, and cooler weather means it’s time for homeowners to inspect and prepare their homes for the upcoming winter weather. Taking a good look at the house can save money, time, and grief this winter. Experts suggest homeowners inspect specific areas of their homes every spring and fall to prevent costly repairs. One crucial area that needs bi-annual inspection is the roof. This is especially true in cold climate areas where extreme weather can occur during the winter season.

A good roof inspection can head off larger problems and protect the home from its number one enemy, water damage. Begin each inspection by ensuring no large branches or other impediments are resting on or hanging over the roof. Branches over the roof could break off and cause significant damage during a winter storm. Next, check out the gutters and downspouts. Remove any debris or blockages and make sure the downspouts are clear and draining appropriately. After checking the gutters, carefully inspect the roof shingles. Be on the lookout for missing, excessively worn, or loose shingles. These may be potential areas where water can enter the home. If you spot suspicious areas, check your attic for any signs of water damage. While in the attic, check to make sure it is adequately insulated. Faulty insulation allows warm air from the home to escape through the attic, which can lead to ice dams. Warm air in the attic can warm roof just enough to cause the bottom layer of snow on the roof to melt.

Heated roof under shingles
A roof de-icing system installed under the roof shingles of a mountain lodge.

Once the bottom layer of snow melts, the water trickles down the roof and refreezes when it hits the colder eaves. This process creates a ridge of ice. The ice ridge grows as the action repeats itself, creating an ice dam. Pools of water behind the dam can infiltrate every tiny crack or imperfection on the roof. When the water refreezes and expands at night, it can break down the integrity of the roof. Once the roof is damaged, repairs are inevitable. But oftentimes, the problem isn’t noticeable through a simple roof shingle inspection. The problem is usually only discovered after water damage has occurred in the home. Interior water damage can be costly, and may include mold, mildew, or other unpleasant issues. Unfortunately, exterior roof repairs can be costly, and problems inside the home caused by water can even pose health risks. Still, most issues can be avoided by being diligent in your roof and attic inspections.

For those who wish to reduce or eliminate the potential for ice dams or other snow and ice issues, installing a roof de-icing system is the ideal solution. Warmzone offers a variety of affordable, industry-leading products for residential and commercial applications. In addition to the variety of systems that are available, each solution can also be easily customized, or different de-icing systems can be combined.

RoofHeat STEP is a discreet, low-voltage system featuring a unique, self-regulating heating element. This semi-conductive flexible polymer heating panel is discreetly installed under the roof shingles. (The system can also be safely used to heat metal roofs.) The heating element is polypropylene fused during fabrication, making it waterproof and protecting it from alkaline or salt damage. The low-voltage system utilizes a transformer that monitors the power and output of the system, and steps down from high to low voltage (60 V or less). The lightweight heating panels are available in 3, 6, 9, or 12-inch widths and are easy to install. They can be cut onsite and nailed or stapled through, facilitating a quick, easy installation. RoofHeat STEP has proven to be an exceptional product for heating roof valleys, roof eaves, trouble spots, and even gutters. It does not require a ground fault switch and provides outstanding performance and efficiency. It is one of the most trusted roof de-icing products available, and is a great choice for any home.

Low-voltage roof de-icing system installed along roof eaves and valley.
Low-voltage heating panels installed to heat a roof valley and eave.

Another great option is a self-regulating heat cable. This affordable, reliable option has been installed in residential homes throughout the country. Self-regulation allows the cable to increase heat output as the temperature falls, and decrease temperature rises. The durable construction and self-regulating properties make this cable extremely efficient, safe, and effective in just about any scenario. Warmzone’s cable also comes with a 10-year warranty against manufacturer defects. Its irradiated conductive core regulates heat output, while its durable UV stabilized outer casing protects it from harsh winter conditions. The self-regulating heat trace cable is perfect for providing channels for runoff on roof edges, gutters, downspouts, and more. Self-regulating heat cable offers homeowners an affordable option for their de-icing needs. The cable can be used to effectively heat specific trouble spots, roof valleys, gutters and downspouts, and roof edges.

