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Consider the Unwanted Things, Like Snow

With a Heated Driveway, Unwanted Things Never have to be an Issue

Sure, there are plenty of things in life that are considered unwanted, such as warts, lima beans, mortgage payments, mosquitoes, and snow just to name a few. Snow definitely has some appeal to winter sport enthusiasts and Olympic skiers, but when it comes to accumulating snow on our driveways and walkways it quickly turns into an unwanted thing, joining the ranks of ingrown toenails and flea-infested dogs. It doesn’t have to be that way.

With a radiant heated driveway , snow is almost a non-issue for you. Going forward, if your home has a radiant heated driveway you will never dread winter again. You might even look forward to it after you’ve enjoyed the seasons leading up to it. Having a radiant heated driveway allows you to consider the possibility of enjoying a winter, a winter filled with buckets and buckets of fluffy white snow.

Heated driveways are not just for the rich and famous either. You can enjoy a heated driveway with minimal cash output if you do your homework, research the right snowmelt system for your driveway, and rely on professionals who know what they are doing. One of your best resources could be a Warmzone home heating expert who has the product knowledge and expertise to guide you through the initial unknown learning curve of installing a radiant heated driveway. Consider the possibilities.

Record Breaking Snowstorm Blankets Newark

In 2016, Newark City, New Jersey broke the record for receiving the most snow from one multi-day snowstorm. As of January 24, the Weather Service lists Newark’s snowfall total at 28.1 inches, breaking all records set since 1931. As city snowplows struggled to keep the main thoroughfares open, homeowners struggled to keep in compliance with local snow removal laws by shoveling and salting sidewalks and driveways.

Manually shoveling snow

According to the Newark Municipal Code, owners, tenants, or occupants of homes in the city must remove snow and ice from sidewalks adjacent to residential properties after snow ceases to fall or ice ceases to form. The code requires that a path three feet in width be cleared on sidewalks in front of homes. If ice cannot be removed from sidewalks, the code requires that sand or other substances be spread on the ice to make the surface safe for pedestrians.

Given the property owners’ responsibility for keeping sidewalks clear of snow and ice, Newark residents have been busy these past few winters. And weather experts continue to predict above average snowfall for upcoming winters.

But Newark residents have options when it comes to preparing for the next snow season. In addition to having a few extra supplies on hand and a full refrigerator and cupboards, some New Jersey residents are turning to radiant heat to make the snow removal process a bit easier.

Warmzone snow melting systems are energy efficient and maintenance free. Not only do these systems eliminate the need for manual snow removal, but they have proven valuable to businesses by keeping entrances and parking areas clear of snow and ice for customers.

Electric snow melting systems are fully automated, so they operate only when needed. The systems include an advanced snow sensor that detects temperature and precipitation. When temperatures are below a set point – typically 39° Fahrenheit – it sends power to the embedded heat cable, warming the area and preventing snow accumulation.

As an industry leader, Warmzone snow melting systems feature trusted heat cable that is available off the spool or pre-spaced in mats that can be rolled out for easy installation. The electric radiant heating mats are laid out and secured, and then the medium (concrete, pavers, or asphalt) is applied directly over the cable.

The proven ClearZone electric snow melting system is commonly installed in both commercial and residential applications. From large heated driveways and parking areas to custom sized walkways, ramps and loading docks, ClearZone systems are versatile and can be easily customized.

Warmzone’s fully automated system includes the embedded heat cable, an activation device (snow sensor), contactor panel, and marker plate (as required by the NEC). These electric systems are also maintenance free and relatively easy to install.

In addition to providing the highest quality radiant heating products, Warmzone also offers unmatched customer services. Each system is professionally designed, so you’ll know the exact layout and materials, proper load calculations, breaker sizes, number of breakers, and system performance expectations before one foot of heat cable is installed.

When you purchase a Warmzone snow melting system, you also receive free installation support services. We have an experienced staff dedicated especially for installation support if you need. Should your installer have any questions during the installation, he/she can speak with one of our installation experts to resolve any issues. Free installation training is also available. When it comes to customer service, you’ll find that Warmzone is second to none.

Contact Warmzone today and learn more about the radiant heating options that are available. In addition to offering heated driveways and snow melting systems, Warmzone also offers premier roof deicing and floor heating systems. Call 888.488.9276 to learn more.

Warmzone Roof Deicing Systems

Low-Voltage, Self-Regulating System Helps to Prevent Damage

Another brutal winter is looming on the horizon. It seems that average snowfalls are increasing while winter temperatures are decreasing for much of the country, and climatologists are predicting heavier than normal snowfall and colder than average temperatures. . Fortunately, there are steps you can take now to deal with brutal winters – especially when it comes to protecting your roof and home from snow and ice damage.

