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Radiant Snow Melting Systems (Part II)

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Heated Driveway, Calgary, Alberta Canada

When I’m outside, a lot of folks in my neighborhood stop and have conversations or ask questions about the heated driveway. I know that some think this would be extremely expensive to operate, but last month, even with all my Christmas lights on every night, I saw only a $150 increase in my electrical bill.

Dennis, a homeowner in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, appreciates the convenience and relatively low cost to install and maintain his heated driveway. “We only have two or three months of significant snow in Calgary,” says Dennis, “so it won’t break the bank – or my back (shoveling) – and delivery people don’t have to crawl up the slope in fear of slipping anymore!”

Snow melting system installed to heat outdoor area

When you consider the benefits of electric radiant heat under driveways, walkways and other common areas, whether you’re a business owner or a homeowner, it simply makes good “dollars and cents” to install a radiant heat snow melting solution. For just pennies on the dollar, you can anticipate and expect your driveways and sidewalks to be clear as the snow falls. How many of your neighbors can say that? And a clear driveway or walkway not only clears the path for foot traffic, it also minimizes possible consequences of improper or inadequate snow removal. One slip and fall not only compromises the safety and security of loved ones, employees and even customers. A heated driveway and/or sidewalk dramatically increases your liability as a home or business owner.

As they say, time is money, whether you’re on your way to work or waiting for your customers to arrive, so why wait for your snow removal service? You don’t have to play the same old game of beat the clock any longer–Warmzone electric radiant snow melting systems are designed to sense changes in moisture and temperature, changes that indicate impending snow. The system is alerted and the heating cable is activated before snow hits pavement, so your walkways, steps, sidewalks and driveways are safely cleared before your boots ever see the pavement. Considering the initial installation cost and overall operational costs (literally pennies on the dollar) of your electric radiant heated snow melting system over time, you’ll benefit far more in the long run from snow melting system that is faster, more dependable and even less damaging than the local crew you’ve been hiring and waiting on to clear your driveway or parking lot.

Heated ramp

What makes Warmzone radiant snow melting solutions so popular? Flexibility, for one. Warmzone’s ClearZone radiant heating cable is the strongest, most durable, effective heat cable on the market and can be purchased in pre-configured mats, or on the spool for more customized applications. It’s also safe and effective to use under just about any type of surface, including asphalt, concrete, tile, brick and more. Which is why you’ll find Warmzone snow melting solutions under a variety of surfaces including: city sidewalks, walkways and parking areas; outdoor steps and stairways; loading docks and platforms; even ramps and bridges.

Typically our competitors are a lot less flexible, offering “one-size-fits-all” snow melting systems, from products, to pricing to installation. Choosing Warmzone means you benefit from the largest selection of radiant heating systems. Warmzone is not limited by one manufacturer, system or solution. With a huge selection of products to choose from, plus the experts and the expertise to complete a project, we can design and execute the installation of the optimal radiant snow melting system for your situation. Warmzone’s professional designers will thoroughly evaluate your radiant heating system before you install it to create the optimal solution for you. You’ll know the electrical requirements, technical specifications and system performance expectations before one foot of heat cable is installed.

Our valuable service minimizes any “installation surprises” that you may otherwise encounter, which ultimately saves you time and money in the long run. So if you’re shopping around and evaluating your radiant heat options, make sure you compare product price, quality, experience and customer services. You’ll discover why Warmzone is the trusted radiant heat leader.

While it’s true that Warmzone radiant heated snow melting systems stand to save you a few bucks over traditional snow removal services, the real value comes with the benefits of having a fully-automated heated driveway that is dry and clear before you ever leave the house.

If you can conceive it, Warmzone can achieve it. Warmzone has the experts, and the expertise, to guide you through or execute almost any installation—regardless of the scope—while satisfying your requirements as well as your budget. We offer a comprehensive menu of residential and commercial radiant snow melting solutions, along with the engineering and design services to do the job, and do it well, from large commercial projects to small, custom jobs. Why not call us at 888-488-9276 for your next radiant heated snow melting project for a free consultation and the best solution to your snow removal needs.

