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A Memo from the Department of Missing Snow

The Heated Driveway is #1 Suspect

To: Consumers Living in Winter Riddled Areas
From: The Department of Missing Snow
Re: Reports of Clean Driveways After a Snow Storm

There have been several alarming reports trickling in from consumers living in colder states. Consumers who once donned thick layers of snow gear and carried heavy shovels or pushed cumbersome snow blowers are now stating they receive snow but it does not accumulate on their driveway. This is alarming to them, but here at the Department of Missing Snow it is second nature to provide consumers with answers to their snow problems. The heated driveway is the number one reason driveways are missing snow after a snow storm.

If you or someone you know is experiencing these ice-free mysteries consider investigating a radiant heated driveway. Radiant heating cables may be the culprit in your missing snow mystery. These radiant heat cables lie just below the surface so you may not even know they are there, but they are doing hard work and making the jobs in our department very easy. Missing snow is not a problem for everyone, so feel free to report your findings to your neighbors if they glance at your heated driveway with longing and confusion. Explain to them how having a heated driveway keeps your driveway clean and the ice build-up stays away too. Refer them to the Department of Missing Snow where experts can talk with them about creating their own case and explain to them how heated driveways will remain our number one suspect in missing snow.

The Secret of Heated Driveways is Out

Driveway Heating is More Well Known Than Ever

If you were trying to keep your driveway heating all to yourselves, convinced that no one else deserved such a luxury, then you may be interested to hear that the heated driveway secret is out. More and more homeowners are catching on to the affordable, once thought of luxury of driveway heating. It is easier and more affordable than ever to lay radiant heat cables beneath your driveways and sidewalks.

Business owners are catching the wave of heat as well. The secret has spilled into their parking lots and loading docks and even showing up on school properties across the country as well. Radiant snow melting systems are a great way to keep property clear of snow. What was once a little known system has become a staple in winter-laden homes and businesses across the states. Heated driveways are efficient and require little power to access their heating power. The warmth keeps the snow from accumulating on the pavement and snow and ice danger is minimized with the flip of a switch. The automatic snow sensor keeps tabs on the temperature and snow fall so you never have to get up in the middle of the night to turn it on. The sensor detects those things for you and turns on and off when needed or not. Share the secret that is not so secret anymore with your friends and neighbors and tell everyone about driveway heating. They’ll love you for it.

The Driveway Has Been Ice/Snow Free All Winter!

Location: Idaho

Solution: ClearZone Heated Driveway

Heated driveway during installation and after

This last summer, I installed the heating cables in my driveway.  I have a North facing home and the sloped driveway does not see the sun in the winter.  This combination creates a slippery condition all winter long.  I contracted out the concrete removal and pour.  With the help of some friends, neighbors and my wife, we were able to layout all three cables in one day.  One friend, helping install the cable, jokingly said “Your daughter won’t slip on ice now, but if she touches the ground she will get burned!”  The first snow fall this winter was the test and the heated driveway has been ice/snow free all winter!  The option to manually turn on the heat system has not been needed since the sensor works so well.  My wife and I are very pleased with the results and feel much safer walking out side during the winter now!


Dan S

Our Customer is Extremely Happy

Solution: ClearZone Snow Melting System

Warmzone did an awesome job with the installation of a heated driveway at our customers house. Nate is incredibly great to work with and we highly recommend you to all our clients. Our customer is extremely happy that he will not have to shovel his driveway this winter thanks to Warmzone.

SJM Tile and Masonry

It Won’t Break the Bank, or my Back (Shoveling)

Location: Calgary, Canada

Solution: ClearZone Heated Driveway

Heated tire tracks in driveway

This past weekend, we received over four inches of snow and temps -15 degrees C . . . That’s like Green Bay cold!

Anyway, as you can see, the heated driveway is doing its job. Just a week ago, my electrician installed the correct type of wire for the CDP 2 so everything is functional now. A lot of folks in our neighborhood stop by on their walks and have conversations about my driveway, or ask questions if I am outside.

I know that some think this would be extremely expensive to operate, but last month, with Christmas lights on every night, I saw only a $150 increase in my electrical bill. Also, we only have 2 or 3 months of significant snow in Calgary so it won’t break the bank, or my back (shoveling) and delivery people don’t have to crawl up the slope in fear of slipping!

Have a great day.

Dennis S.

Your Electrical Support Person was Very Helpful

Solution: ClearZone Heated Driveway

Heated tire tracks in concrete driveway

I just wanted to follow up with you to let you know we had a successful installation. Your electrical support person, Dan, was very helpful in the system test process working with my electrician. I will be completing all the warranty paperwork soon and have all of the electrical measurements captured. Here is one of the photos of the project.

Best regards,

Dennis L.

Working With Warmzone, I Feel Like I Have the Best Radiant Heat Partner

Solution: ClearZone Heated Driveway

By working with Warmzone, I feel like I have the best radiant heat partner working with me, so I never feel alone during the installation process. The designer, engineer and electrician are always there for me if I have any questions or needs. Their expertise ensures that the installation goes smoothly and the customer is satisfied.

David V. (Veron Landscaping)

It’s never too late for a Radiant Heated Driveway

Running out of snow removal options already? It’s never too late to put down the shovel and install a radiant heated driveway. If you’re tired of waiting on your snow removal service when the white stuff hits hard, there’s still time to make one call and install a radiant heated driveway. Warmzone can get your product fast, and you can use Powerblankets concrete curing mats in colder temperatures to cure the concrete and thaw the ground to acceptable levels, making the install easy and quick. Sure it’s going to get cold soon, but you can still install radiant heat before winter hits (whether we’re talking months, weeks or even days).