Warmzone also offers other options for roof de-icing. Another discreet option for heating existing roofs is the RetroRoof system. Featuring thin heating panels with adhesive strips on the top and bottom of the element, RetroRoof panels can be easily installed under existing shingles. This system is also compatible with Warmzone’s other industry-leading systems. No matter what the de-icing needs of a home may be, there are options for everyone. Another great option is the SnoFree Panel system, which features self-regulating cable channeled through attractive aluminum panels that promote maximum heat transfer. Warmzone also offers pre-terminated self-regulating heat cable and constant wattage cable, which make ideal solutions for roof de-icing or pipe freeze protection. For more details, contact a roof de-icing expert today. Warmzone’s top-notch customer service and industry professionals will ensure that every customer receives a unique system to fit their needs and budget. Each system comes with a system layout with all specifications, as well as installation help and training throughout the process. Call Warmzone at 888-488-9276 and start prepping your home for winter today.

Automated Snow Melting Systems

Snow melting systems are an amenity that can make every winter at your home less stressful. If you’ve been considering a snow-melting system for your home or business, now is the time to make the upgrade. Warmzone’s snow melting systems are proven, state-of-the-art systems that are fully automated and maintenance-free. Snow-melting systems are an excellent investment for any homeowner. Here is some basic info to get you started on the road to a snow and ice-free winter.

Each Warmzone snow melting system is customized to meet the specific layout and budget needs of the homeowner, but each system comes with three main components: the heating element (ClearZone heat cable), a snow sensor activation device, and a control panel. Warmzone’s industry-leading heat cable is available in individual lengths, or pre-spaced in mats that can be easily rolled out for quick installation. ClearZone heat cable can be installed in a variety of mediums, including concrete, asphalt, and under brick or stone pavers. Installation in concrete begins by laying the cable over the area to be heated and securing it to remesh with plastic zip ties. The remesh is typically supported by plastic Mesh-Up supports, which keeps the cable off the ground and ideally positioned a couple of inches below the surface. Concrete is poured directly over the cable.

Heated driveway and sidewalk
A heated driveway and sidewalk.

Warmzone’s asphalt heating cable features cable with an extra durable outer jacket that is rated for a temperature of 464°F (240°C) for up to 10 minutes. The cable is laid out over the prepared bed (or existing asphalt) and secured, and then fresh asphalt is then applied directly over the cable.

Automated snow melting systems are triggered by the snow sensor (activation device). The sensor detects temperature and precipitation. When the temperature is below the adjustable set point (typically 39°F) and precipitation is detected, it signals the control panel. The controller then sends power to the heating cable, efficiently and evenly heating the area to prevent snow and ice build-up. Warmzone snow melting systems feature either an aerial-mount sensor or an in-pavement sensor.

The most common sensor used is the advanced WS-2C aerial-mount activation device. The WS-2C sensor is typically installed above the roofline, or in an area where it is open to the elements so that it can detect the first snowfall. The WS-5C sensor is also mounted aerially, and is designed for systems that require “zoning”. This is when there is limited power, and sections of the system have to heat individually. Both the WS-2C and WS-5C feature universal power supply and sensitivity control. The sensitivity control allows for sensor programming to accommodate specific conditions. The universal power allows the sensor to select the input voltage.

If an aerial sensor isn’t the right choice for your home or business, Warmzone also offers a pavement-mounted sensor. This sensor not only measures pavement temperature but features an advanced mounting system to ensure it aligns with the pavement surface. Warmzone’s pavement-mounted sensor features a durable construction, and is mounted in the surface of the heated driveway. This sensor offered by Warmzone is the most advanced in-ground activation device, and is easily installed to provide efficient, accurate performance each winter.

Snow-melting needs differ for every customer. Warmzone professionals understand that customer needs vary, so each system is custom designed to accommodate the layout and performance needs, as well as the budget of each customer. And every system is designed according to ASHRAE standards, so each customer can be assured that their system is tailored for the weather in their area. While the most popular applications for snow-melting systems are driveways and sidewalks, installation is available in almost any area, including steps, ramps, and more.

Electric radiant snow melting systems are easy to customize, giving residential customers a variety of options to accommodate their budget. Instead of heating entire areas, Warmzone systems can be installed to only heat specific areas of the driveway, such as troublesome areas or inclines. Two 24-inch wide tire tracks can also be installed. This is a popular solution for long driveways or driveways with limited available power.