The RoofHeat STEP system features a unique and highly effective low-voltage heating element that can be installed discreetly under shingle or even metal roofs to prevent ice dams from forming and facilitating runoff in roof valleys. The system utilizes a thin polymer heating element that can be nailed and stapled through, and cut on site, facilitating quick, easy installation. The flexible heating element is polypropylene fused during fabrication to ensure that the panel is protected against UV rays and other potential damages.

Low-voltage heating element

Installing the RoofHeat STEP roof deicing system along the edge of the roof can eliminate ice dams from forming. Ice dams are by far the biggest culprit when it comes to costly roof and water damage. Ice dams typically form when heat escapes the attic to warm the snow on the roof. There, it melts during the day and trickles down towards the roof edges. Because there is no attic along the roof edges, the roof is colder and the water refreezes near the edge of the roof. Each day more water runs down to this point and accumulates near the roof’s edge to form a considerable dam of ice. As water pools behind the dam, it can seep into small cracks and expand as it refreezes, causing damage to the roof and even finding its way into the home. This is where expensive water damage can take place – often beginning well before the homeowner is aware of any problem.

Warmzone offers an ideal way to protect homes and businesses from water damage. RoofHeat panels feature attractive aluminum panels with self-regulating heat cable. The panels are installed long the roof edge between the waterproof membrane and the shingle. The roof heating panels are supplied in 4-foot lengths and can be cut to length on site. Self-regulating heat cable is channeled through the panel, creating an effective roof deicing system that efficiently warms the roof edges help prevent ice dams from forming. The aluminum panels can also be installed in roof valleys to facilitate runoff.

Features of the RoofHeat STEP Roof Deicing System

  • Panels can be nailed or stapled through (but do not penetrate the bus braids.
  • Low-voltage, self regulating system is extremely energy efficient.
  • Different panel widths are available to heat roof edges, valleys and gutters.
  • The system is fully automated and operates quietly.
  • Heating element comes in rolls that can be installed quickly and easily.
  • The heating element is installed discreetly under the shingles.
  • The versatile heating element can be installed under metal roofs.
  • Warmzone includes professional system design and installation support services. To view a system installation overview, visit the Installing Heated Roofs general overview web page.

Contact a Warmzone representative at 888.488.9276 for more information on our industry leading roof deicing solutions. There are many options available, and Warmzone will design a roof heating system that is tailored to your specific roof heating needs. Call for more information or send us your project details for a free quote.

El Niño Expected to Affect Winter Weather in Northern America

According to climatologists, a colossal weather event is brewing in the Pacific. Every few years, the Earth’s winds shift and the water in the Pacific Ocean gets warmer than usual. This effect, called an El Niño, not only affects winter in the U.S., but can also impact weather on a global scale. According to climatologists, conditions in the central and east-central equatorial Pacific ocean are showing the potential for a record-breaking El Niño weather event. While predicting the weather is still somewhat of a guessing game, scientists are confident that this El Niño is going to impact winter weather in the U.S. – to what extent, we can’t say for certain. But given the current conditions in the Pacific, meteorologists are warning U.S. residents of a potential record-breaking El Niño.

Heated driveway with brick pavers

Fox News reports that the current El Niño, nicknamed Bruce Lee, is already the second strongest on record for this time of year and could be one of the most potent weather changers of the past 65 years. The NOAA’s Climate Prediction Center, stated in its latest forecast release that this year’s El Niño is “significant and strengthening.”

According to the Old Farmer’s Almanac this year’s El Niño will deliver a wetter than normal winter to much of Northern America, as well as impact weather conditions on a global scale. The weather reference book predicts “super cold temperatures with heavier than normal snowfall” for much of the country.

With recent and projected winters of increasingly colder temperatures and heavier precipitation, consumers are searching for reliable, round-the-clock snow removal solutions. Automated heated driveways and snow melting systems have proven to be the answer for many businesses and homeowners.

ClearZone snow melting systems have long served as the best, most trusted method for keeping driveways, sidewalks, ramps and steps free from snow and ice buildup. The snow melting systems feature industry leading heat cable and state-of-the-art snow sensors and controllers combined with professional system design and installation support services.

By teaming with Warmzone, customers have the peace of mind knowing that they are dealing with experienced professionals who go the extra mile in terms of customer service. By providing a detailed AutoCAD of the snow melting system, installers know all the technical information such as power requirements, breaker sizes, etc., prior to any installation taking place. And Warmzone’s dedicated installation support experts are on hand to assist you during the installation process if you need. At Warmzone, we do much more than sell radiant heat systems. We understand that a snow melting system is only as good as its installation. While industry leading heat cable and components are important, they are of little benefit if not installed correctly.

That’s why Warmzone insists on providing unparalleled customer support and installation services. And in addition to receiving your system design and installation support, Warmzone also offers free installation training courses. Installers may call Warmzone and receive personal training online or visit Warmzone headquarters in Salt Lake City to attend training courses in person.

