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Heated Asphalt Driveways

Radiant Snow Melting System for Heating Asphalt Applications

Radiant heat is one of the most popular amenities on the market for home and business owners. Warmzone’s industry-leading products allow any homeowner to heat their home or keep their driveways and walkways clear of snow and ice.

Snow-melting systems are one of the most popular home upgrades today. These state-of-the-art systems are smart investments and help to make winters safer and hassle-free. Warmzone’s ClearZone snow-melting systems eliminate the need for shoveling and applying salt or ice-melt chemicals. Snow-melting systems are exceptionally versatile. Specially designed products are available for installation under any medium, including concrete, pavers, and even fresh asphalt pours.

Installing a heated asphalt driveway
Retrofitting an asphalt driveway with ClearZone radiant snow melting system.

Warmzone’s ClearZone heating cable for asphalt is an industry-leading product that’s designed specifically for the rigorous demands of hot asphalt applications. The asphalt heat cable is rated for a temperature of 464 degrees Fahrenheit (for up to 10 minutes), making it capable of coping with the extreme temperature as well as the compression aspects of hot asphalt installations.

For added versatility, ClearZone heating cable for asphalt is available in pre-spaced mats or can be custom ordered in coils. Mats are effortlessly rolled out onsite and make a first-rate option for heating an entire surface or any standard-sized area. Customers often use mats to install two 24-inch wide tire tracks as well. Another popular option for heating the entire driveway is to install mats to heat an 8-foot strip in the center of a driveway. Using coiled cable gives installers the flexibility to heat any uniquely shaped areas. This flexibility makes it the best choice for heating small or odd-shaped spaces where snow and ice may be a pressing problem – such as shaded areas, inclines, or areas prone to run-off.

ClearZone heating cable for asphalt is part of a fully-automated snow-melting system. When precipitation is detected, and the temperature is below the designated set point, aerial or pavement-mounted sensors will automatically engage the cable to warm the surface and prevent snow from accumulating. The system remains on for a short time after the storm to dry the surface, keeping the area safe from dangerous “black” ice.

Installation is a simple process, but any snow-melting system is only as good as its installation. Regardless of the medium, installers should follow a few basic rules during installation. It is critical to take advantage of Warmzone’s industry-leading customer support services. One of the most valuable services is Warmzone’s free installation training. Installers can take the training course in person or online via web conference. The training is typically completed in less than an hour, but installers can stop and ask their instructor questions at any time.

Even after receiving the installation training, installers may still encounter questions during the installation. That’s way Warmzone’s technical support staff is on hand. Radiant heat experts are available to answer any questions you may have during the installation. Utilizing these services can help prevent stress and save time during installation. Because Warmzone maintains a list of experienced installers and electricians in your area, our customer service specialists may also help you find a qualified, favorably reviewed electrician to wire your system.

Warmzone also provides a detailed AutoCAD design and layout of the system. This layout includes all information needed for your electrician to complete the installation. Each layout contains the number of breakers, their sizes, and proper load calculations, as well as the configuration of the heating elements, components. Referring to your AutoCAD layout often will help to ensure a successful installation.

When preparing for installation, be sure the area is clear of any debris that may damage the heat cable. Once your surface is ready, lay the cable or mats on the area to be heated. To make turns with the heating mats simply cut the tape backing of the mat and route the cable accordingly. (NEVER CUT THE ACTUAL HEAT CABLE.) If there is excess cable, you can decrease the spacing slightly, but remember that the minimum spacing between cables is 2-inches. The cables must never touch, overlap, or cross. It is also essential that heat cable or mats never run through an expansion joint. Once the cable is laid-out, the medium can be applied directly on top. Asphalt often requires tools such as shovels, rakes, or trowels. When using a shovel to spread asphalt, never dig straight into the asphalt. Carefully skimming the top will help avoid damage to the heating cable. The cable should be embedded under at least 2 inches of asphalt.

If you have an existing asphalt driveway, and want the benefit of a snow melting system, don’t despair. Retrofitting the asphalt surface with ClearZone heating cable is easy. Simply lay the cable out over the original layer of asphalt and secure it, then apply new asphalt over the cable. Retrofitting concrete and paver driveways with heat cable is also possible. Call a Warmzone radiant heat expert to learn more.

Following the installation instructions is crucial, but the most important recommendation is to take advantage of Warmzone’s free installation training course. Courses taught by skilled instructors will help to ensure that your project goes smoothly. The training covers all aspects of your installation. Learning from an experienced instructor with valuable knowledge will help you avoid costly mistakes that will affect the longevity of your system.