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Radiant Heated Floors: A Solid Home Improvement Investment

If you’re looking to increase the overall appeal as well as the resale value of your home, retrofitting a bathroom or recreational room with radiant floor heat can help. Add to that the benefit of reducing your dependency on fossil fuels associated with forced air systems, and you’ve hit one out of the park in terms of savings.

Radiant heat is a very efficient way to heat your home. Why? Warmth generated by electric radiant heat radiates up through the floor and transfers heat through objects for more consistent, even heat distribution. With traditional forced air systems that kick on and off in an effort to maintain the desired temperature, the heat quickly rises, and you’re subject to the unpleasant effects of drafts throughout your home.

How much can you save in heating costs, just by keeping it warm and cozy right down to the floor boards? Radiant heated floors can save you up to 50 percent in costs compared to a traditional forced air system, and can outlast a forced air system by as much as 15 years. Unlike forced air systems, the standard thermostat controls can be programmed to control different zones of your home, so you can time heating, room by room, to respond to the way you live your life.

With no moving parts, electric heated floors are virtually maintenance free. There are no vents to clean or filters to replace. Unlike forced air systems, there’s no noise, dust, or allergens blowing through your home – just quiet, comfortable warmth.

If you are ambitious, you can install much of the radiant heated floor system yourself. (But it is important that a qualified electrician perform all the wiring.) Depending on the pre-existing construction and the system you choose, installation can be relatively easy. Warmzone offers a variety of safe, proven radiant heat flooring solutions for your home, along with the service and support you’ll need to complete the installation yourself, including personal, expert installation support and resources such as system diagrams, installation manuals and more.

You may or may not be surprised to know that radiant heat is affordable. Radiant heat is a relative newcomer to the home heating arena. And that makes it more of an “exotic” home improvement project that will attract a lot of interest from neighbors and perspective home buyers alike. But by no means is it costly. For a few hundred bucks, you can upgrade a bathroom or foyer, and significantly downgrade your heat bill.

If going green is your goal, you also score major points with radiant heat. Not only can you improve the air quality of your home while reducing your dependence on fossil fuels, you can also sync a radiant floor heating system with solar or wind power to help you make your move off the grid.

If you’re contemplating an equity building home improvement project, you may want to consider adding radiant heat to your list of options. To learn more about a viable radiant heat system for your home, call Warmzone at 888.488.9276 or visit www.warmzone.com.

Beat Next Year’s Snowfall Now with a Radiant Heat Snow Melting Solution

Spring has sprung, and you’re undoubtedly ready to leave the ice and snow behind. You can leave it behind permanently by installing an electric snow melting solution for your driveway and walkways. And right now couldn’t be a better time. The spring and summer months are a great time to take advantage of better prices and install a radiant heated driveway before the winter rush.

What’s really great about radiant heat systems is their cost relative to other home improvement projects. Heating your walkways and driveways doesn’t have to involve a completely new pour or tear up of these areas. Retrofits are particularly adaptable to asphalt driveway heating. Choose Warmzone and you’ll also have a seasoned team of radiant heat professionals in your corner that can take your requirements and budget, and turn both into a system that exceeds your expectations.

When all is said and done, the initial cost of installing radiant heat in your walkway or driveway could more than pay for itself in the money you’ll stand to save. Taking on the added expense of a typical snow removal service can cost you. In most cases, you’re paying for a specific period of time, or package. Depending on the amount of snowfall, there’s a good chance you’ll never even benefit from the services you’ve paid for. Add to that the hassle of waiting for your service to show up. In a particularly heavy snow storm, the wait could be quite long.

Whether this is your first time or you’re an experienced do-it-yourselfer, if you’re willing to take on the project, you’ll find Warmzone has many tested and true options for snow removal that won’t have you scratching your head at installation time. From ClearZone radiant snow melting mats to heating cable off the spool, Warmzone can match your skill level and ambition. In addition to a wide variety of products, Warmzone also offers personal installation support as well as installation manuals. Detailed system design layouts are also provided to ensure that all the power and installation issues are addressed prior to any installation taking place.

