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Best Roof Heating Systems

Protecting Your Roof and Gutters

With the end of winter and spring approaching many homeowners
may be finding that the harsh winter weather has caused damage to their roof and gutters. Many people don’t give their roofs and gutters a second thought until there is a problem.

Snow and ice can cause damage to roofs and gutters in many different ways. Shingles can come loose due to the contractions and expansion with the change in temperature. Ice dams are the most common problems associated with winter roof damage. A ridge of ice forms at the edge or valley of a roof and prevents the melting snow behind it from draining. The water backs up behind the dam where it freezes and melts again. Eventually water seeps through a weak part of the roof, causing damage to ceilings, walls, and floors, eventually resulting in mold and mildew growth.

Heated roof edges
Heating the roof edges is an economical and efficient way to eliminate dangerous, and potentially costly, ice dams from forming as well as heavy ice and icicles that can damage gutters.

Many people don’t realize that they can do something to prevent the damage that winter weather causes to roofs and gutters. Roof heating systems are becoming an affordable and preferred option for many homeowners. A variety of roof deicing systems are on the market today.

Thin RoofHeat STEP low-voltage heating elements can be discreetly installed under the shingles and help to protect your home during the harsh winter months. This system can also be installed to heat metal roofs. Homeowners also have options to protect gutters from breaking due to ice, and also the buildup of icicles, which can be dangerous to homeowners and their families. Gutter trace systems can be installed to prevent structural damage from heavy snow and ice to gutters and downspouts. When it comes to protecting your home, Warmzone offers many roof heating options, each of which can be customized to best meet your needs.

The best time to take preventive measures to guard against future roof damage is in the early spring. With the threat of heavy snow behind, most people are not thinking of what they can do to make next winter easier. This means savvy homeowners can find better deals on installation and pricing in the spring. When shopping for the best roof deicing system homeowners should take into account the following things.

  • Ease of installation. You want a system that can be nailed or stapled though and installed and cut to fit onsite, facilitating the ease of installation. Such a system can be significantly less expensive.
  • Does the system require maintenance? Electric roof deicing systems are preferable because they are virtually maintenance free, decreasing the cost of yearly up-keep. With an electric deicing system, there is no need for yearly checkups or repair of leaky pipes that may be associated with some hydraulic heating systems.
  • Is it a trusted product with a reliable track record? Don’t be afraid to ask questions about the system and the heating element. Find out what other applications it has been used for. Why is it the best system for you?
  • Is the roof heating or gutter trace system fully automated? How efficient is it? Look for a system without a bulky housing system. You also want to find a deicing system that is fully automated which will make it more effective in that the energy goes directly to snow melting. (Learn how roof deicing systems work.) This will in turn make the cost of operation per hour less. Probably the most important factor to an efficient deicing system is that it is fully automated. This should be on the top of your list of must-haves from a deicing system. A fully automated system can detect the temperature and moisture in the air, and when conditions warrant, it triggers the control unit. The controller then powers up the heating elements warming your roof and gutters just before the snow storm and then shutting off afterward the storm has passed, resulting in maximum performance.

Installing a roof deicing system is an excellent way to prevent damage to your roof and gutters from winter weather. As long as you know what to look for, it is a safe, affordable way to protect and raise the value of your home.

How to Install a Roof Deicing Gutter Trace System

Chicago Snow Storm Breaks Record set in 1936

Protecting Roofs and Pedestrians

Chicago winters continue to set new records, both in terms of low temperatures and snowfall. The last two winters have been particularly harsh, as Chicago residents have experienced record low temperatures and record setting levels of snowfall. In February of 2015 Chicago’s O’Hare airport registered a brutal 8 degrees below zero as 20 miles-per-hour wind gusts pushed wind chill temperatures to 30 below, breaking a record set in 1936.

Coupled with record breaking snowfall, snow and ice quickly accumulates on Chicago’s residential and commercial rooftops, posing potential hazards to pedestrians below. Building owners in the “Windy City” are legally responsible not only for keeping their sidewalks clear of snow, but preventing snow and ice from falling from rooftops.

Panorama of Chicago during winter
The beautiful city of Chicago during winter time.

While some business rely on roof snow and ice dam removal services in the Chicago area, many homeowners and businesses are turning to reliable radiant heat. These automated systems remain “on standby” 24/7, so when a storm does hit, the system activates to prevent any snow and ice from accumulating.

While the safety of pedestrians is paramount for businesses in the city, ice dams pose the greatest threat to homeowners. As heat rises from the home, it can escape into the attic and warm the roof, causing water to trickle down to the roof’s edge. But the roof eaves are colder, and the water refreezes. As this process is repeated, water can build up behind the ice where it can seep into tiny cracks of the roof. Each night, as the water refreezes, it expands, paving the way for more water to seep into the cracks and eventually into the home. The resulting water damage within walls and ceilings can be expensive to repair.

Warmzone roof de-icing and gutter trace systems offer one of the best roof heating solutions available for preventing hazardous ice dams and heavy icicles from forming on roofs. The roof heating systems are easy to customize and install. Once installed, the roof de-icing and gutter trace systems operate only when conditions warrant, keeping heavy ice from damaging roof gutters and preventing ice dams from forming along roof edges.

