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Need Power for Your Snowmelt System?

With “Zoning” You can Heat a Large Driveway Area with Minimum Amperage

Are you looking to install a heated driveway system, but you’re not sure if you have enough amperage to power the system? If you want the performance and reliability of an electric snowmelt system, but can’t find the amps to power the system, Warmzone has the solution that makes it possible to still install that dream snowmelt system. Zoning (or staging) your snowmelt system allows you to minimize the power (amps) needed to run your system.  But just how does zoning work?

The Principle Behind Zoning
For demonstration purposes, let’s say you only have two 30-amp breakers available to power your heated driveway. The area of the snow melting system is divided into zones, as shown in the corresponding illustration. (See Zones 1-4.) Each zone has its own snow sensor, and the same power source (breakers) is supplied to each zone.

Snow melting system divided into zones for power usage

The zones are then prioritized. Zone 1 is designated as the most important area which needs to be cleared first. When the sensor in Zone 1 detects snow, it signals the controller to activate the system, heating the area until Zone 1 is clear of snow.

After Zone 1 is cleared, the breakers then shift power to Zone 2. Zone 2 then energizes and melts the snow. After Zone 2 is cleared, the breakers shift power to Zone 3, clearing Zone 3 before then powering Zone 4.

Two 30-amp breakers power Zone 1. After Zone 1 is clear, the power switches over to Zone 2. When Zone 2 has been cleared, power is sent to Zone 3, and then to Zone 4. Using Warmzone’s cycling system, the entire snowmelt area can be powered by two 30-amp breakers.

Warmzone’s industry leading cycling system is the industry leading zoning solution because it utilizes a “smart” feature.  For example, if the snow in Zone 3 has melted before the zone is activated, then there is no need for Zone 3 to energize. The sensor in Zone 3 would detect that there is no snow, and therefore not trigger the system to activate. This saves money by operating only when it is needed.

Other zoning systems activate by a set time. These systems cycle between zones, regardless if a zone has been cleared of snow or not. So if Zone 1 is partially melted, and the timer switches to Zone 2, neither area will be fully cleared. This creates much longer melt times. Using Warmzone’s cycling system; the priority area will always be melted, thus allowing for real time usage of the heating system.

For more information on zoning, contact a radiant heat expert at 888.488.9276.

Record Snowfall Predicted

Record Shattering Winter is Just Around the Corner
Weather experts at the National Weather Service (NWS) and meteorologists have boldly predicted that there is a 99 percent chance that a massive cold-front will hit the U.S. sooner in the year than has ever happened. According to Dr. Boris Scvediok, a doctor of global weather sciences, the early winter blast is estimated to produce record-breaking snow storms throughout the entire United States. Meteorologists are even warning that many U.S. residents could see up to 50 times the amount of snow compared to years past.

Because snowfall is predicted to arrive as soon as early October, the average accumulative snow for the 2014 season is expected to be five to ten times that of normal. In other words, this is the type of winter that Americans need to prepare for. Edward F. Blankenbaker, Senior Administrator of Meteorologists, told the media that this year will likely be a once-in-a-lifetime kind of snowy winter.

“Pretty much everyone will see snow like they never have in their lives. Most younger people don’t even know what an actual blizzard looks like, but by the end of March, they will be seasoned survivalists,” Blankenbaker said.

Naturally, a radiant snow melting system is an excellent way to get a leg up on Mother Nature, but having a heated driveway and/or walkways is just one part of the solution. Americans will need to minimize their travel plans and make sure that their vehicles have a weather emergency kit. The Northeast, Ohio Valley, and the Midwestern states are expected to get hit the hardest.

In addition to the impending severe winter weather, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) predicts supply and demand could cause shortages, causing the prices of some staples like bread and milk to increase substantially. FDA spokesperson Rebecca Miller suggests alternatives in preparation of the coming months.

“We are encouraging that you go out and purchase bulk amounts of dry, powdered milk which can be stored in your cupboards,” FDA spokesperson Rebecca Miller suggests. “This will prevent frantic trips to grocery stores and super markets as the onslaught of storms begin to fall upon your respected region.”

Public safety organizations are also encouraging consumers to prepare themselves for brutal winter conditions by obtaining the proper necessities. According to James Satterfield from the National Fire and Safety Advisory Board, preparation can save lives. “Don’t wait until temperatures plummet into a freeze; obtain cold weather clothing and footwear, including wool thermal socks. It is also crucial to have plenty of batteries, candles, weather radios, you name it. Get prepared, it’s coming.” Satterfield warned.

Trade in your shovel and salt for an easier snow removal solution. Pick up the phone and call Warmzone (888.488.9276) to discuss your plans for stress free winters with a radiant heated driveway.

