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Finding the Ideal Roof De-icing System

Roof de-icing systems are a great investment that can save homes from the damage that melting ice and snow can cause in the cold winter months. If you’ve been considering a de-icing system for your home or business, fall can be the perfect time to get one installed.

Roof de-icing systems can be used to heat your whole roof, but it is more common to heat specific areas. The most common application is heating roof edges, but heating problem areas, roof valleys, or even your gutters and downspouts are also popular options. Heating these areas can prevent ice dams that can be created by warm temperatures in the attic that can cause snow or ice to melt and trickle down the roof. When the cool water hits the freezing eaves, it refreezes, eventually creating a ridge of ice along the roof eave. This causes subsequent runoff to pool behind the ice ridge, and that’s when problems can occur. The water seems into every tiny crevice and when it refreezes, it expands. As this process repeats, the expanding ice can threaten the integrity of the roof. Damage from ice dams can be hazardous and costly to repair, and can also lead to interior water damage inside the home. Radiant roof de-icing systems are proven to prevent ice dams from forming to allow runoff to reach the gutters, helping to prolong the life of your roof.

Roof with ice damage to gutter
Gutter damage caused by heavy ice buildup.

No matter which area of your roof you are looking to heat, don’t forget that a system is only as good as the installation and components that are included. Each Warmzone roof de-icing system consists of the industry’s most advanced and proven components. Warmzone offers multiple options for heating elements that allow you to customize your system to fit the needs of your home or business.

One of the most popular and reliable heating elements available is Warmzone’s self-regulating heat trace cable. RoofHeat self-regulating heat trace cable is an easy to use roof de-icing option that is affordable and great for a wide variety of applications. Self-regulating heat cable has an irradiated conductive core that increases the heat output as temperatures outside drop, and decreases output as temperatures rise. Cable is available in different lengths and can be installed to accommodate just about any configuration, including custom or oddly shaped areas. The cable is UL recognized, flexible, and has an extremely rugged outer jacket of UV stabilized thermoplastic elastomer, making it perfect for harsh outdoor conditions. Self-regulating heat cable from Warmzone also comes with a 10-year manufacturer warranty.

Self-regulating heat cable is the first choice for installing in gutters and downspouts, and can even be used for pipe trace applications to prevent freezing. Installing the heat cable is simple. It is installed in the gutter and into the downspouts, and ended below the frost line. When installing cable on the roof itself, it is attached to the roof with roof clips in a zigzag formation. Installing heat cable in these areas is extremely efficient at providing channels for runoff to prevent ice and snow damage, and the best choice for most customers. Most customers use self-regulating cable to heat roof edges, but it is also effective for keeping roof valleys clear of snow and ice buildup. Self-regulating heat trace cable has been installed in most of the coldest areas of the country, and still remains one of the most efficient and discreet options for gutter trace applications and roof heating today.

Self-regulating heat cable
Self-regulating heat trace cable for roof de-icing applications.

Wamrzone also offers pre-terminated 120V, 6-watt self-regulating heat cable. This option is affordable and convenient, as it comes pre-assembled and can be plugged into a standard outlet. This cable is also available with a GFCI power plug, and comes in 50, 75, or 100-foot lengths. Pre-terminated cable allows for easier installation, as it does not require any special skills or tools. It can be used in almost any application, even industrial environments – including hazardous and corrosive environments.

Another option available from Warmzone is constant wattage cable. This type of cable is a good choice for quick, easy, and general roof de-icing projects, where customization may not be necessary. Constant wattage cable has outstanding electrical and thermal properties, with a parallel heating core that will produce uniform thermal output over its entire length, meaning that the power output remains the same across the whole cable. (It is unaffected by ambient temperature, unlike self-regulating cable.) Constant wattage cable uses a single power point making it easy to configure and install heat tracing systems anywhere. Constant wattage cable comes pre-assembled, and can be installed to eliminate problem spots along your roof edges, gutters, or downspouts. The cable can also be used for pipe freeze prevention, as well as for process heating, and velocity flow control for viscous materials in industrial applications.