Heating porches, entryways, steps, or patios are also great options. Keeping walks and parking areas clear and dry is especially vital for businesses. Automated snow-melting systems provide an ideal way to keep visitors safe during the winter months. Snow melting systems have been installed in commercial parking areas, ramps, loading docks, airport aprons, and even runaway truck ramps.

Heated asphalt tire tracks
Heated tire tracks in asphalt.

Warmzone snow-melting systems can be custom designed to suit your needs. With a Warmzone snow-melting system, no winter storm can slow your business or family down. Whatever your needs are, a Warmzone professional will be there to support you throughout the process. From picking products to installing the system, Warmzone stands with you throughout the process. Warmzone’s professional design team will provide the system design and layout, which includes all the technical and electrical information needed for installation.

Warmzone prides itself on its extensive customer service. Along with professional design services, Warmzone includes technical support and free installation training. Installers can take the free course online with their instructor via video conference. The courses typically take less than an hour, but installers can stop and ask questions at any time.

All customers have access to Warmzone radiant heat experts to ask questions or consult with. An online library of product documentation and helpful installation tips and videos are also available at Warmzone also maintains a network of experienced installers throughout the country, so we may be able to help you connect with a qualified electrician or installer in your area. Call a Warmzone professional today to learn more about the many options that are available, at 888-488-9276.

Proven Roof De-icing Systems

Summer is finally here, and warmer weather means more time for home improvement projects. Taking time during the summer to increase convenience at your home will pay dividends this winter. One of the best products available to increase convenience at your home is a roof de-icing system. Roof de-icing systems grow in popularity each year because of the many benefits they offer home and business owners. Roof de-icing systems can protect the roof from damage.

During the winter months, issues like ice dams or gutter blockage can impact the “health” of your roof, and in some cases, decrease its lifespan. Homes with poorly insulated attics can fall victim to ice dams. These ridges of ice develop at the roof eaves, where runoff trickles down the roof before refreezing at the colder roof edge, resulting in standing pools of water trapped behind the ice dam. Over time, as water seeps into tiny cracks in the shingles or substrate, it refreezes and expands, threatening the integrity of the roof. Ice dams are the single most costly issue when it comes to maintaining a roof because they can ultimately result in water seepage into the home. This moisture can lead to issues like mold and mildew.

Heated roof under shingles
A roof de-icing system installed under the roof shingles of a cabin in a mountain resort town.

Some areas along the roof edge can also be prone to icicles. Some icicles can be hazardous to pedestrian traffic below. Melting icicles can drip on the sidewalk and create slick patches of “black” ice, or sometimes heavy icicles can detach from the roof, becoming dangerous projectiles to those below. Needles to say, this is a nightmare scenario for business owners. To protect your home or business, and enhance safety, there are several, affordable roof de-icing options that are available. As an industry-leading provider of radiant heat solutions, Warmzone carries a wide variety of roof de-icing solutions that can be tailored to suit your needs.

Warmzone’s most popular option is self-regulating heat cable. Warmzone carries several variants of self-regulating cable, and each roof de-icing solution can be customized to meet the specific de-icing and budget demands of the customer. The systems are maintenance-free, effective, and energy-efficient.

The cable features rugged outer construction that houses an irradiated conductive core. This self-regulating core allows the heat output to increase as the temperature drops, and decrease when temperatures increase. The roof heating system can be activated automatically or manually.

The flexibility and versatility of self-regulating heat cable make it an ideal choice for heating problem areas of the roof. These areas may include north-facing roof edges, gutters, valleys, and even downspouts. Lining a gutter or the edges of the roof can prevent heavy snow and ice from damaging these areas by providing channels for the runoff. Self-regulating heat cable along gutters, eaves, or edges can also prevent heavy icicles from forming. To prevent ice dams from forming, heat cable can be installed in a zigzag pattern along roof eaves, creating channels whereby the runoff can reach the gutter. Heating roof valleys with self-regulating heat cable also clears the way for roof runoff.