Complete Installation Support Services

Warmzone Installer Network and Installation Services: Dedicated Installation Support Staff

If you’re going to do your radiant heat installation, do it right and go with the best in the business. Make it easy on yourself by going with Warmzone. They have an impressive selection of proven radiant heat solutions for residential and commercial projects. In addition this vast selection of top-rated products, they have forged relationships with radiant heat installation professionals across the country, and can bring you the service and support you need to get your project completed on time and within your budget.

Heated driveway

Thumbing through the phonebook can be hit or miss when it comes to the quality of radiant heat installation services you may find. Without a recommendation, it’s difficult to recognize the level of competence you are dealing with, or if you do, whether or not you can count on a professional to get the job done on time and within budget. Warmzone recognizes that a radiant heat system is only as good as its installation. To help connect you with the right professional for the job, they have created a large network of experienced Preferred Installation Providers (PIP). To ensure their success on the job, Warmzone provides ongoing training for construction professionals, and installation support for all of its customers. So you benefit from the peace of mind that comes with getting your radiant heat installation done correctly the first time.

Another boon for customers is Warmzone’s complete design and engineering services. They’re provided with every Warmzone radiant heat system. Once you give them your project specifications, Warmzone can render a computer generated drawing for you. You’ll know the exact power needs and performance expectations going into your radiant heat installation, without the added hassle or expense of finding and hiring a contractor on your own. To further support you, Warmzone.com has created a complete library of online installation support information including manuals, guides, illustrations, videos and more for your projects, all available for immediate download free of charge, 24/7.

At Warmzone, the goal is to conveniently provide clear information through their website. Partnering with Warmzone on a project gives you access to deep radiant heat specialists who are happy to address any concerns you may have about your radiant heat installation as they arise. Their consultants will work with you and guide you to the ideal system for your needs. They’ll give you sincere, non-biased recommendations based on your requirements and what makes the most sense, from a small remodeling project to a large commercial construction project.

Above all else, Warmzone stays with you throughout the purchase and installation process to make sure that your system is performing up to expectations and that you are happy. Warmzone takes great pride in their commitment to delivering top-notch customer service. But the real proof lies in the great reviews Warmzone receives from its devoted customers.

When you work with Warmzone, you are never alone. With a wide product selection, efficient system design, a large network of experienced installers, and expert installation support, Warmzone makes it easy! Call 888.488.9276 to find out more.

Dedicated Installation Support Staff and Network of Experienced Installers

Unlike most other providers, Warmzone has a dedicated staff of expert electricians, designers, and engineers on hand to assist you throughout the installation process. Furthermore, Warmzone maintains relationships with a large network of experienced installers to further ensure proper, hassle-free installation. In other words, Warmzone is committed to its customers and installers throughout the entire purchase, design, and installation process. You simply won’t find a more dedicated, accommodating and professional staff to work with.

Dad and baby on heated floor

If you are looking to install heated floors, a heated driveway or a roof deicing system, Warmzone offers one of the largest selections of top industry products to best meet your specific heating (and budget) needs. To further bolster peace of mind, Warmzone can refer to its network of experienced radiant heat installation professionals and recommend an installer you can trust. But Warmzone doesn’t leave at this point. Their seasoned electricians and designers will continue to be available to your installer to assist whenever needed. Warmzone stays with you to ensure that the installation process goes smoothly and that your system is performing as advertised.

While the correct installation of your radiant heat system is first and foremost, the other key factor lies in the quality of the products and design of the system. Warmzone constantly researches and tests the latest products to ensure that their vast selection includes only the industry’s most proven, reliable products. Heating elements include low and line-voltage heat cable, flexible polymer elements, durable self-regulating heat cable, thin FilmHeat, and even hydronic radiant heating products.

Besides high quality products at competitive prices, Warmzone provides unmatched customer service and complete design and engineering services along with expert installation support. Upon request, your radiant heat solution will come with a detailed, professional system design. Basically, you’ll know all the specs and power needs as well as performance expectations prior to any installation. Warmzone offers one of the most informative radiant heat websites around, and you can access a complete online library of installation support information including manuals, product guides, illustrations, installation videos, and more for your projects. It’s free and available whenever you need it.

Your Network of Experienced Radiant Heat Installers

Finding the right contractor to install your radiant heat system can be a risky proposition. Many contractors are just getting up to speed on radiant heat. Take heart—if you’re looking for help with your radiant heat installation, you don’t have to go it alone. Warmzone has a robust network of experienced installers who have established a reputation of trust. Warmzone maintains relationship with these installers and have worked with them in the past, so the trepidation of finding a qualified installer you can trust is virtually eliminated. Warmzone can find the ideal installer for you, whether you’re installing heated floors, roof deicing or a heated driveway system. Installers in Warmzone’s network are familiar with installing Warmzone products and have proven themselves with prior installation projects.