What’s really cool—you’ll have a snow removal system that does the work for you. All Warmzone snow melting systems are fully automated. They feature a high-tech snow sensor that can detect the slightest changes in temperature and precipitation in anticipation of a snow event, so the system is working just as the first snowflake hits the ground. The best part—you can sit inside enjoying that morning cup of joe to the sound of your neighbor’s snow blowers and shovels because your radiant heated driveway is already clear and dry.

Of course the other benefit of installing radiant heat now is the mild conditions spring and summer provide. And the timing is perfect if your plans include a concrete or asphalt pour. So why not beat the inclement weather with a radiant heated snow melting solution? Call Warmzone at 888.488.9276 or visit them at www.warmzone.com for more in-depth information and professional consulting, all free of charge, of course!

Will Radiant Heat Protect My Driveway from the Elements?

Driveway Heating Can Preserve the Life of Your Driveway

Snow and ice are hard on almost everything they come into contact with. Snow on roads means more plows on the roads, less visibility, and more accidents. Ice means broken bones, slippery roads and pointy icicles. They are hard on personal property as well. Snow gets heavy and has been known to cave in buildings, create ice damns on roofs, and generally create mayhem on driveways. Driveway heating can protect your driveway from some of these icy pitfalls and even extend the life of your driveway.

Heated driveways are fully automated, energy efficient, and easily customizable. But the benefits don’t stop there. Having a heated driveway means you don’t have to personally attend to any snow levels on your own driving and walking surfaces. The snow sensors that are included with each radiant snowmelt systems are sophisticated enough to detect the temperature and precipitation levels making them sure fire when it comes to snow removal. Without snow on your driveways you cut down on the use of shovels, snow blowers, and other manual methods of snow removal cutting down on the potential for road damage and sidewalk dings. You will increase the life of your driveway by decreasing salt corrosion and frost heaves. Overall having a heated driveway is an affordable method of snow removal, plus you have the added benefit of getting more years of use from your driveway without the harsh side effects of snow and ice build-up.

These Sidewalks Will Never Look the Same

Radiant Heating Cables Offer Simple Sidewalk Snow Removal

Municipal and county buildings are leading out in a fast growing trend. Schools and public buildings everywhere are enjoying the added benefits during the winter of radiant snow melting systems. Paying staff specifically to get up early and clear the snow for public consumption is getting harder to do with tighter budgets and worry about public safety. Having a snow melting system in place does the job perfectly and ensures the snow will be melted for even the earliest bird trudging to work or walking their dog.

Heated sidewalks

Radiant snow melting systems can be controlled and powered from a central location and cover blocks of property. They are ideal for schools, libraries, loading docks, city buildings, and office buildings as they keep everyone safe and sidewalks are always clear of snow. Sidewalks with snow melting systems will never look the same because they will always be clean and safe thanks to the consistent warming the heat cables lying just under the surface. The snow can fall in droves but it will never accumulate on a warmed surface and the public never has to worry about slipping, sloshing, or sliding around on unsafe, un-shoveled sidewalks. Radiant heating cables are a simple solution but nonetheless a solution more and more people are finding handy in a winter riddled climate.

Protect Yourself and Your Assets with Radiant Heat

Most municipalities in cold weather climates across the U.S. have snow removal ordinances. If homeowners fail to remove snow and ice from their sidewalks in a timely manner, citations / fines are often the result, adding insult to injury. Here are some examples of just a few snow removal ordinances from cities across the U.S.

According to Philadelphia Code 10-720, “The owner, agent and tenants of any building or premises shall clear a path of not less than 30 inches in width on all sidewalks abutting the building or premises within 6 hours after the snow has ceased to fall.” Failure to comply in Philadelphia sidewalk snow removal could result in penalties ranging from $100 to $300, and residents can also be penalized for dumping the snow from their sidewalks into the street.
The New Jersey “Snow Removal Bill” penalizes the owner or controller of a parking area for failing to remove snow, ice or other obstacles from accessible parking spaces, curb cuts and other improvements designed to provide accessibility. Ice or snow must be removed from the parking space, curb cut or other improvement within 48 hours after snow has stopped falling. A violator of this provision would be subject to a penalty of not less than $200 or more than $500.
According to the Municipal Code of Chicago (4-4-310 & 10-8-180), property owners and occupants are responsible for keeping sidewalks clear of snow and ice.