One of the most effective, hence, most popular roof de-icing options is Warmzone’s low-voltage RoofHeat STEP® system. This premier de-icing system features a thin, self-regulating polymer heating panel. This semi-conductive heating element is versatile and can be nailed, stapled, or cut onsite, facilitating easy installation.

The flexible panels are polypropylene fused, which makes them waterproof and protects them from alkaline and salt damage. The thin panels can be discreetly installed under the roof shingles, and can also be safely installed to heat metal roofs. Each section of the de-icing system is controlled by an individual power unit (transformer) that steps down from high voltage to low voltage (60 V or less). This system is typically installed along roof eaves and roof valleys. The low-voltage heating element is available in 3, 6, 9, or 12-inch wide rolls.

Low-voltage radiant roof heating element.
The low-voltage roof de-icing heating element (RoofHeat STEP).

Warmzone also offers RoofHeat panels, which feature self-regulating heat cable routed through durable, attractive aluminum panels. RoofHeat panels are extremely efficient, and available in different colors to complement the design of any home. This proven system is another excellent choice for keeping roof eaves and valleys clear of snow and ice.

Existing roofs can also be fitted with roof de-icing. The innovative RetroRoof de-icing system features thin panels that can be installed under roof shingles. The panels have an adhesive on each side so they can be positioned and secured in place under the existing shingles. These panels are an excellent solution for those looking to retrofit their roof, without having to tear out the existing shingles. The system can be installed anywhere on the roof, but is typically installed along the roof edges to prevent ice dams.

Warmzone’s roof de-icing systems can also be combined. One popular custom solution is that of installing the RoofHeat STEP system along the roof eaves while running self-regulating heating cable in the gutters or small trouble spots on the roof. With so many options, you can work with the roof heating professionals at Warmzone to create the perfect custom solution for any home or business.

When working with Warmzone customers receive unmatched support services. Representatives are always available to assist you and answer any questions you have. Professionals will evaluate your de-icing needs and budget to recommend the solution that best suits your needs. Each system is carefully designed, and this professional layout is provided for your installer. This detailed AutoCAD contains all the electrical and layout information needed for installation.

Warmzone also offers free installation training, technical support, and online resources available at any time. The training is a valuable resource that can be completed online via web conference with an instructor. Warmzone may also be able to connect you with a trained electrician or installer in your area. With the largest selection of products and top-notch customer service, Warmzone is the first choice for savvy homeowners. If you’re looking to install a roof de-icing system, contact a friendly roof heating professional today, at 888-488-9276.

Heated Asphalt Driveways

Radiant Snow Melting System for Heating Asphalt Applications

Radiant heat is one of the most popular amenities on the market for home and business owners. Warmzone’s industry-leading products allow any homeowner to heat their home or keep their driveways and walkways clear of snow and ice.

Snow-melting systems are one of the most popular home upgrades today. These state-of-the-art systems are smart investments and help to make winters safer and hassle-free. Warmzone’s ClearZone snow-melting systems eliminate the need for shoveling and applying salt or ice-melt chemicals. Snow-melting systems are exceptionally versatile. Specially designed products are available for installation under any medium, including concrete, pavers, and even fresh asphalt pours.

Installing a heated asphalt driveway
Retrofitting an asphalt driveway with ClearZone radiant snow melting system.

Warmzone’s ClearZone heating cable for asphalt is an industry-leading product that’s designed specifically for the rigorous demands of hot asphalt applications. The asphalt heat cable is rated for a temperature of 464 degrees Fahrenheit (for up to 10 minutes), making it capable of coping with the extreme temperature as well as the compression aspects of hot asphalt installations.

For added versatility, ClearZone heating cable for asphalt is available in pre-spaced mats or can be custom ordered in coils. Mats are effortlessly rolled out onsite and make a first-rate option for heating an entire surface or any standard-sized area. Customers often use mats to install two 24-inch wide tire tracks as well. Another popular option for heating the entire driveway is to install mats to heat an 8-foot strip in the center of a driveway. Using coiled cable gives installers the flexibility to heat any uniquely shaped areas. This flexibility makes it the best choice for heating small or odd-shaped spaces where snow and ice may be a pressing problem – such as shaded areas, inclines, or areas prone to run-off.