After the training, installers receive a certificate of completion from Warmzone, and future projects can then be referred to those trained installers with experience. This not only helps installers gain more business, but helps homeowners by referring construction professionals who have been trained and are experienced when it comes to installing radiant heat systems.

Given Warmzone’s unmatched customer services and top tier products, it’s no surprise why Warmzone is a favorite among professional builders. So if you’re looking to install a heated driveway – or floors, or roof deicing system – go with the experienced pros who will stand beside you throughout the design and installation process. Installing a radiant heat system is a smart investment in your home, so do it right and go with the friendly professionals you can trust – Warmzone.

For more information about Warmzone products and services, call888.488.9276.

Radiant Heated Driveway Systems – a Safe, Energy-efficient Alternative to Manual Snow Removal

Summer and fall are the best times of the year to install a heated driveway. Many homeowners still recall the previous winter and want to be better prepared for the next cold season. With rising energy costs, Warmzone focuses on energy saving radiant heating options that are appealing to homeowners.

Installing a radiant heated driveway is one way to take away some of the dread of winter. Planning for the next winter before the bad weather hits makes perfect sense. In recent years, the country has endured particularly harsh winters; and ice and snow make getting out of the driveway dangerous, and sometimes, even impossible.

Electric snow melting systems designed for heating driveways, parking areas and walkways are in high demand. “Snow blowers, shoveling, and plowing are cumbersome ways to clear driveways,” says Brandon Weaver, executive vice president of Warmzone. “Homeowners are installing radiant heated driveway systems instead. It’s safer and often more energy efficient.”

Warmzone, a premiere radiant heat company with a large variety of radiant heat solutions, recommends ClearZone snow melting systems. The ClearZone cable is a durable heating cable built specifically for heating driveways, sidewalks and other areas that require snow removal. Installing under-pavement radiant heat systems are ideal because they eliminate a lot of safety risks of people falling or cars sliding.

ClearZone heating cable is designed to produce 30-50 watts per square foot and is programmable to automate the process of heating a driveway. This is an electric radiant heating system, similar to indoor floor heating systems. Electric systems use a line-voltage cable, while hydronic systems generate hot water then pump it through plastic PEX tubing. Electric heating elements are embedded in the surface and use resistant heating to heat the surrounding area. Most systems incorporate an automatic sensor that detects inclement weather to activate the system. The electric radiant heat systems tend to be more efficient, require less maintenance, and heat surfaces quicker. A heated driveway is a great investment and will enhance the value of a home.

The cost to maintain a heated driveway is less than hiring someone to shovel snow. Your concrete lasts longer because you’re not using salt or harsh chemicals (or a plow) to melt or remove ice and snow. Electric snow melting is simple yet durable, and requires no maintenance.

If your driveway needs to be replaced, pouring new concrete is ideal in warmer weather. Warm temperatures allow the concrete to cure properly, which increases the cement’s durability. So, if you are building a home, consider an automated snow melting system before you begin construction. A heated driveway is easier to install now, and it will add safety and value to your property.

Don’t Slip and Fall into a Lawsuit or Fine this Winter

Protect Yourself and Avoid Fines with an Automated Snow Melting System

Slip and fall injuries on icy driveways and sidewalks are serious business. A simple fall on a slick sidewalk can have far reaching effects, physically and financially. In an effort to protect citizens and minimize liability, state and local governments are passing snow removal laws “encouraging” homeowners to clear their walks. In most cases, if your sidewalks aren’t cleared within 24 hours after a snowstorm, you may be open to fines and vulnerable to lawsuits. Removing snow from driveways and walkways is not an option. In most states, it’s the law.

Heated paver sidewalk

If the coming winter is anything like the Polar Vortex of 2014, snow removal will be a challenge. During some of the heaviest snowstorms last year, homeowners shoveled as many as three times in one day. Snow removal services were inundated, and in some cases unable to reach their clients’ locations. Sidewalks that were cleared iced over, creating hazardous conditions for pedestrians. To solve this problem, many homeowners bought salt and other snow melting chemicals. While this shovel-and-salt method can be effective, it’s time consuming and expensive.

There is a better way to prepare for winter. Warmzone snow melting solutions are a clean, effective way to remove snow, with benefits such as:

  • Fully automated – Warmzone radiant snow melting systems are programmed to detect weather conditions, so they activate as the first snowflake hits the ground to keep your driveways and walkways safe and clear.
  • Maintenance free and easy to operate – Because electric heated driveways have no moving parts, they are maintenance free. In addition to being fully automated, the systems also feature a simple manual override capability to deal with snowdrifts or shaded areas that iced over.
  • Environmentally friendly – If you’re keen on all things green, radiant heat is definitely the way to go. Snow melting chemicals can damage surrounding landscapes, and the residue left behind often ends up in local water supplies.
  • Efficient and effective – At your shoveling best, you can’t outpace a Warmzone heated driveway. Before most of us can slide on a pair of boots, a radiant heat system is operating to keep the entire driveway snow and ice free.