Warmzone’s array of products and superior customer service make installing snow melting systems a realistic option for homeowners. Materials like specially designed ClearZone heating cable for asphalt make Warmzone an industry leader with options for any customer. No matter what area, medium, or budget, Warmzone has you covered. If you’re ready to learn more about asphalt heating cable or other specialty radiant heat solutions from Warmzone, call and speak to a customer service professional today at 888-488-9276.

Tips for Successful Radiant Heat Installations

Installing a Radiant Snow Melting System

A radiant heated driveway is only as good as its installation, which is why it’s important to carefully follow best practices. As long as you remember a few simple tips, your snow melting system will be up and running in no time, and in good working order for years to come.

Installing heating cable in mats for heated driveway and sidewalk

This may seem like a no brainer, but it’s important to make sure you have the right products for your installation before you lay one foot of cable. Before every job, remember to check the voltage and the wattage of the heating cable (usually indicated on the box). If you’re unsure, you can always contact Warmzone for confirmation and/or recommendations.

A key to successful installations is to use a megohmmeter to perform OHM tests of the heat cable before removal from the box, during, and after the installation. This can save you some headaches in the long run and help to ensure a successful install. Be sure to document the results in order to establish the manufacturer’s warranty.

You have everything you need to construct the driveway of your dreams. Before you roll out any cable, here are a few rules to remember at installation time to prevent cable damage and get the most out of your system:

  • Never cut, cross or overlap the heating cable. Heat cable should not be altered under any circumstances, as it may cause overheating, resulting in damage to the cable.
  • Always embed the cable completely. Leave no air around the cable.
  • Make sure to embed the factory splice (where the heating cable and power lead meet).
  • Using a megohmmeter, perform OHM tests of the heat cable before removing the cable from the box, during the installation, and after the cable has been laid out.
  • Always run the cold lead in conduit (power lead for the heating cable) – it is not direct burial.

For asphalt applications, snow melting cables are normally covered by two inches of asphalt. To prevent heat damage, the asphalt should be allowed to cool to 220°F. (105°C.) before pouring directly onto the mats or cables. Ground sensors/tubes should not be exposed to temperatures above 176°F. (80°C.).

And, for a proper sensor installation, both ground and aerial activation devices require a clear, 360-degree “view” of the sky to allow snow to fall onto the sensor plate. If drifting is an issue where the snowmelt system is being installed, it’s best to install a ground sensor.

For more installation tips, read our helpful Installation Overview web pages:
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Of course, you should always read the Installation Manual and follow instructions. Or you can always call Warmzone at 888.488.9276 for on-the-job installation support and service.

Installing Radiant Heat in Asphalt

Asphalt Heated Driveways
When you combine the durability of asphalt with the automated snow removal capabilities of a radiant heated driveway, you get a winner. Asphalt heated driveways feature energy efficient, maintenance-free operation to keep your driveway safe and clear of snow and ice. If you’re considering a new asphalt driveway, a refresh, or even if you’re already enjoying the benefits of asphalt, there’s still time to include a radiant heated driveway in your plans.

Radiant heated driveway in Denver, Colorado. Asphalt and heated driveway systems go together for several reasons. First, they are durable, and engineered to withstand extreme heat, freezing and thawing. They also adapt easily to the environment. Asphalt pavements flex and “give” with significant settlements of frost heave, while Warmzone snow melting systems respond to the weather, operating only when conditions indicate that snow is on the way.

Applying hot asphalt over heat cable mats

ClearZone heat cable is specifically designed to withstand the hot temperatures of new asphalt construction jobs. In the case of a new driveway install, the asphalt is spread directly over the rugged ClearZone heat cable and then compacted. In one day, you can have a new driveway and a fully operational snow melting system. The embedded, fully automated, radiant heat snow melting system provides a discreet, reliable snowmelt solution for your driveway.

If you’ve already got an asphalt driveway, but it’s in sore need of repair, placing an overlay on the existing surface can be easily accomplished. As with the new pour, ClearZone snow melting cable can be installed just before the overlay. After a quick patch, a surface of about 2 inches is all you’ll really need for your driveway, and your new snow melting system installation.

If you’re not in the market for an asphalt refresh, no worries. Your existing driveway can be retrofitted with radiant heat. Grooves are cut in the existing asphalt, using asphalt saw-cut technology, and the heat cable is then placed in the freshly cut grooves. An epoxy topcoat is then applied as a sealant over the newly embedded cable. For additional traction and safety, a sand broadcast can be applied to the surface before the epoxy.