Following the severe winter storms of 2009-10 (a.k.a. Snowmageddon), many business owners, property managers and homeowners started exploring the options of radiant heat. Radiant snow melting systems are fully automated and can dramatically enhance safety as well as increase property values. Radiant heated driveways and sidewalks not only eliminate the time consuming task of physical snow removal, but also eliminate the need for harsh snow melting chemicals that can damage surrounding grass and vegetation.

Heated cement steps

Electric snow melting systems are maintenance free. The automated system is activated by a high-tech snow sensor that detects temperatures and precipitation. When the sensor detects moisture and temperatures are below a set point (usually 39° Fahrenheit), it signals the snow melting system’s master control unit. The controller then sends power to the embedded heat cable to warm the driveway as the first snowflake hits.

Installing a radiant snow melting system is one sure way to protect yourself from personal injury liabilities and fines from failing to comply with local snow removal ordinances. For more information about automated snow melting systems, contact Warmzone at 888.488.9276.

Got Questions About Radiant Heat?

Q. What are the operational costs of snow melting systems?
The average operational cost for a snow melting system is approximately $0.28 per 100 square feet per hour. This figure is based on a system producing 35 watts/sq. ft. with a kwh rate of $0.08 per hour (the national average kwh is $.08/hour). If you know the square feet of the area you want to heat and your kwh rate, you can calculate the operational costs with this formula: heatable sq. ft. times watts/sq. ft., divided by 1000, times your kwh rate.

Q. What are the power requirements for your snow melting systems?
The power requirements vary from system to system. Generally, cable heating systems require a 240 V. 30 amp breaker for every 300 square feet you are heating. (On average, a 240 V. 30 amp breaker is required for every 175 square feet you are snow melting.)
Click here for more driveway heating information.

Q. Are your snow melting systems manually or automatically activated?
Warmzone systems come standard with an aerial-mounted, automatic snow switch and a 4-hour manual timer. The system automatically turns on when the temperature is below a set point (usually set at 38° or 39°F) and there is moisture on the sensor. Pavement-mounted snow sensors are also available.

Installation Questions

Q. In what types of surfaces can your systems be installed?
Warmzone snowmelt systems can be installed in almost any surface, including concrete, stamped concrete, asphalt, and under pavers. View our snow melting project gallery.

Q. Can the cables be cut or spliced together?
Warmzone systems come with the cold leads pre-spliced and should never be cut or spliced together. If you have questions during installation please consult the installation manual or contact us for assistance.

Q. Can the cold leads be cut or spliced together?
Cold leads can be trimmed if there is excess cable, but they should never be spliced to other cold leads or cable.

Q. Does Warmzone provide detailed layouts for purchased systems?
Yes. Warmzone provides detailed layouts for most systems at the price of $0.35 per square foot. (This price is subject to change. Please call 888.488.9276 for more information.)

Snow Removal Responsibilities

The Changing Legal Climate Surrounding Snow Removal.

While we can hope that this year’s snowfall won’t top last year’s record levels, snow removal will take on an increased sense of urgency this year in Massachusetts. In addition to the grueling physical demands, a recent shift in the laws regarding snow removal will have homeowners much more attentive to the condition of their sidewalks following each storm.

Manually shoveling snow
Keeping your driveway and sidewalks clear of snow and ice during the winter months can be a daunting task.

For business owners, the laws mandating snow removal are clear and unforgiving. Neglecting snow removal can result in fines levied by local government as well as leave businesses vulnerable to costly personal injury lawsuits. The consequences can be devastating, but for the most part, these are avoidable expenses, and as such, businesses in cold climates take their snow removal duties seriously. But the legal responsibilities of snow removal are not confined to businesses. Homeowners in the north east are also feeling the chill of a legal climate change.