How much will it cost you? Not much, especially when you consider eliminating the possibility of lawsuits and fines. Because Warmzone carries a large selection of snow melting systems and products, they can also put their expertise to work for you to come up with a custom solution that’s affordable and effective. The other good news is that Warmzone provides free installation support to help ensure that your system is installed correctly and performing as expected. You also have access to Warmzone’s extensive online library of radiant heat documentation.

Call Warmzone at 888.488.9276 to learn about the many snow melting options.

Self-Regulating Roof Deicing Cable

RoofHeat Snow Melting Cable: New Design for Greater Performance

Installing a radiant roof gutter trace system can save you in the long run. Because your radiant heat system is only as good as its components and installation, using the right roof deicing heat cable for your gutter trace system is crucial. Warmzone is dedicated to offering the most advanced snow melting technologies and components on the market, and the latest iteration of self-regulating heat cable is a great example. The fact is, Warmzone’s industry leading self-regulating heat cable for gutter melt and downspout heating just got even better.

The idea to take an already great radiant heat product and improve upon it for gutter and downspout installations came from installers in the field. Installing roof heating cable requires a heat cable that’s durable, lightweight and easy to work with. The footprint of every roof is different, often involving tight corners and hard to reach places that make laying cable tough. During an installation, cable durability, weight and flexibility all come into play to optimize performance at the roofline. The better the fit, the more secure the cable is for a confident performance. It bends nicely for times when you need to change directions, facilitating quick and proper installation.

The enhanced gutter melt cable is designed for long lasting durability and flexibility and is available in 3, 5, 8, and 10-watts per foot versions at 120 or 200-277 volts. The self-regulating cable is also rated for hazardous locations and features a 10-year manufacturer warranty. New activation devices such as the WZ-2C also enhance fully automated performance. So whether you’re new to home improvement or a diehard do-it-yourselfer, you can be sure you are installing a trusted, long lasting and proven roof deicing solution.

Steep roof with icicles in need of a roof deicing system

Warmzone’s enhanced self-regulating heat cable construction raises the bar for roof gutter and downspout heating. RoofHeat cable features an irradiated, conductive core that increases the heat output as outside temperatures fall, and decreases output as temperatures rise to efficiently, effectively melt snow and ice. This core is protected by a rugged outer construction designed to ensure the cable is functioning safely apart from the sting of a cold winter’s day. This unique construction also makes it durable, safe and extremely energy efficient.

The design changes have taken the top performing heat cable and given it even greater effectiveness and efficiency. When paired up with a Warmzone automation device, the new RoofHeat cable comes through with even faster automated response times to stop precipitation events that lead to unwanted ice damming and roof damage.

In cold weather climates, RoofHeat heat cable is a must for your radiant gutter melt system. It can stand up to extreme weather conditions to protect your home by keeping your gutters and downspouts free of snow and ice. The cable can also be used to heat other trouble spots on your roof. To find how you can take advantage of RoofHeat’s extreme snow melting abilities, contact Warmzone at 888.488.9276.

The WS-2C – A New Standard for Aerial-Mount Snow Sensors

New Features Added to the Industry Leading Aerial-Mount Snow Sensor

Warmzone snow melting systems continue to set the gold standard for the radiant heat industry. In addition to the recent enhancements to its industry leading heat cable, Warmzone has also added some performance enhancing features to its state-of-the-art WS-2 snow sensor, resulting in the WS-2C aerial mount snow switch.

Aerial mount snow sensor

The WS-2C snow switch is a culmination of Warmzone research and feedback from experienced installation professionals. Some of the features of the improved snow sensor include:

Universal Input Power Supply (Auto Select Input Voltage)—The universal power supply auto selects the input voltage (100v to 277v AC). This simplifies the installation process and eliminates the need to install voltage jumpers (to select the operating voltage).

Sensitivity Control—Climates vary geographically, so it stands to reason that the conditions leading up to a precipitation event (like a snow storm) will vary too. Warmzone units allow for greater calibration of your snow melting system. The WS-2C aerial-mount snow sensor features unmatched sensitivity control, giving you the optimal customized snow removal solution. The advanced sensor can be programmed for specific conditions to help eliminate false trips, ultimately saving on energy costs.

Increased After-run Delay— Warmzone snow melting systems are designed to remain on for a short period after the storm to prevent the melted snow from turning into ice. The WS-2C offers run delay times of 30-90 minutes, and 2-6 hours. The “delay off” time can be adjusted by using the DELAY ADJUST control.

Power Indicator Light – Indicates when the sensor is powered AND when it is activated.

Redesigned Case – Greatly reduces the chances of warping the cover due to over tightening of the screws.