ClearZone heating cable for asphalt is part of a fully-automated snow-melting system. When precipitation is detected, and the temperature is below the designated set point, aerial or pavement-mounted sensors will automatically engage the cable to warm the surface and prevent snow from accumulating. The system remains on for a short time after the storm to dry the surface, keeping the area safe from dangerous “black” ice.

Installation is a simple process, but any snow-melting system is only as good as its installation. Regardless of the medium, installers should follow a few basic rules during installation. It is critical to take advantage of Warmzone’s industry-leading customer support services. One of the most valuable services is Warmzone’s free installation training. Installers can take the training course in person or online via web conference. The training is typically completed in less than an hour, but installers can stop and ask their instructor questions at any time.

Even after receiving the installation training, installers may still encounter questions during the installation. That’s way Warmzone’s technical support staff is on hand. Radiant heat experts are available to answer any questions you may have during the installation. Utilizing these services can help prevent stress and save time during installation. Because Warmzone maintains a list of experienced installers and electricians in your area, our customer service specialists may also help you find a qualified, favorably reviewed electrician to wire your system.

Warmzone also provides a detailed AutoCAD design and layout of the system. This layout includes all information needed for your electrician to complete the installation. Each layout contains the number of breakers, their sizes, and proper load calculations, as well as the configuration of the heating elements, components. Referring to your AutoCAD layout often will help to ensure a successful installation.

When preparing for installation, be sure the area is clear of any debris that may damage the heat cable. Once your surface is ready, lay the cable or mats on the area to be heated. To make turns with the heating mats simply cut the tape backing of the mat and route the cable accordingly. (NEVER CUT THE ACTUAL HEAT CABLE.) If there is excess cable, you can decrease the spacing slightly, but remember that the minimum spacing between cables is 2-inches. The cables must never touch, overlap, or cross. It is also essential that heat cable or mats never run through an expansion joint. Once the cable is laid-out, the medium can be applied directly on top. Asphalt often requires tools such as shovels, rakes, or trowels. When using a shovel to spread asphalt, never dig straight into the asphalt. Carefully skimming the top will help avoid damage to the heating cable. The cable should be embedded under at least 2 inches of asphalt.

If you have an existing asphalt driveway, and want the benefit of a snow melting system, don’t despair. Retrofitting the asphalt surface with ClearZone heating cable is easy. Simply lay the cable out over the original layer of asphalt and secure it, then apply new asphalt over the cable. Retrofitting concrete and paver driveways with heat cable is also possible. Call a Warmzone radiant heat expert to learn more.

Following the installation instructions is crucial, but the most important recommendation is to take advantage of Warmzone’s free installation training course. Courses taught by skilled instructors will help to ensure that your project goes smoothly. The training covers all aspects of your installation. Learning from an experienced instructor with valuable knowledge will help you avoid costly mistakes that will affect the longevity of your system.

Warmzone’s array of products and superior customer service make installing snow melting systems a realistic option for homeowners. Materials like specially designed ClearZone heating cable for asphalt make Warmzone an industry leader with options for any customer. No matter what area, medium, or budget, Warmzone has you covered. If you’re ready to learn more about asphalt heating cable or other specialty radiant heat solutions from Warmzone, call and speak to a customer service professional today at 888-488-9276.

Make Life Easier with a Spring Installation

Winter is coming to a close and spring will be here soon. Radiant heat may not be the first thing you think about when it comes to spring, but there is no better time to install a new radiant heat system. Springtime weather is typically more accommodating for installers, and allows you to beat the summer rush. Additionally, you may be able to find better discounts during the early spring.

Don’t wait to start enjoying the many benefits of radiant heat. Install heated floors, heated driveways, a roof de-icing system, or even heated countertops with Warmzone’s state-of-the-art products. Spring installations can be more convenient for home and business owners. Struggling to find a contractor during the construction boom that happens every summer and fall can be hard, and finding one who can work on your schedule can be exasperating. Purchasing your product in spring also means greater availability, so you can rest assured that you will have the heating system for your needs. No matter what project you have, or the product you are looking for, spring is a great time to start.

