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ClearZone Heated Driveways

The Convenience of Fully Automated Snow Melting

Say goodbye to your snow shovel. Forget about that expensive snow removal service. A ClearZone heated driveway is a great way to stay ahead of inclement weather. With a radiant heated snow melting system, you’ll never have to worry about timing. Energy-efficient ClearZone systems are fully automated, maintenance free, easy to install and can be customized to meet the needs of just about any driveway or budget.

Paver heated sidewalk

Electric heated driveways use a high-tech snow sensor that signals the system’s controller to activate the radiant snow melting system when it detects precipitation and temperatures are below a set point (usually 39 degrees Fahrenheit). System response times are fast. Once activated, the electric heating cables generate instant heat to prevent snow and ice accumulation before it happens, keeping driveways and walkways clear and dry. Imagine waking up the morning after a snow storm to a clear, dry walkway and driveway. With an automated radiant heated driveway, it’s possible to see pavement all winter long, regardless of the conditions!
ClearZone’s super snow-clearing power renders the task of planning for snow removal obsolete. While there is a cost for the initial installation, it’s relatively insignificant when you compare it to the dollars you’ll save when you permanently dismiss your snow removal service. There are no contracts to sign, no flat fees, no wasted dollars and low returns during mild winters. Fully-automated electric radiant heat systems activate only when the conditions for snow are present, so you only pay for the resources (electricity) you need, when you need them. No more waiting for your service to show up, or stooping to shovel snow.

Best of all, you don’t need to build a new home to enjoy the convenience of radiant heat during the winter months. ClearZone radiant heat solutions are fully customizable to fit your requirements, and your budget. Some customers choose to install ClearZone radiant heating cable under the entire paved surfaces of their sidewalks and driveways to keep them free and clear from snow. Others choose to heat tire tracks or an 8-foot strip in the center of their driveway. ClearZone systems are also commonly installed in sidewalks, patios and steps, and other well-traveled areas around the outside of homes and businesses. The cable works equally well in new concrete pours, asphalt, pea gravel and stone pavers, and can even be retrofitted to your existing driveway and walkways, without compromising performance.

Warmzone snow melting systems include installation support and complete system design/layout services. Free installation training courses are also offered by Warmzone. Installers can complete courses on site at Warmzone’s corporate office or online.

When it comes to snow removal, you really can’t go wrong with ClearZone snow melting systems. Using top-of-the-line components and manufacturer warranties and backed by industry leading system design and customer service, Warmzone snow melting systems are the clear favorite for homeowners and builders alike.

Warmzone is a trusted, leading provider of radiant heated floors for commercial and residential applications. To find out more about Warmzone products, design services and customer support, contact Warmzone at 888.488.9276 or visit www.warmzone.com.

ComfortTile Floor Heating Cable

You Made me Feel Very Comfortable

Location: Arkansas

Solution: ComfortTile Floor Heating System

Floor heating mats being installed

You took me patiently through the layout process and designed my plans according to my home plans. You made me feel very comfortable and came close to the $$ range that I wanted to spend (I didn’t mind spending a little more for what I believed to be a better product….and you helped a lot with that). Shipping and after-sale support were also excellent.

With kind regards,

Michael B.

Radiant Floor Heating for Every Dimension

What’s the Best Radiant Floor Heating Solution for You?  (Part I)

Are you building a home, remodeling a room or retrofitting an existing living space with radiant heat but aren’t sure where to start? Warmzone has plenty of hot options for your next radiant heated floor project, plus the expertise and experience to support you—from budgeting and planning to design and installation.

Radiant floor heating mats being installed

Heating Tile Floors
The foundation of many Warmzone radiant heat solutions, ComfortTile heat cable is the perfect off-the-spool answer for most custom-shaped floor heating projects, including bathroom floors, kitchen and laundry room surfaces. That’s because ComfortTile cable can be rolled out and configured to fit tight or unique areas other radiant heat products, such as mats or panels, can’t. It has a mere ⅛-inch diameter and can be installed under most floor types, including marble, ceramic tile and slate flooring without floor buildup. And every ComfortTile radiant heated floor system comes complete with GFCI protected thermostat and strapping to secure and properly space the heating cable for safe, easy installation.

Of course, many radiant heat projects lack the dimensional challenges a unique layout presents. For these projects, ComfortTile cable is available in pre-configured mats. ComfortTile mats feature heat cable on an adhesive-backed fiberglass mesh. The cable is pre-spaced to maximize overall performance and take the guesswork out of radiant heated floor installation. ComfortTile floor heating mats can be used in 120 and 240 volt applications, and require only one cold lead connection. The mats are available in various lengths at a width of 24 inches, and are flexible, practical, affordable radiant heat solutions for most homeowners and do-it-yourselfers.

Radiant Heat for Wet and Dry Applications
Are you ready to take radiant heat to the garden level? If you’re looking for a versatile radiant floor heating product that’s safe for use in both wet and dry applications such as basement floors, then Warmzone In-Slab heat cable is for you. Waterproofed and protected by a metal shield, In-Slab heat cable is great for a variety of concrete applications. Featuring an extremely fast response time, In-Slab heat cable produces 10-15 watts per square foot and can efficiently radiate heat through any flooring, from ceramic to marble, hardwood and slate, so it’s good for small and large areas alike.