One of the main reasons Warmzone attracts and retains so many repeat customers is a refusal to stop at “good enough” when it comes to radiant heat solutions. Warmzone professionals make it a point to immerse themselves in all things radiant heat related, keeping an ear to the ground when it comes to the latest and greatest in snow melting technology. They take time to speak with installers on the front lines to find out what’s working and what isn’t, so you receive the most advanced snow melting technologies available.

It’s this passion to be the best of the best, to provide customers with the most advanced, efficient snow melting solutions, that has made Warmzone an industry leader for more than a decade. Learn more about the latest snow melting system technology by perusing the Warmzone website, or call today to discuss your custom radiant heat options at 888.488.9276.

Efficient Heat for Your Tile Floor

The Best Solution for Heating Tile Floors

The ComfortTile floor heating system is one of the most popular radiant floor heating options on the market. Compatible with all standard sub-flooring materials, ComfortTile floor heating systems offer the premium performance expected from the industry leader.

Floor heating cable in mats under tile
ComfortTile floor heating cable (in mat) show underneath tile. Thinset can be applied directly over the heating cable, resulting in easy installation and efficient heated tile floors.

The systems are easily installed under all types of floor surfaces to provide comfortable, even floor heat. CT radiant floor heating systems provide efficient room heating and reduce the transmission of dust, allergens and other airborne particulate matter associated with forced air systems.

Heating Element

The heating element consists of heat cable on the spool or pre-spaced and woven into an adhesive-backed fiberglass mesh, depending on your preference. The floor warming mats are pre-terminated for use with 120 and 240V, and are available in various lengths (24-inch width). While both cable systems are easy to install, the cable off the spool is particularly convenient for custom shaped floor heating projects.


The Warmzone ComfortTile electronic thermostats are specifically designed to control electric radiant floor heating systems for maximum comfort while minimizing power consumption. Each thermostat also includes an integrated Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI, Class A).

What are ASHRAE Standards?

The Importance of Designing Systems to ASHRAE Standards

Shopping snow melting systems during the spring months is smart. Even smarter, shopping a radiant heat solutions provider that meets ASHRAE standards. It’s your ticket to finding the very best electric snow melting system for your home.

What is ASHRAE? The American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) is an organization committed to advancing the arts and sciences of heating, ventilating, air conditioning and refrigerating to serve humanity and promote a sustainable world. Sounds a bit lofty, huh? Basically, through research and writing, ASHRAE is striving to become the source for technical and educational information, and the primary provider of opportunity for professional growth in the arts and sciences of heating, ventilating, air conditioning and refrigerating.

What does this mean to you as a consumer? Snow melting system requirements vary, depending on the location and specifics of the project, such as altitude, average snowfall and temperature, etc.). ASHRAE standards were established to address these variances to optimize system performance for radiant heat. Basically, if you want the best snow melting system, it’s a good idea to choose a radiant heat solutions provider that adheres to ASHRAE Standards.

Heated driveway and parking entrance

This is where Warmzone comes in. Warmzone designs custom systems in accordance with ASHRAE Standards to ensure they meet the specific needs of each customer. Adhering to these standards means breaking it down regionally―looking at the weather for the region, climate, average snow storm, temperatures, and other important factors to make sure a system is going to work well for a particular location. Choosing Warmzone, then, is a great way to get the best possible radiant heated snow melting solution for your home.

Maybe an optimized radiant heated driveway is nice, but who’s to say a “one-size-fits-all” approach won’t do the trick? Warmzone is prepared to help you find that “sweet spot”, the system you want, at a price you can afford that exceeds your expectations. Warmzone is one of the largest radiant heat solutions providers in the country and has a huge inventory of snow melting products available to choose from. You get an top performing system that can handle whatever adverse conditions come your way.

With every Warmzone purchase, you also get free consultation, complete design services and installation support. Warmzone experts will take a look at your requirements and assess your situation to come up with the best snow melting solution for your driveway, walkways, gutters or roof. They’ll deliver a system with the best performance for your home and budget. And Warmzone will be available during the installation if you need any assistance during the installation process. You’ll also be able to freely access a full online library of installation manuals, articles and other helpful information.

When it comes to a snow melting solution for your home, don’t lower your standards. Contact Warmzone at 888.488.9276 for the best possible radiant heat solution.

Radiant Snowmelt Systems – Versatile and Easy to Customize

Install a Custom Designed Snow Melting System in Any Type of Driveway

Have you surveyed your existing driveway with the fear that radiant heat is simply not an option? No matter what your circumstances, whether it be your driveway type, budgetary restraints or your project goals, don’t pull the plug on your dream driveway until you speak with the folks at Warmzone. You’ll discover the versatility of radiant heat makes it possible to have the driveway of your dreams.