Floor heating systems are a popular option year-round, providing clean, energy-efficient comfort. The comfort of a heated floor is perfect for coming in after an icy snowstorm, or for that cozy feeling while watching a spring shower. Floor heating is also helpful for those months when pollen and allergens are high. Radiant heat does not circulate dust and allergens like a forced-air system. Instead, heat from the floor rises and silently and efficiently heats the entire area.

Warmzone offers some of the most trusted, advanced systems on the market. Versatile ComfortTile® floor heating cable is available on spools or in mats and installs easily under just about all types of floor surfaces. Another great option is RetroHeat™, which can be installed under existing flooring by simply accessing the floor joists. FilmHeat™ is an almost paper-thin heating element that is an ideal choice for floating floors, and low-voltage FloorHeat STEP® features a self-regulating polymer heating element that is another popular choice for heating hardwood. FilmHeat and FloorHeat STEP require no floor build-up and are easily rolled out over the subfloor during installation. Simply put, Warmzone offers perhaps the largest selection of floor heating systems on the market.

A heated paver driveway.
Paver driveway with radiant snow melting system.

Snow-melting systems are also a great choice for spring installation. Being prepared for winter will provide reassurance and avoid the nuisances that come with the busy summer season, not to mention the rigors of shoveling snow. Snow-melting systems are easy to customize, and can be installed in driveways, walkways, patios, or almost any outdoor space. Snow melting systems are also a prudent choice for business owners. They are great for protecting employees and customers when installed in walkways or areas such as ramps and loading docks. Warmzone’s range of electric snow-melting products includes heating elements that can be installed under concrete, pavers, or even asphalt. ClearZone heating cable and mats lead the industry by providing easy-to-install, energy-efficient heat. Snow melting systems are fully automated and require virtually no maintenance. After a quick installation this spring, you will be enjoying clear, safe sidewalks and driveways every winter.

Roof de-icing is another spring project to prepare for the winter ahead. Snow and ice can build up, freeze, and re-freeze during the winter season. Water freezing and thawing behind ice dams can lead to extensive and expensive roof damage. Warmzone offers several proven roof de-icing products to help keep your roof and home safe from water damage. Self-regulating heat cable can be used on roof gutters, downspouts, edges, or rooftops. Warmzone’s cable is durable and self-regulating. This means when temperature decreases or precipitation increases, the system will automatically activate and clear the roof of ice and snow. The low-voltage RoofHeat STEP de-icing system is another industry-leading self-regulating roof de-icing option. The heating element is a thin polymer that can be installed under shingles and nailed or stapled through during installation. Easy-to-work-with products like RoofHeat STEP and self-regulating heat cable not only can protect your roof from ice dams and snow build-up, but help ensure that your spring project is quick and easy.

Warmzone has each of its industry-leading products available so you can begin your spring project when you are ready. Dedicated customer service specialists can help determine which products are the best fit for your project, and connect you with a local installer if needed. Each system purchased with Warmzone includes a professional system design to assure easy, efficient installation. Warmzone also offers free installation training for installers. Support throughout the installation is another unique benefit available from Warmzone. Whatever questions there are during installation, a Warmzone expert can help you. Moving forward with a radiant heat project this spring can also mean discounts on products that may have less availability during the busy summer months. Reap the benefits of being an early bird and get your radiant heat project started this spring! Call and speak to a Warmzone professional today at 888-488-9276.

Warmzone – The Complete Radiant Heat Provider

The housing market across America is booming, and many homeowners are finding this to be the perfect time to add luxurious updates like radiant heat to their homes. Radiant heat’s versatility makes it a perfect upgrade for many common household issues. Are you tired of shoveling snow from slick walks and driveways? Are forced-air heating systems aggravating your allergies or leaving you cold? Radiant floor heating systems can change that.

Warmzone is an industry leader with one of the largest selections of radiant heat products and services available. Warmzone’s industry-leading products can be used to create a custom heating or snow melting solution for any home or business.