If cable isn’t the right option for heating your roof, Warmzone’s low-voltage RoofHeat STEP de-icing system may be the ideal choice. This system also features a self-regulating heating element. This system utilizes a thin polymer element that can be nailed through and cut on site. The semi conductive polymer heating element uses individual control boxes to monitor monitor power and output for each section of roofing. The transformers will step from high voltage to low voltage (60 V or less) to assure safe and efficient performance. The low-voltage element can be safely installed under shingles and metal roofs, and is ideal for heating entire eaves and problem areas.

Warmzone’s versatile self-regulating heat cable is an industry leader that is the perfect choice for most home or business owners. A roof heating professional from Warmzone can help you determine which heating element is best for your particular application, whether you need to heat valleys, edges, downspouts, or even your whole roof. Warmzone professionals provide industry leading customer service, including professional system design, free installation training, and tech support. If you still have questions about roof de-icing systems, contact a Warmzone professional today at 888.488.9276. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Add Luxurious Warmth to Your Home with an Energy Efficient ComfortTile Heated Floor

Combat Soggy-Sock Syndrome in Your Foyer this Winter

A ComfortTile radiant heated floor is a proven, energy-efficient way to stay one step ahead of winter. Most of us have battled soggy sock syndrome during the winter months (you know, the phenomenon that happens when you take your wet boots off at the door), but there’s a sure way to overcome this inconvenient winter mainstay. With a ComfortTile floor heating system warming up your entryway, your feet are more likely to stay dry and warm after you un-boot. These systems consist of thermostat-controlled heating cables under the surface of the floor to provide safe, evenly distributed heat. Because heat radiates up from the floor, radiant floor heat is a highly efficient means for combating cold winter temperatures.

ComfortTile floor heating mat and thermostat

ComfortTile electric radiant floor heating systems consist of thin heating cables that can be easily installed under virtually all types of floor surfaces to provide comfortable, even floor heat. A fully-programmable thermostat communicates with the heat cables to quickly and efficiently deliver heat to each zone or room as you see fit. There’s no wasted energy. Save money by heating only the
specific areas you need. Because there is no noisy blower and heating ducts or vents, ComfortTile radiant heated floors silently heats your home without stirring up dust and allergens. Radiant
heat is clean, quiet and used renewable energy.

ComfortTile floor heating mat and thermostat. ComfortTile is available in mats or on spools. The mats include a thin heating cable that’s pre-spaced on an adhesive-backed fiberglass mesh for easy installation. They are pre-terminated for use with 120 and 240 volts, heat an area two feet wide, and are available in a variety of lengths. For greater flexibility heating odd shaped rooms and areas, ComfortTile heat cable is available off spools. ComfortTile features a rapid response time and is suitable for heating tile, linoleum, wood, laminates and even carpeted flooring.

Having been in an environment that relies on radiant floor heat for providing warmth, I’ve seen and felt its effectiveness first hand. My young boy’s environmentally conscious school recently installed, radiant heated floors, and its effects are impressive. I’m particularly attuned to the performance of the heated floors because I work there in the evening. As fast as I can mop, these floors are drying directly behind me.

During winters, as snow accumulates, it’s not uncommon to see a dozen or so snow ensembles such as hats, gloves, coats and snow pants laid out on the school’s heated floor to dry. Despite the abundance of little wet feet, there’s little time for melted snow puddles to accumulate in this environment.

Imagine harnessing this same heating power in your home! Using ComfortTile to heat foyers and entryways is a great way to combat the tracking of ice and snow into your home. Radiant heat not only provides a little extra assurance beyond the welcome mat by providing comfortable warmth, but enhances safety by helping to eliminate slick wet spots that are typical during winters.