Heated driveway in Denver

If you’re building your own home, you’ll definitely want to consider a snow melting solution before you pour your driveway. Both electric or hydronic radiant heat systems can be custom designed to meet your specific snow melting needs. The difference between electric and hydronic systems is fairly simple. For electric heat, as you might already suspect, specially designed electric heat cable is installed in the driveway, evenly radiating warmth up to the surface of your driveway to quickly melt ice and snow. Hydronic heat, however, utilizes a boiler and pumps, heating the water and then pumping it through a network of Pex tubing with similar results.

A great benefit of radiant heated driveways is that they are fully automated and maintenance free. The systems are regulated by either an aerial or ground-mount snow sensor that detects optimal conditions for snow, including changes in air pressure, moisture and temperature. When conditions warrant, the sensor signals the master control unit that sends power to the heating element to warm the driveway. After the storm, the system shuts off automatically.

With both systems, most often the heating element (whether heat cable or Pex tubing) is laid out in a serpentine pattern to cover the area of your driveway, followed by pavers or an asphalt / concrete pour to seal the deal. But if you’re not in the market for a new driveway, and crave the convenience of a radiant heated snow melting system, you’re anything but out of luck.

No matter what your situation, Warmzone has a work around for you. Electric radiant heat systems are versatile and durable enough to be installed in virtually any type of driveway you choose. ClearZone heating cable is available off the spool or pre-spaced in mats that can be rolled out to heat a single strip, tire tracks or the entire driveway. Whatever you decide on, both the cable and the mats are durable and able to withstand years of punishment from the weather, as well as vehicle traffic. ClearZone heat cable can even be installed in hot asphalt installations.

Driveways can also be retrofitted with radiant heat. Featuring saw-cut technology, grooves in the concrete or asphalt driveway are cut and then cable is placed in the grooves and then a special sealant is placed over the cable. A more common application for heating existing asphalt driveways is to place the heat cable on the old asphalt and then apply a new layer of asphalt over the existing surface.

With electric radiant heat systems, there are very few limits to the type of surface and area you heat. They perform well and can be installed on or under a variety of materials, including concrete, asphalt, and stone, brick or tile pavers to deliver consistent performance every time. You’ll also find solutions to fit your budget as well. When it comes to the heated driveway system of your dreams, you may have more options than you think.

To learn more about the many options available, or to receive a free quote, call Warmzone today, at 888.488.9276.

Clear Driveways All Winter Long with Heated Driveways

Snow Melting Systems go to Work so you Don’t Have to

What if every time you looked out your front frosted window panes from January through April you saw pristine, sparkling pavement glistening in the sun where once only snow and ice piled up in perplexing amounts? That is the blissful reality for those who have a heated driveway. Putting a heated driveway to work for you, pulls the work load off your weary shoulders and places it squarely on the radiant snow melting system. Snow can be cleared as it falls instead of accumulating in frustrating amounts while you visit grandma over Christmas or take a tropical vacation mid-February to escape the doldrums of winter.

Heated concrete driveway for mountain lodge

The best news is that installing driveway heating requires minimal effort or upfront cost to make having a heated driveway a reality. In order to ensure a clear driveway all winter long you can add a fully automated snow melting system before your driveway is poured or laid. If you have an existing driveway, don’t feel left out in the cold, you too can enjoy a heated driveway. Driveway heating can be placed in your current asphalt or concrete driveway, making a retrofit a great home improvement project.

Snow shoveling can become a distant memory and you can enjoy clear driveways all winter long with the addition of a heated driveway to your home plans. The snow melting systems are automated so the system works around the clock whether you at work, in bed, or on vacation.

A Tale of Two Driveways

The story of two men who decided to install a radiant heated driveway.  (Based on true events.)

Digging out from the heavy snow in Aurora, Colorado each winter was a labor-intensive task that had worn Bob down over the years. Despite the rigors of this annual chore, Bob shoveled and salted his walks and driveway faithfully to keep them clear of snow throughout the cold season. But the repeated shoveling had left its mark on his aching back, and the salt had left its mark on the grass that bordered his driveway and sidewalks.

Manually shoveling snow

After Bob broke his shovel during a late season storm last year, he started to rethink his winter ritual. He finished clearing the walks as best he could with the hapless shovel and headed to the warmth of his home. He kicked the snow off his boots, stepped into the entryway and hung his coat on a hook.

“I’m so tired of shoveling snow,” he muttered to himself. “I gotta see about installing a heated driveway.” Bob and his wife were in the process of building a home in Golden, just west of Denver, and planned on moving within a year. Now was an ideal time to learn more about radiant heated snow melting systems.

He pulled the cap off his head and expelled a heavy breath from his exhausted body and collapsed into the chair by his computer. “It doesn’t make sense to build a dream home without a dream driveway,” he thought, “one with a snow melting system installed.” He leaned forward and grabbed the mouse to begin his search for a radiant heat provider.