In addition to Warmzone’s large variety of industry leading roof de-icing systems, Warmzone radiant heat experts work closely with customers to determine the best and most affordable option for the roof.

The most popular roof heating system features an advanced polymer heating element (RoofHeat STEP) that can be installed directly under roof shingles. This low-voltage system has proven to be a favorite roof heating solution among professional installers and homeowners throughout the Chicago area. Heat trace cable can also be installed to heat gutters and downspouts, or the systems can be combined to produce optimum results.

Warmzone professionals are experts when it comes to roof heating, and its customer service is second to none. In addition to providing complete system designs (AutoCAD), installers have access to free installation training as well as personal installation support. If installers encounter any issues or have any questions during the process, he/she can speak with one of the dedicated installation support staff to resolve the issue.

Many home and business owners in Chicago are already enjoying the benefits of a Warmzone roof de-icing system. Call a Warmzone consultant to learn more about Warmzone’s roof heating options – with no obligation or sales pressure. Or visit Warmzone online. As an industry leader, Warmzone offers one of the most informative radiant heating websites available. Visit warmzone.com and learn more about radiant heating systems and why some systems (and services) are better than others when it comes to heating specific projects.

Why Warmzone’s Self-Regulating Heat Cable is a Cut Above the Competition

Banish Snow and Ice from your Roof and Gutters, and Protect Pipes with the Industry’s Top Self-Regulating Heat Trace Cable

With sub-zero temperatures upon us, the last thing most of us want to do is fool around with manual outdoor snow and ice removal. As the temperatures maintain their frosty grip on much of the country, installing a radiant heat solution for your roof, gutters and pipes is a wise, potentially cost-savings move. Featuring a superior outer jacket and carbon core, making installation in frigid conditions possible, Warmzone self-regulating cable truly is the best choice.

What makes Warmzone’s self-regulating cable unique? The outer jacket of other leading brands of heat cable tends to “bubble” or separate from the cable core when the cable is manipulated for turns. These irregularities create stress points on the cable that allow water to reach the core, causing erratic heating and eventual cable failure. To better illustrate this point, consider the photos shown. At a bend radius of about 2 inches, the outer jacket of other popular heating cables bubbles and pulls away from the core, creating a visible stress point prone to water seepage and eventual failure.

Comparing heat trace cable bending radius

At a bend radius of 1½ inches, the outer jacket of the Warmzone cable is smooth, showing no signs of bubbling. The durable outer jacket is more flexible, so it minimizes “puckering”, even at a tight bend radius. These performance differences are extremely important in applications where tight cable manipulation is critical, including gutters, roofs and pipe tracing.

Warmzone self-regulating heat cable can also be installed at much lower temperatures than most, and that’s critical if you’re in a region prone to colder conditions and in need of a solution right now. That’s because the minimum installation temperature for most self-regulating heat cables is 32 – 40°F. At temperatures lower than this, the carbon becomes brittle and prone to breaking when bent or manipulated; and the outer jacket of most competitive cables also tends to stiffen, making it difficult to safely install in cold weather.

Warmzone self-regulating heat trace cable with durable outer jacket

The high quality carbon center of Warmzone’s self-regulating radiant heating cable is much more resilient, and can withstand installation temperatures as low as 0°F, making them a safe bet for installation in some rather frosty conditions. Factor in the flexibility of the outer jacket in the same weather and you can expect easier installation and more reliable performance.

If you’ve decided on Warmzone radiant heating cable, perhaps the hardest sell is finding the right installation team for the job on short notice. Warmzone can help with that too. They’ve forged deep relationships with wholesalers and general contractors across the country to deliver the most advanced, reliable snow melting solutions around, and they’re a great resource for installation support. Just give them a call at 888.488.9276 and discover how Warmzone can keep ice off the roof, out of the gutter and away from your pipes.

Warmzone Design and Support Services

Warmzone Customer Service is Second to None

If you’re one of many savvy business owners intent on growing your business with radiant heat, Warmzone’s design services are an invaluable resource. Each and every radiant heat solution you purchase from Warmzone comes with a professional consultation, including an AutoCAD system design, so you’ll know the exact power requirements and performance expectations for your project prior to installation. These services are second to none in the industry, and are included with your purchase.

Overwhelmed by the prospect of tackling something new? Warmzone’s design team can take a lot of the work and headache out of the equation for you so you can competently recommend and deliver the right radiant heat solution for your customers. Our experts free you up to do what you do best, so there’s no need to feel overwhelmed by the prospects of installing a radiant heat system when you work with Warmzone. If you can send us a rough drawing of the project on a piece of paper or describe it over the phone, Warmzone will take care of the details from there. We’ll specify the correct materials, load calculations, breaker sizes, the number of breakers you’ll need, etc. So again, don’t be intimidated by installing radiant heat. Warmzone will take care of the details as well as provide personal installation support. When you partner with Warmzone to install radiant heat, you’re never alone. And our experts are the best in the business.