Part II – Radiant Heated Floors for Every Dimension

Heating Hardwood and Carpeted Areas
To get the best radiant heat system performance and efficiency in laminate or engineered wood floor applications, HeatShield radiant floor heating insulation panels are the way to go. The panels consist of a ½-inch thick polystyrene insulation covered with a thin, specially profiled aluminum that reflects all the heat up through the floor in the most efficient manner possible, so you get a nice, even heat radiating up from the floor that you can feel from your head to your toes. Installation is easy—just lay insulation on the existing floor, clip the panels together and press heat cable into the grooves provided. Then, simply lay the laminate or wood flooring on top.

HeatShield floor heating system being installed

Installing a HeatShield radiant floor heating system. Looking for a radiant heat solution that can deliver safe, even, efficient heat distribution under a variety of surfaces? From heating tile, to stone, resilient, laminate, hardwood and carpet, no other radiant heating element can match the properties of FloorHeat. Low-voltage, self-regulating FloorHeat is a thin polymer heating element that has no effect on floor buildup, weight loads or flooring choices. It’s easily secured to the subfloor with adhesive, staples or pegs, and can be cut to length and installed under most floor coverings, making it a hassle-free choice for new construction and retrofit radiant heat projects. The system does require the use of a step-down transformer, which converts the line voltage (220 V) to the low voltage (60 V or less).

Retrofitting Floors with Radiant Heat
Installing the RetroHeat floor heating element. It’s never a bad time to purchase and install radiant heated floors, because for every application, Warmzone has the experts and the expertise necessary to take on any radiant heat installation challenge. With RetroHeat, you can reap the same benefits of radiant floor heat without disturbing your existing floors. The RetroHeat under floor heating system consists of heating panels, connection materials, and unique digital thermostat that includes a 16-amp GFCI breaker and floor sensor for accurate programming. Heating panels are available for joists with 12, 16, and 24-inch spacing and can be cut on site and safely stapled between the floor joists to deliver warm, even heat throughout your home.

To learn more about Warmzone’s complete line of radiant heat products, call 888.488.9276 today.

Home Improvements for Your Feet and Your Pocket

A Smart Choice for Increasing Your Home’s Value

As the housing market crash continues, it seems that even the falling prices, incentives and rebates still aren’t enough to entice new buyers. A year ago a finished home would sell in 4.3 months, it now takes an average of 6.3 months. If you are already a home owner, switching your home from fossil fuel heating to electric radiant heat will not only help protect your investment, but provide an earth friendly efficient alternative that will make your home more attractive to potential buyers.

The best choice for radiant heating is the ComfortTile cable and mats. The CT systems continue to be Warmzone’s best selling electric heat product, and it’s no wonder considering Warmzone attaches a 10-year warranty to every system sold.

This system is the most robust radiant heating product on the market and is manufactured by an industry leader that has been providing quality products for decades.

ComfortTile floor heating mat
ComfortTile radiant floor heating cable pre-spaced in mat.

The most popular spaces for radiant heat in the home are the kitchen and bathroom areas. These areas tend to be the largest area of tile in the home, which also makes it the most difficult to heat. Forced air heating systems only warm the air, which leaves the floors cold and drafty during cold weather months. Radiant heat provides a uniform temperature from ceiling to the floor and warms all the objects and furniture it contacts.

The ComfortTile radiant heating mats are the easiest systems to install. They arrive with the CT cable already woven into it, and comes with a convenient, easy-to-use adhesive backing.

Warmzone’s website is filled with information about how to best install the product beneath tile, stone, and concrete applications. We also have a full staff of professionals available to help you through every step if you choose to install the system yourself. If installing it yourself isn’t your thing, Warmzone has a network of installation professionals in your area that are experienced installers of our systems.

Warmzone has now made the ComfortTile mats more affordable than ever, making it easier for everyone to enjoy the warmth of radiant heating in their homes. Now is the best time to start remodel projects and ready your home for the upcoming winter months, especially if you are pouring new concrete.

Project Highlight – University of Minnesota

Warmzone was recently approached by the Forestry Resources Department of the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, with a horticulture study that needed Warmzone’s help. The solution: ClearZone radiant heating cables.

The University purchased 46 reels of ClearZone heat cable to measure growth variations in different temperature plots. University officials chose the ClearZone system because of the easy-to-program thermostat, versatility and high durability in outdoor conditions.

The radiant heat system enabled Forestry Department students and faculty to create controlled environments in which to conduct accurate growth rate studies.

Warmzone radiant heat used for university horticulture study

The predominant outdoor use for the ClearZone system is to heat driveways, parking lots, sidewalks and bridges. It is especially useful on disability ramps, where safety and ease of use is most important.

In the past, radiant heat systems have been viewed as a luxury that only a few could obtain. But that’s changing. More and more consumers living in cold regions are discovering that the benefits of radiant heating far outweigh the initial cost.

The study by the University has opened up new avenues for radiant heating that have never been used before. Although still a new concept, the study proves that radiant heat has the potential to be used by home and garden enthusiasts to create a tropical oasis in just about any location to maintain ideal growing conditions.