Like any home improvement project, radiant heat installation has its challenges. But with a wide product selection, professional system design services, a network of experienced installers and a dedicated installation support staff, Warmzone makes it easy for homeowners and contractors alike! Call 888.488.9276, and install your radiant heat system with confidence.

Make Every Dollar Count with Radiant Heated Driveways

You might be like many of us and are afraid to even say the word recession. If we say it then we’ll have to admit it’s really here and our spending choices have to be even more prudent. Economic downturns such as the one we find ourselves elbow deep in, dictate wiser, well-researched and more cost-effective purchases. The weak dollar and tighter credit allowances no longer allow the penny-pinching consumer the luxury of frivolous spending sprees. Each purchase needs to count and provide an investment for the future.

A cost-effective investment and smart way to add value to your home is by installing a heated driveway (radiant snow melting system). Once installed, an affordable radiant heated driveway provides low operation costs in the long run, helping you lower your bottom line on home expenses. A heated driveway with an area of 300 square feet operates for under 50-cents per continuous hour of operation. Snow melting generally only takes a few hours to clear your driveway when a storm hits.

Heated tire tracks in residential concrete heated driveway

Driveway heating is an investment that has demonstrated and visible results. Not only does it allow you some free time with your family – not to mention saving your back from shoveling duties – but it is a proven way to protect the life of grass and surrounding vegetation by eliminating the use of salt and harsh snow melting chemicals. It also extends the life of your driveway by defending it from chemicals and other traditional abrasive snow removal methods.

Radiant heated driveways are fully automated so you can stay inside where it’s warm and count the dollars you are saving as you watch the snow fall. An automatic snow sensor signals the snowmelt system’s controller when precipitation is detected and temperatures are below 39° Fahrenheit. The controller then sends power to the embedded heat cable, rapidly warming the driveway and keeping it clear of snow and ice. The system shuts off automatically after the storm. Electric radiant snow melting systems have an extremely fast response time, operate silently, and are maintenance free – and there are several options to choose from when considering a radiant snow melting system. There’s really no better, or easier way to keep your driveway clear of snow and ice during the winter than with a radiant heated snow melting system.

So, instead of shoveling for hours after a Nor’easter or powerful lake effect storm, you can spend time relaxing inside with your family. The peace of mind that comes with making a smart purchase is invaluable right now. We all look for ways to ride out recessions and worrisome economic climates, but you can still enjoy some of the finer things in life by making wise investments in quality products.

Installing a Heated Tile Floor (Part II)

(NOTE: This article is intended only as a general guide for installing a heated floor. For detailed installation instructions, refer to your system’s installation manual. Warmzone also offers an abundance of radiant heat documentation, illustrations, and installation guides online for your convenience.)

If you are replacing your existing floor with a new, radiant heated tile floor, then naturally, step one is to tear out the old floor surface. (In many cases, you can actually install a heated floor over an existing tile surface, but that often presents problems with door clearances and what not, so for simplicity, we’ll stick to removing the old floor.) Once your old surface is removed, make sure you have no sharp objects protruding from the subfloor and clear the surface of all dirt and dust. Next, lay out your ComfortTile heating element.

Cutting mesh backing to make turns with CT mats

The ComfortTile heating mats feature heat cable that is pre-spaced and attached to an adhesive-backed fiberglass mesh that can be easily rolled out during installation. To make turns when laying out the floor heating mats, simply cut the mesh backing and turn the mat accordingly, (see photo). Never cut or damage the heat cable.

When installing the heat cable off the spool, the cable is secured to the floor using thin metal strips (cable straps) that are nailed or screwed to the floor. These straps have small tabs in them where the heat cable is placed. Simply bend the tab over the cable to secure it.

Thinset can be applied directly over heat cable

To install the floor sensor, cut a channel approximately 10 mm (¼-½-inch) deep and about an inch wide in the wall and about 3½ feet out into the subfloor. (This groove runs from the wall-mounted thermostat down to the heat cable in the floor.) Glue the flex pipe for the sensor into this channel and seal the end of the pipe with a piece of tape. Run the wire from the floor sensor up to the thermostat. (It is recommended to have a qualified electrician complete the floor heating system’s wiring.)

Once the cable and sensor are secured, you can install the tile. Using a large notched trowel, apply thinset directly over the heat cable. Another method is to pour a layer of self-leveling lightweight concrete over the heating mats. After that sets, simply apply the tile on the surface. This method is usually preferred among tile setters as it offers more protection for the heating cables when you are installing the tile.

We live in an age of available information for do it yourself people. Imagine the difference you can make in transforming that cold floor into one of extreme comfort. A small radiant heated floor project could be done in a day or two, but the comfort will last a lifetime.

ComfortTile floor heating systems from Warmzone are among the best in the industry and will provide you with reliable, energy-efficient, maintenance-free operation. You’ll not only increase your comfort, but the value of your home as well.