No need to grapple over which radiant heated driveway provider to go with. With Warmzone, all you need to know is your budget and your expectations. Not only does Warmzone have the highest quality heated driveway and radiant snow melting systems available—they have the experts and the expertise to quickly configure a heated driveway that meets or even exceeds your requirements for snow melting during the cold winter months.

Heated driveway with brick pavers

Generally an installation can happen within the context of a day, or even a few hours, whether you’re retrofitting existing pavement or coordinating with a new concrete pour. And that’s about what you can expect once your system is installed—lightening quick response times and efficient snow removal. That’s because the technology behind a ClearZone heated driveway is sophisticated enough to sense changes in temperature and humidity indicating snow, and respond before any accumulation occurs on your driveway.
ClearZone snow melting systems truly set the bar in the industry, and are versatile (and incredibly efficient) enough to quickly melt snow and ice in both commercial and residential applications, from large heated driveways and parking areas to custom-sized walkways, ramps and loading docks. Fully-automated, energy-efficient and maintenance free, ClearZone snow melting systems are easy to install and fully customizable to meet your needs.

If you’re a procrastinator like I am, you’ll be relieved to know that ClearZone snow melting systems can be installed in most mediums, including concrete, asphalt and under pavers, in just about any location and nearly at anytime of the year. The heat generated by these outdoor heating blankets gets through frozen ground quickly, and can thaw up to 18 inches of ground overnight, perfect for preparing select areas for a heated driveway installation, above or below ground.

So what are you waiting for? If you want a snow melting system that will outperform your current snow removal service (or your own shoveling abilities), Warmzone can have a ClearZone radiant snow melting system up and running long before you run out of excuses. Simply call 888.488.9276 for a free consultation today!

Warmzone Appointed as the Exclusive U.S. Distributor of STEP Warmfloor Roof Deicing Systems

Warmzone Continues to Lead the way with Proven Radiant Heat Solutions and Complete System Design Services

Draper, Utah (PR WEB) – September 28, 2012Warmzone, a leading provider of radiant heat solutions, has announced that it will be the exclusive distributor of STEP Warmfloor’s advanced roof deicing systems. As one of the largest radiant heat solutions provider, Warmzone offers a vast selection of radiant heat products and services. The STEP Warmfloor™ system complements Warmzone’s existing product line and is touted as one of today’s most innovative radiant heating technologies.

“We’re excited to be the exclusive distributor of these efficient systems,” stated Brandon Weaver, VP Systems Design and Engineering at Warmzone. “The STEP roof deicing systems are proven solutions that help to protect structures and enhance safety by eliminating ice dams and heavy ice buildup.”

Installing roof heating system at roof edge and valley

As the manufacturer of one of the most advanced, energy efficient roof heating systems on the market, STEP Warmfloor™ was very selective in determining the ideal distributor for its roof heating product. While Warmzone had already established a track record of successfully selling the system, this was only one aspect involved in the decision making process. Warmzone’s customer service, system design, and installation support is second to none, and was a principle factor influencing the outcome of STEP Warmfloor’s choice to appoint Warmzone as the exclusive distributor.

STEP Warmfloor™ issued the following statement:

Although the STEP roof deicing systems work great, special skills and experience are required to give roofers the confidence necessary to install our system. Warmzone has this knowledge and experience (as well as free installation training), and have been selling our deicing systems with great success for some time now. Their positive results have led us to appoint them as our distribution agent in the United States for all roof deicing applications, and from this point on, all roof deicing orders will be designed by Warmzone. We feel this arrangement will benefit all parties involved.

The STEP deicing system utilizes a unique polymer blend that heats when electricity passes through it. This thin, flexible heating element has the ability to self-regulate its electrical consumption, making it more energy efficient than most other systems. Solar and wind power can also be directly integrated to these heating systems due to its ability to accept AC or DC current. These advanced roof heating products have also been designed to exceed typical low-voltage standards and are now compliant to SELV (safety extra-low voltage) which is 30 volts or less under all load conditions.

RoofHeat STEP deicing systems are extremely versatile and can be applied beneath all roofing materials, including metal. RoofHeat is an effective and discreet heating system that safely melts ice and snow from eaves to prevent structural damage or safety hazards from falling ice.

For a free radiant heat quote, distributorship opportunities or more information on these roof heating systems or other snow melting and floor heating solutions, contact a Warmzone radiant heating expert at 888.488.9276 or visit www.warmzone.com.

Driveway Heating is What You Wanted You Just Never Knew It

A Heated Driveway Should Be on Your Wish List

Heaven forbid I be the bearer of bossy news, especially since you don’t know me. But trust me, driveway heating is truly what you want, you just might not know it yet. Allow me to illuminate the reasons you should put a heated driveway on your wish list. I feel confident that once you investigate driveway heating a bit more you’ll soon be on the heating bandwagon.

Heated tire tracks in driveway

First up, if you live where it snows make the call today to find out more. It’s simple really; if you have a heated driveway you don’t have to plow, shovel, or swear at the snow anymore. Snow melting systems will melt all the snow on your driveway plus your sidewalk if you choose to install heating cable there as well. Electric snow melting systems are easy to customize and can be installed just about anywhere or in any application possible.

Second, a heated driveway is an affordable and efficient way to maintain heavy snow loads on your property. The heat cables require very little electricity, plus they only run when conditions warrant. When the temperature is below a set point and the sensor detects precipitation, it signals the system to send heat to the cables. So these energy efficient systems operate only when needed, but they also feature manual override capability for times when it may be needed..

There are plenty of other reasons to consider a heating driveway system. But I’ll let you discover those for yourself as you explore this website and see for yourself that yes, you do want to put a heated driveway on your wish list.