Meanwhile, over 800 miles away in Cottage Grove, Minnesota, Fred was experiencing the same frustrations, and drawing the same conclusion. As a homeowner he was tired of spending time and money shoveling snow and buying salt every year. Something needed to change.

Tossing the final scoop of snow aside, Fred rested the shovel on his shoulder and conceded, “I’m getting too old for this . . . snow.” He’d already cleared the driveway once earlier in the day and was feeling the effects of the workout. He flung the shovel into a corner of the garage and burst into the house with a frustrated groan.

“What’s wrong?” his startled wife asked as he threw the door behind him.

“I’m so sick of shoveling snow,” he declared. “I’m checkin’ out what one of those fancy radiant heated driveways would cost us.”

He removed his coat as he stormed into his study where the computer was. “Alright,” he grumbled, as if to challenge the computer, “let’s see what you’ve got.”

Fred typed “driveway heating” into the search box and clicked on one of the results. The website promised top-of-the-line snow melting systems, so Fred immediately began punching the numbers on his cell phone. The salesperson promised Fred the best system his money could buy, and that installing it in his asphalt driveway wouldn’t be a problem. This was music to Fred’s ears.

After sending the company the dimensions of his driveway, Fred received an estimate and agreed to move forward. He was assured by the salesman that the heat cable was “top-notch” and the system would be easy to install.

“Next winter,” the salesman assured, “you’ll be looking out over your clear, snow-free driveway as you’re sippin’ hot coffee in the morning.” And with that being said, Fred made the purchase.

Back in Colorado, Bob had called several radiant heat providers before narrowing his choice down to two companies. After speaking to representatives at each business, it was clear to Bob that Warmzone would be the best choice.

Warmzone carefully considered all the aspects of Bob’s snow melting needs (including his location, medium, altitude, available power, etc.) to ensure that his heated driveway would perform as expected. Having learned that a heated driveway is only as good as its installation, Bob was focused on working with experienced professionals who would stay with him throughout the entire installation process. Warmzone listened to Bob and then evaluated all his snowmelt needs to ensure that the right components and system design were determined. Bob also learned that Warmzone offered free online installation training for installers and personal installation support. Knowing that Warmzone was truly committed to providing unmatched customer service helped to put Bob’s mind at ease. It was apparent that Warmzone had the expertise, resources and commitment to do the job right.

With Warmzone, Bob received a free quote, and upon his request, a detailed design / layout of his custom system. The layout contained all the power requirements, proper load calculations, breaker sizes, number of breakers, and technical specs up front, making the job for the installer much easier. All of Bob’s concerns were resolved prior to any installation taking place. The system was delivered on time and Warmzone’s installation support team provided training for Bob’s installer. And when the electrician called Warmzone with a question, just to be certain during the install, an expert was immediately available and stayed on the line for as long as needed.

Installing heating cable in mats for heated driveway and sidewalk

Because snow melting systems are relatively easy to install, most providers don’t offer installation training or house a dedicated support staff for installers. But Warmzone’s professional training services and installation support staff – in addition to its vast selection of proven products – differentiate Warmzone from other radiant heat providers. Understanding that a snowmelt system is only as good as its installation is why Warmzone is committed to providing the best installation support in the business.

Bob and Fred share tales of two drastically different experiences with radiant heat. With a heated driveway, Bob could enjoy the best of times during the worst of times. Now he’s even working with Warmzone to install heated floors in his new home. But poor Fred; his original investment has almost doubled, and his system is still not working the way it should. “Oh, if I could do things over,” he grumbled.

A Tale of Two Driveways: Comparing the Experiences of Two Homeowners 

♦  Bob consulted freely with Warmzone and learned a great deal by talking with the experienced rep and reading the wealth of information on Warmzone’s website – prior to receiving a free quote. Fred only learned the basics of the system he purchased, but learned nothing about the specifics of radiant heating systems.
♦  Bob had a wide selection of custom options (including electric and hydronic) to choose from. Fred was “sold” a “one-size-fits-all” snowmelt system.
♦  Bob requested and received a professional AutoCAD design of his heated driveway at no extra charge. Installation manuals and product documentation were also provided. Fred received general instructions on how to install his system.
♦  Bob’s installer received professional installation training from Warmzone. Fred was told that most contractors could install the system.
♦  Bob’s electrician received personal installation support from a radiant heat expert at Warmzone. Fred’s installer was left on his own to figure out the layout and installation. He discovered that Fred didn’t have enough power and that the heat cable was not ideally rated for the weather in his region.


Call Warmzone at 888.488.9276 for more information and project consulting, all free of charge, of course!

Complete Installation Support Services

Warmzone Installer Network and Installation Services: Dedicated Installation Support Staff

If you’re going to do your radiant heat installation, do it right and go with the best in the business. Make it easy on yourself by going with Warmzone. They have an impressive selection of proven radiant heat solutions for residential and commercial projects. In addition this vast selection of top-rated products, they have forged relationships with radiant heat installation professionals across the country, and can bring you the service and support you need to get your project completed on time and within your budget.