Warmzone is a trusted, leading provider of radiant heated floors for commercial and residential applications. To find out more about Warmzone products, design services and customer support, contact Warmzone at 888.488.9276 or visit www.warmzone.com.

Self-Regulating Heat Cable

Self-reg Cable for Roof Deicing and Pipe Trace Solutions

Self-regulating gutter trace heat cable is extremely effective and energy efficient thanks to its unique construction. The cable is comprised of a rugged, durable outer jacket surrounding an irradiated conductive core that increases the heat output as outside temperatures fall, and decreases output as temperatures rise. This construction also makes RoofHeat radiant heat cable incredibly resilient in the toughest conditions. The superior outer jacket allows provides greater flexibility and can be mounted to heat roof edged as well as in gutters and downspouts to facilitate runoff.

Self-regulating heat cableWarmzone roof deicing and gutter trace systems are fully automated and easy to customize. Warmzone roof heating experts will provide a comprehensive system design/layout as well as installation support and even free installation training if you choose. In addition to the self-regulating heat cable, Warmzone roof deicing systems include a snow/temperature sensor and thermostat or controller. Warmzone radiant heat professionals work closely with you to determine the best solution to meet your snow melting needs, power requirements and budget.

Heating your roof edges is a great way to protect your home from the water damage caused by ice dams. When warmer air escapes from your attic, it can melt the snow on your roof, causing it to run down towards the edges. However, the water refreezes when it reaches the eaves, and as this process is repeated over time, ice dams form, causing pools of water to backup behind the ice where
it can eventually damage your roofing and seep into your home, causing expensive water damage. Ice dams can also be responsible for causing structural decay and rot, or mold and mildew formation in the attic and on walls.

Heated roof edgeHeavy icicles can strain gutters and damage the support pins. No matter how you look at it, damage from roof ice and snow can be costly. A few well placed heat trace cables along your roof’s edge and in gutters and downspouts can serve as an excellent investment in your home. Contact a roof heating expert and learn more about the many roof deicing options that are available.

Self-regulating heat cable is also the ideal solution for pipe tracing and pipe freeze protection. Warmzone carries a variety of self-regulating heat cable for industrial, commercial and residential
heat trace applications. Warmzone designers are happy to talk with you to discuss the solutions that can best serve your needs. There’s no obligation, so call 888.488.9276 today.

Pipe Trace Systems

Solutions for Industrial, Commercial and Residential Applications

As a leading provider of radiant heat solutions, Warmzone has earned its reputation as a trusted industry leader. Having designed systems that have been installed in large refineries, commercial facilities and custom residential applications, Warmzone’s expertise is a valuable asset to businesses or homeowners seeking a reliable pipe trace solution.

Heat cable on pipes for pipe tracing system

Warmzone pipe trace systems can be installed for pipe freeze prevention as well as process temperature maintenance installations. The self-regulating heat cable is UL listed and approved for hazardous and non-hazardous applications. It can be used for plastic or metal pipe freeze protection and flow maintenance of pipes, tanks, valves.

The self-regulating characteristics of the heat cable means that it automatically varies its power output in response to pipe temperature changes. When the ambient temperature rises, the electrical resistance increases and the consumption of electricity decreases. This ensures energy-efficient operation. The cable will also not overheat or burnout – even when touching or overlapping.

Additionally, because of the self-regulating properties, a thermostat may not be necessary in some applications. With the optional outer jacket, the heating cable is resistant to watery and inorganic chemicals and protected against abrasion and impact damage. RHSR is suitable for use in explosion-hazardous areas up to a maximally admissible work-place temperature of +149° F (65° C).

Features Include:

Energy Efficient Operation – The self-regulating cable automatically varies its power output in response to pipe temperature changes. When the ambient temperature rises, the electrical resistance increases and the consumption of electricity decreases, ensuring energy-efficient operation. And the cable will not overheat or burnout – even when touching or overlapping.