A Massachusetts court recently overturned a 125-year-old “slip and fall” accident law. Prior to this latest decision, the state’s courts made a distinction between snow and ice conditions caused by nature and those caused artificially. Not anymore.

In the past, Massachusetts law had stated that property owners did nothing wrong when they didn’t remove ice or snow that accumulated naturally. But now, whether the snow on your sidewalk is a natural accumulation from Mother Nature or the result of a passing snow plow, the responsibility rests squarely on the shoulders of the homeowner to clear that snow from the sidewalk. Essentially, the new ruling states that walkways in Massachusetts must be safe to walk on at all times, making homeowners liable for “slip and fall” accidents that occur on their property.

While diligent snow shoveling and timely distribution of ice melting chemicals can enhance safety and reduce the chances of personal injury, it’s hard for any homeowner to feel completely at ease during the winter cold spell. There are no “anti-lawsuit” guarantees, but radiant snow melting systems are proving to be the most popular long term remedy for “litigation angst”. The automated systems ensure safe, snow-free sidewalks, whether you are asleep in bed, at work, or just relaxing in the front room with a hot cup of coffee.

Electric snowmelt systems are activated by a high-tech snow sensor that signals the unit’s controller when it detects precipitation and temperatures are below 39° Fahrenheit. The control unit then sends power to the embedded heat cable, warming the driveway or sidewalks. Installing a heated driveway not only eliminates the time consuming, arduous task of manual snow removal, but provides peace of mind by enhancing safety as well as increasing the value of your property.

Contact Warmzone and find out more about how radiant heat can become a part of your winter weather strategy.

Is Your Roof an Accident Waiting to Happen?

Each Winter Storm May Slowly be Compromising the Integrity of your Roof

Every winter, homeowners in cold climates experience the damaging effects of heavy snow and ice as it accumulates on their roofs. Contrary to the seemingly harmless splendor of winter’s white wonderland, snow can cause as much damage as fires, severe storms, hurricanes, tornadoes, and blizzards.

Beneath the serene blanket of fresh snow on your roof, destructive forces are silently at work, stressing your home’s structure and gradually infiltrating the vulnerable areas of your roofing like an unrelenting cavity gnawing away at your tooth.

In freezing climates, two common types of roof damage are responsible for hundreds of thousands of dollars of roof repair. Ice dams and condensation of water vapor on cold surfaces in the attic slowly take their toll on roofs, and the consequences can lead to safety hazards as well as expensive repairs.

Ice dams are typically the most problematic areas of roofs in climates with freezing temperatures. When the temperature in the attic is above freezing, it can cause the snow on the roof to melt and trickle down the roof valleys. When it hits the colder eaves, it refreezes.

As this cycle repeats over several days, the freezing snowmelt results in ice buildup that acts as a dam, causing water to slowly back up behind it. The melting snow continues to run down the sloping roof, accumulating at the dam and causing several potential risks. It eventually backs up under the roof covering and can leak into the attic, and perhaps, even along exterior walls. Because the warm air of the living space below the roof penetrates the attic, it is difficult to avoid the conditions that cause ice dams naturally. However, the good news is that you can protect yourself from the danger and excessive costs associated with roof damage.

Warmzone roof heating systems are discreetly installed under the roofing and eliminate prolonged ice damming that can cause severe roof damage. Investing in a quality roof heating system and protecting your home from structural damage and dangerous icicles can save you a considerable amount of money in the future.

Roof deicing system heating roof edges and valley

Automated roof heating systems can be customized to accommodate just about any roof type and configuration. Warmzone examines each project individually to determine which system will provide the optimal solution. A valued roof deicing system is based on its cost, performance and aesthetics. Based on your budget and needs, Warmzone will maximize your investment to the best working system possible. (A variety of proven roof heating options are available to choose from.)