Example of Warmzone radiant heat system AutoCAD

Warmzone has the breadth and depth of products and design services you’ll need to complete your next project quickly, efficiently and within budget, without compromising quality. And you won’t have to go it alone. Warmzone stays with you throughout the installation process to make sure the system is installed correctly and performing as advertised. Your dedicated account manager will follow your project from start to finish to your complete satisfaction.

In addition to personal installation support, you also have access to a library of installation resources available at warmzone.com. Warmzone maintains a vast collection of documentation, photos and illustrations that can assist you during your installation or selection process.

Deep industry knowledge and design experience informs every radiant heat design Warmzone renders for their customers. Over the years, their design team has developed relationships with experts in cutting edge radiant heat technology, along with plenty of insights they enthusiastically pass on to installers and contractors selecting and installing radiant heat for their customers.

Warmzone also offers product and installation training. including certifications provided upon completion of training. If you’re in the area, you can also take advantage of in house training with Warmzone professionals.

Whether you’re new to radiant heat technology, or have a specific project you need help with, give Warmzone a call at 888.488.9276. The call is free, the quote is free, and the advice, invaluable!

Exploring the Facts Behind Different Roof Heating Systems

Better Dollars and Cents–Roof and Gutter Trace Kit or Warmzone Radiant Heat Solution?

Before you decide to purchase a radiant heated roof and gutter heat cable kit from your local hardware store, you may want to consult with Warmzone, your radiant heat specialists. Consider the average kit you can buy at a hardware chain. (Think Home Depot or Lowes). These roof deicing and gutter heat trace kits are generally inexpensive, pre-assembled and easy to install. Then there’s the warranty–at one year. What seems like a small price to pay initially really adds up when you consider replacing a roof deicing and gutter trace kit year after year, not only in dollars and cents but in time expended to install these systems.

Roof with snow and ice build up, in need of a roof deicing system.

Warmzone heat cables come with a comprehensive 10-year manufacturer warranty, whereas most others have, on average, 2-5 years. That’s because hardware store versions and most Warmzone competitors use a cable that has a low grade carbon base that burns out over a short period of time. Warmzone radiant heat cables, in comparison, use higher quality materials. Going back to the hardware store example, Warmzone roof heating cable’s warranty can be up to 10 times better, and as much as 2 to 5 times better than the competition!

Roof deicing and gutter heat trace cables can be easily compromised by constant sun exposure. Unlike the hardware store roof deicing and gutter heat trace kit, Warmzone radiant heat cables feature special coatings that offer better UV protection for a longer life span.

Low-voltage roof heating element

Do-it-yourself roof deicing and gutter heat cable kits take a one-size-fits-all approach to radiant heat, which may or may not serve your needs. For any installation, Warmzone takes into account where clients live, what they are trying to accomplish and their budget. Heat output varies depending on location and application, whether you are using it on a commercial building or a residential property. Warmzone has three different wattage cables (5, 8, and 10), so the ideal radiant heat solution can be designed for each individual location. Much like the hardware roof deicing and gutter melt kit, most competitors only offer one wattage cable, in hope that it works in all applications. Furthermore, every Warmzone roof deicing and gutter trace system uses automatic sensors for activation, making them extremely efficient, while most hardware kits feature a plug-in, continuous operating system.

Tackling home improvement projects if they are cost effective is a good idea; however, not if it means sacrificing quality, efficiency or safety. Before you decide on purchasing a radiant heat roof deicing and gutter melt kit from your local hardware store, contact the experts at Warmzone for a high-quality, dependable radiant heat solution that makes better dollars and cents for your budget.

Concrete Curing and Thawing Mats

When Regular Heat Just Won’t Cut it

When extreme temperatures hit during a long winter, projects can stand still. Like the ice the world becomes encased in, moving forward towards a deadline can become a frozen endeavor. Trying to do anything outside when a cold snap hits can be a unique challenge.

A product designed to combat the extreme cold can beat even regular heating. Take concrete for example: it can be your worst nightmare when it’s freezing. The air temperature can make or break a good concrete curing process. The Powerblanket® concrete curing and thawing blanket can quickly thaw anything in extremely low temperatures. If you need to ensure the ultimate protection for a concrete pour, you might do yourself a favor and invest in a Powerblanket concrete curing blanket. They come in many sizes and may even be plugged into other Powerblankets to create a custom size matching your project needs.

If you are looking to penetrate frozen ground quickly, you may also find the Powerblanket a handy solution. The super duty extra hot concrete blanket is able to thaw up to 18 inches of ground overnight. Facing the daunting challenge of breaking through that much ground unaided would make anyone nervous. Luckily digging in cold weather is just what a Powerblanket was designed for. The Powerblanket is a versatile and flexible outdoor heating blanket. These portable heating mats are used for a variety of home and construction applications when regular heat just won’t cut it.

Warmzone is the premier provider of radiant heat solutions. Call a radiant heat expert (888.488.9276) to learn about the snow melting and floor heating systems and options available for you.