Lower Cost – Less installation cost than steam tracing; less maintenance expense and less downtime.

Pipe trace heating cable installed

Safe / Durable – Does not overheat or burn out, even when touching or overlapping.

Versatile – Suitable for use in non-hazardous, hazardous and corrosive environments.

Easy Installation – The cable can be cut to any length required on site (up to max circuit length) so there’s no wasted cable. And the termination, power connection, splice, tee, and end seal kit reduces installation time and requires no special skills or tools.

Heat Cable Options Include:

Tinned copper braid provides additional mechanical protection and a positive ground path

Flame retardant thermoplastic outer jacket protects against certain inorganic chemical solutions. It also protects against abrasion and impact damage.

The high-temperature Fluoropolymer outer jacket is used when there may be exposure to organic or corrosive solutions, or vapors may be present.

RHSR is UL listed, self-regulating parallel heating cable designed for a variety of industrial applications and environments, including hazardous and nonhazardous. It can be used for plastic or metal pipe freeze protection and flow maintenance of pipes, tanks, valves.

For more information about Warmzone’s products and services, call888.488.9276. 

Warmzone Roof Deicing Panels

Prevent Ice Dams from Forming

As we look forward to a warm summer, many residents in the north east are still reeling from the costly effects of record snowfall. Ice dams continue to be winter’s biggest culprit when it comes to roof damage.

Warm air slowly escapes from the home and into the attic where it warms the roof, causing snow to melt. As the runoff trickles down the roof, it reaches the eaves. Because the eaves extend out over the edges of the house, there is no warm air from the attic below. In the evening, the runoff will reach the cold eaves and refreeze. There, the ice continues to build up as more snow melts. The wall of ice causes water to build up behind it, refreezing every time the temperature dips below 32°Fahrenheit.

When the water pools up behind these ice dams, it can seep into tiny cracks in the roofing material where it refreezes and expands. This repeated process can eventually compromise the structure. Water can slowly work its way into the attic and then drip through the ceiling or down walls. Oftentimes the homeowner is not aware of any problem until significant water damage has occurred.

Warmzone offers an ideal way to protect homes and businesses from water damage. RoofHeat panels feature attractive aluminum panels with self-regulating heat cable. The panels are installed long the roof edge between the waterproof membrane and the shingle. The roof heating panels are supplied in 4-foot lengths and can be cut to length on site. Self-regulating heat cable is channeled through the panel, creating an effective roof deicing system that efficiently warms the roof edges help prevent ice dams from forming. The aluminum panels can also be installed in roof valleys to facilitate runoff.

Roof heating panel and heat cable

Features of the RoofHeat Panels Include:

  • Panels are made of aluminum
  • Deicing cables are inserted into the cable channel
  • Systems feature self-regulating heat cable
  • Shingles are installed on top of the panel, only the cable channel is visible
  • Panels can be painted to match the shingle color
  • Panels are 4-feet long and 6-inches wide with a cable channel
  • Panels that feature a slanted cable channel mount along the roof edge
  • Panels that feature a flat cable channel mount above the roof edge and along the inside
    of the valleys

Contact a Warmzone representative at 888.488.9276 for more information on our industry leading roof deicing solutions. There are many options available, and Warmzone will design a roof heating system that is unique to your specific roof heating needs. Call for more information or send us your project details for a free quote.

Why Warmzone’s Self-Regulating Heat Cable is a Cut Above the Competition

Banish Snow and Ice from your Roof and Gutters, and Protect Pipes with the Industry’s Top Self-Regulating Heat Trace Cable

With sub-zero temperatures upon us, the last thing most of us want to do is fool around with manual outdoor snow and ice removal. As the temperatures maintain their frosty grip on much of the country, installing a radiant heat solution for your roof, gutters and pipes is a wise, potentially cost-savings move. Featuring a superior outer jacket and carbon core, making installation in frigid conditions possible, Warmzone self-regulating cable truly is the best choice.