Warmzone roof heating systems are controlled by automatic sensors that activate the heating elements when conditions warrant. Warmzone roof heating systems have been installed in most cold regions around the country and are still the most effective for roof deicing. RoofHeat deicing systems are a wise investment that could save you thousands of dollars in repairs if you live in an area with harsh winters. The energy-efficient roof heating systems are ideal for new construction and/or remodeling of existing roofs.

In addition to roof heating, Warmzone is a premier provider of radiant heated driveways and floor heating systems. Call a Warmzone radiant heat expert (888-488-9276) to learn about the systems and options available for you.

Driveway Snow Melting Cable

Automated, Maintenance Free Heated Driveway Systems

We’re getting close to the time of year when we can put away the snow shovels and snow blowers. Or, were you one of the lucky ones who enjoyed the services of a radiant heated driveway this year?

Electric snow melting systems have proven their value in cold climates throughout the country, particularly during the brutal winter of 2009-2010. Designed for convenience and rugged reliability, these automated snowmelt systems lie in wait to ambush the white flakes as they silently descend from the gloomy sky. Okay, maybe I’m being a little dramatic and falling into my romance novel writing mode, but you get the point. The system melts the snow before it even has a chance to stick.

Driveway with heated tire tracks

Heated driveway systems include an aerial or pavement mounted snow sensor that detects the impending snow barrage and signals the control unit, which then sends power to the ClearZone heat cable, heating the driveway. After the storm, the driveway remains warm for a period of time, ensuring that it is clear of ice before it automatically shuts off. More often than not, this all takes place before you’ve even slipped on your Daffy Duck slippers or poured your first cup of Joe. Isn’t technology great?

In addition to the convenience (as if that wasn’t enough), heated driveway systems increase the value of your property and are friendly to the environment. Using renewable energy, electric heated driveways eliminate the need for abrasive, and often damaging, snow removal methods as well as the use of harsh snowmelt chemicals that harm nearby grass and other vegetation. So naturally, there’s no salty runoff from your driveway filling your street gutters. Ya gotta love that!

ClearZone heat cable is the preeminent snow melting cable on the market, and features the most impressive manufacturer warranty in the industry. Whether embedded in concrete, asphalt or under pavers, ClearZone cable has a proven track record for a wide variety of applications, and is a favorite among contractors and professional builders. It’s no surprise then that it is most commonly chosen by homeowners.

Radiant snowmelt systems have been around a while now but are continually gaining popularity because of their affordability and effective, maintenance-free operation. Homeowners from coast to coast are discovering the many advantages and enhanced safety from installing a radiant heated driveway and/or sidewalk.

Heated driveways can be customized to fit your driveway surface and shape as well as your budget. While most homeowners install radiant heat throughout their driveway surface, you can also choose more affordable options, such as installing heat cable in tire tracks. Or, simply heat only the areas that you use. Warmzone professionals will evaluate your needs and provide several options and a detailed drawing of your radiant heat system. If you are going down the radiant heat road, make sure you deal with respected industry leaders who will guide you along the way.

Radiant Heat – Get it, Got it, Good

Get in on Heated Driveways While the Getting is Good

Sure, you don’t want to be a sheep and just follow the crowd, twisting with the fads and turning tides of consumer whims…but some fads turn into life-long investments that can benefit you and your home value. If you ask me (and I know I’m being presumptuous to think you would since we’ve probably never met, but just hear me out) some home improvement investments can actually increase your property value. Want an example of getting while the getting is good? Take the idea of a heated driveway for starters.

Heated driveway in concrete

Think of luxurious winter months spent inside sipping a warm drink or playing games with your kids while your poor neighbors fire up the snow blowers or crank out the shovels. These neighbors clearly didn’t get a radiant snow melting system while the getting was good. Believe it or not spring and summer are the best months to say to yourself “heated driveway…get it, got it, good.” You’ll save money and you’ll be ready super early for the next onslaught of snow, which we hope is many moons away. Still, it helps to think about a ClearZone heated driveway now when the off season has the best deals to offer. Think of it like standing in the holiday isles after the holiday. Plenty of deals to be had, plenty of ways to say get it, got it, good. Do the same for a heated driveway and you’ll be glad you got while the getting was good.