Heated driveway

Thumbing through the phonebook can be hit or miss when it comes to the quality of radiant heat installation services you may find. Without a recommendation, it’s difficult to recognize the level of competence you are dealing with, or if you do, whether or not you can count on a professional to get the job done on time and within budget. Warmzone recognizes that a radiant heat system is only as good as its installation. To help connect you with the right professional for the job, they have created a large network of experienced Preferred Installation Providers (PIP). To ensure their success on the job, Warmzone provides ongoing training for construction professionals, and installation support for all of its customers. So you benefit from the peace of mind that comes with getting your radiant heat installation done correctly the first time.

Another boon for customers is Warmzone’s complete design and engineering services. They’re provided with every Warmzone radiant heat system. Once you give them your project specifications, Warmzone can render a computer generated drawing for you. You’ll know the exact power needs and performance expectations going into your radiant heat installation, without the added hassle or expense of finding and hiring a contractor on your own. To further support you, Warmzone.com has created a complete library of online installation support information including manuals, guides, illustrations, videos and more for your projects, all available for immediate download free of charge, 24/7.

At Warmzone, the goal is to conveniently provide clear information through their website. Partnering with Warmzone on a project gives you access to deep radiant heat specialists who are happy to address any concerns you may have about your radiant heat installation as they arise. Their consultants will work with you and guide you to the ideal system for your needs. They’ll give you sincere, non-biased recommendations based on your requirements and what makes the most sense, from a small remodeling project to a large commercial construction project.

Above all else, Warmzone stays with you throughout the purchase and installation process to make sure that your system is performing up to expectations and that you are happy. Warmzone takes great pride in their commitment to delivering top-notch customer service. But the real proof lies in the great reviews Warmzone receives from its devoted customers.

When you work with Warmzone, you are never alone. With a wide product selection, efficient system design, a large network of experienced installers, and expert installation support, Warmzone makes it easy! Call 888.488.9276 to find out more.

Dedicated Installation Support Staff and Network of Experienced Installers

Unlike most other providers, Warmzone has a dedicated staff of expert electricians, designers, and engineers on hand to assist you throughout the installation process. Furthermore, Warmzone maintains relationships with a large network of experienced installers to further ensure proper, hassle-free installation. In other words, Warmzone is committed to its customers and installers throughout the entire purchase, design, and installation process. You simply won’t find a more dedicated, accommodating and professional staff to work with.

Dad and baby on heated floor

If you are looking to install heated floors, a heated driveway or a roof deicing system, Warmzone offers one of the largest selections of top industry products to best meet your specific heating (and budget) needs. To further bolster peace of mind, Warmzone can refer to its network of experienced radiant heat installation professionals and recommend an installer you can trust. But Warmzone doesn’t leave at this point. Their seasoned electricians and designers will continue to be available to your installer to assist whenever needed. Warmzone stays with you to ensure that the installation process goes smoothly and that your system is performing as advertised.

While the correct installation of your radiant heat system is first and foremost, the other key factor lies in the quality of the products and design of the system. Warmzone constantly researches and tests the latest products to ensure that their vast selection includes only the industry’s most proven, reliable products. Heating elements include low and line-voltage heat cable, flexible polymer elements, durable self-regulating heat cable, thin FilmHeat, and even hydronic radiant heating products.

Besides high quality products at competitive prices, Warmzone provides unmatched customer service and complete design and engineering services along with expert installation support. Upon request, your radiant heat solution will come with a detailed, professional system design. Basically, you’ll know all the specs and power needs as well as performance expectations prior to any installation. Warmzone offers one of the most informative radiant heat websites around, and you can access a complete online library of installation support information including manuals, product guides, illustrations, installation videos, and more for your projects. It’s free and available whenever you need it.

Your Network of Experienced Radiant Heat Installers

Finding the right contractor to install your radiant heat system can be a risky proposition. Many contractors are just getting up to speed on radiant heat. Take heart—if you’re looking for help with your radiant heat installation, you don’t have to go it alone. Warmzone has a robust network of experienced installers who have established a reputation of trust. Warmzone maintains relationship with these installers and have worked with them in the past, so the trepidation of finding a qualified installer you can trust is virtually eliminated. Warmzone can find the ideal installer for you, whether you’re installing heated floors, roof deicing or a heated driveway system. Installers in Warmzone’s network are familiar with installing Warmzone products and have proven themselves with prior installation projects.

Like any home improvement project, radiant heat installation has its challenges. But with a wide product selection, professional system design services, a network of experienced installers and a dedicated installation support staff, Warmzone makes it easy for homeowners and contractors alike! Call 888.488.9276, and install your radiant heat system with confidence.