Installing heated floor under tile

Warmzone’s diverse selection of floor heating products makes it possible to heat any room in the home. Warmzone’s ComfortTile heating cable is a trusted system found in homes across America. ComfortTile heat cable is available in spools or mats and is a popular choice for many installations. Heat cable off spools makes a great choice for odd-shaped areas or custom applications. If installing radiant heat in bathrooms or other spaces exposed to water, using the Prodeso membrane with the ComfortTile heat cable is an outstanding option. The Prodeso uncoupling, crack isolating, and waterproofing product has pre-engineered channels for the heating cable. It is ideal for indoor and outdoor applications.

Warmzone’s floor heating product lineup also includes RetroHeat, a thin heating element for installing under existing floors. The heating panels are simply stapled up between the floor joists, and batt insulation is then applied to direct all of the heat upward, warming the floor. Warmzone offers many other efficient floor heating systems, assuring that every customer finds the perfect product to fit their specific flooring and heating needs.

Warmzone’s extensive product lineup also includes solutions for harsh winter weather. Snow-melting and roof de-icing systems are easy, efficient ways to prevent snow and ice on driveways, sidewalks, or roofs and gutters. Damage from snow and ice buildup is a liability for home and business owners, and can lead to costly repairs. Installing a radiant heat system for your outdoor needs is easy and enhances safety, and helps to eliminate labor and wintertime stress.

Warmzone has multiple energy-efficient, easy-to-install products to meet the roof de-icing needs of any home. Two of the most popular roof heating options are self-regulating heat cable and the unique low-voltage RoofHeat STEP system. Self-regulating heat cable is available in a variety of standard and custom lengths. RoofHeat STEP features thin, flexible panels (available in multiple lengths) that installers simply roll out to install. These de-icing products will assure rooftops, gutters, eaves, valleys or any troublesome areas of the roof are clear of snow and ice. Self-regulating heat cable can be routed through gutters and downspouts, or zig-zagged along roof eaves to prevent ice dams by creating channels for runoff. The low-voltage RoofHeat STEP system’s polymer heating elements can be installed directly under roof shingles or metal roofs to prevent snow buildup. Warmzone’s roof de-icing systems can also be combined to create a custom de-icing solution for each situation.

Heated pavers at outdoor mall.
Heated pavers at outdoor mall.

Snow-melting systems can also easily be customized. Warmzone’s ever-popular ClearZone snow melting system is available in cables or easy to roll out mats. This proven snow melting system can be installed under almost any medium, including concrete, brick or stone pavers, or even hot asphalt. ClearZone electric heating cable’s rugged, energy-efficient construction and reliable performance make it an industry leader. ClearZone heating cable is ideal for any snow-melting needs, and the option of cable or mats makes customization and installation easy. Warmzone’s trusted snow-melting products will ensure reliable, maintenance-free, automated snow melting on driveways, ramps, steps, and more. An expert from Warmzone can help determine which products and design best suits the application. Warmzone also offers hydronic radiant heat systems. Depending on your needs, Warmzone will recommend the best solution for your heating and snow melting needs. No matter what radiant heat solution you’re searching for, Warmzone has one of the largest selections of trusted products to choose from.

With Warmzone you also receive exceptional, industry-leading customer service. From the minute you first speak to a Warmzone expert to after the installation is finished, Warmzone offers customer support. Professional designers provide a custom layout of each system, which also includes all of the technical and electrical information for your installers. These custom designs allow for quick and efficient installation. Once the design is ready, installation support services are available. If an installer is needed, Warmzone can help find a certified installer in your area. Free installation training can also be taken online or in-person. A staff of experts also remains on hand should installers need to call during the installation. Even after the thorough training, sometimes questions arise during the installation. Warmzone is happy to stand beside you throughout the process to help ensure your installation goes smoothly.

As a leader in customer support services, Warmzone is committed to helping its customers and ensuring that every installation is completed quickly and correctly. Home and business owners can feel confident that every radiant heat system will perform as intended for years and years to come. Warmzone’s customer support services and state-of-the-art products make it an easy choice. Warmzone assures that all the groundwork is complete so that adding radiant heat to any home is simple, easy, and worry free. Warmzone’s extensive product selection and outstanding customer service simply can’t be found anywhere else. Everything a home or business owner needs is available at Warmzone. If you would like to learn more about Warmzone’s comprehensive radiant heat offerings, call and speak to a friendly representative today at 888-488-9276.