Fitted with a ClearZone snow melting system, an asphalt driveway is a cost-effective option for your home, and will last for years with only minimal maintenance. With radiant heat in the mix, you can also factor in all of the money you’ll save on snow removal services, snow melting chemicals and gas for your snow blower. And of course, there’s the gift of time. While your neighbors are out shoveling, snow blowing or tapping their watches waiting on their snow removal service, you’ll be in your car and on your way.

Need to do some more homework on this one? Learn more about the many options available by reviewing our website or call Warmzone today, at 888.488.9276. Receive a free quote for your radiant heating project.

Warmzone Enhances Industry Leading Heat Cable

Warmzone Continues to Offer the Latest Proven Technology

Warmzone has established its position as a trusted industry leader by combining unparalleled customer service with the most advanced, proven solutions available. Maintaining that status for more than a decade requires a consistent level of excellence on all fronts. That’s why Warmzone works tirelessly to provide customers with products that feature the latest, most advanced proven technology. As such, Warmzone is continually enhancing its product offering to include the most advanced options available.

ClearZone snow melting heat cable in mat.

Warmzone’s latest product innovations feature enhancements to the renowned ClearZone snow melting heat cable. Already established as the reliable industry leader, ClearZone heat cable is the trusted workhorse used by construction professionals for a wide variety of snow melting applications. Recent enhancements have given the durable heat cable even more robust features, resulting in the release of the new ClearZone radiant snow melting heat cable.

The enhanced ClearZone cable is a culmination of Warmzone research, technological advancements and feedback from construction professionals. During Warmzone’s free training courses for installers, we often receive valuable comments from experienced builders. Warmzone’s relationships with contractors have played a valuable role in keeping Warmzone on the front lines in the field and in touch with the latest construction trends.

The new ClearZone heat cable features several user-friendly enhancements to the rugged ClearZone cable that installers have grown to trust, resulting in a new gold standard for snowmelt heat cable. Some of the features include:

  • Enhanced cable that allows for lower installation air temperatures and quicker, easier installation that can ultimately lead to cheaper installation costs.
  • Enhanced splice offers greater water protection and minimizes the potential for installation errors.
  • A more rugged outer jacket ensures cable integrity.
  • Grounding wire increases tensile strength and minimizes stretching.
  • Enhanced capability for hotter asphalt installations.
  • Greater flexibility in terms of designing and building systems that best meet custom specifications. (Warmzone can build to your specs.)

The new ClearZone heat cable includes several other performance enhancing features. For more details on ClearZone snow melting cable, contact a Warmzone representative at 888.488.9276.

Enhanced Asphalt Heating Cable

Warmzone Leads the Way for Asphalt Heated Driveways and Snowmelt Systems

Asphalt installation professionals are giving Warmzone’s newly enhanced asphalt heating cable an enthusiastic thumbs up. Designed specifically for installation in hot asphalt applications, the new ClearZone asphalt heating cable stands alone as the industry’s premier snow melting heat cable for asphalt heated driveways.

Applying hot asphalt over heat cable mats

Warmzone has established itself as a trusted leader by working tirelessly to offer personal installation support and the best customer services with the most advanced, reliable products on the market. Warmzone’s commitment to continually research and test new products, as well as enhance its existing products ensures that customers always have the most advanced solutions possible at the time of their purchase.

One reason why Warmzone is able to consistently offer the most advanced and sought after products is by listening to feedback from professional builders. During Warmzone’s free installation training courses, construction professionals often provide valuable feedback that allows Warmzone to develop and test new technologies and add specific enhancements to its current products.

Snow melting mats with hot asphalt being applied

Given recent technological advancements, combined with requests/comments from professional builders, Warmzone recently announced the new features of ClearZone asphalt heating cable. Built upon the rugged qualities of its reputable, industry leading ClearZone heat cable, the latest features added to the cable demonstrate Warmzone’s commitment to continually upgrade and provide the very latest proven technology with the highest quality products possible.

The enhanced ClearZone asphalt heating cable boasts several performance boosting features, including:

Significantly greater installation temperature capability, allowing for installs in much hotter asphalt.
Every cable is tested prior to leaving the manufacturing facility (unlike “batch” testing, which is the standard procedure of most manufacturers).
Increased cable strength with additional features allowing for installation in colder air temperatures.
Enhanced splice provides easier installation and minimizes the potential for install errors.
Greater flexibility in terms of designing and building systems that best meet custom specifications.

For more specific information about the new ClearZone asphalt heating cable, call 888.488.9276.