What makes Warmzone’s self-regulating cable unique? The outer jacket of other leading brands of heat cable tends to “bubble” or separate from the cable core when the cable is manipulated for turns. These irregularities create stress points on the cable that allow water to reach the core, causing erratic heating and eventual cable failure. To better illustrate this point, consider the photos shown. At a bend radius of about 2 inches, the outer jacket of other popular heating cables bubbles and pulls away from the core, creating a visible stress point prone to water seepage and eventual failure.

Comparing heat trace cable bending radius

At a bend radius of 1½ inches, the outer jacket of the Warmzone cable is smooth, showing no signs of bubbling. The durable outer jacket is more flexible, so it minimizes “puckering”, even at a tight bend radius. These performance differences are extremely important in applications where tight cable manipulation is critical, including gutters, roofs and pipe tracing.

Warmzone self-regulating heat cable can also be installed at much lower temperatures than most, and that’s critical if you’re in a region prone to colder conditions and in need of a solution right now. That’s because the minimum installation temperature for most self-regulating heat cables is 32 – 40°F. At temperatures lower than this, the carbon becomes brittle and prone to breaking when bent or manipulated; and the outer jacket of most competitive cables also tends to stiffen, making it difficult to safely install in cold weather.

Warmzone self-regulating heat trace cable with durable outer jacket

The high quality carbon center of Warmzone’s self-regulating radiant heating cable is much more resilient, and can withstand installation temperatures as low as 0°F, making them a safe bet for installation in some rather frosty conditions. Factor in the flexibility of the outer jacket in the same weather and you can expect easier installation and more reliable performance.

If you’ve decided on Warmzone radiant heating cable, perhaps the hardest sell is finding the right installation team for the job on short notice. Warmzone can help with that too. They’ve forged deep relationships with wholesalers and general contractors across the country to deliver the most advanced, reliable snow melting solutions around, and they’re a great resource for installation support. Just give them a call at 888.488.9276 and discover how Warmzone can keep ice off the roof, out of the gutter and away from your pipes.

Warmzone Design and Support Services

Warmzone Customer Service is Second to None

If you’re one of many savvy business owners intent on growing your business with radiant heat, Warmzone’s design services are an invaluable resource. Each and every radiant heat solution you purchase from Warmzone comes with a professional consultation, including an AutoCAD system design, so you’ll know the exact power requirements and performance expectations for your project prior to installation. These services are second to none in the industry, and are included with your purchase.

Overwhelmed by the prospect of tackling something new? Warmzone’s design team can take a lot of the work and headache out of the equation for you so you can competently recommend and deliver the right radiant heat solution for your customers. Our experts free you up to do what you do best, so there’s no need to feel overwhelmed by the prospects of installing a radiant heat system when you work with Warmzone. If you can send us a rough drawing of the project on a piece of paper or describe it over the phone, Warmzone will take care of the details from there. We’ll specify the correct materials, load calculations, breaker sizes, the number of breakers you’ll need, etc. So again, don’t be intimidated by installing radiant heat. Warmzone will take care of the details as well as provide personal installation support. When you partner with Warmzone to install radiant heat, you’re never alone. And our experts are the best in the business.

Example of Warmzone radiant heat system AutoCAD

Warmzone has the breadth and depth of products and design services you’ll need to complete your next project quickly, efficiently and within budget, without compromising quality. And you won’t have to go it alone. Warmzone stays with you throughout the installation process to make sure the system is installed correctly and performing as advertised. Your dedicated account manager will follow your project from start to finish to your complete satisfaction.

In addition to personal installation support, you also have access to a library of installation resources available at warmzone.com. Warmzone maintains a vast collection of documentation, photos and illustrations that can assist you during your installation or selection process.

Deep industry knowledge and design experience informs every radiant heat design Warmzone renders for their customers. Over the years, their design team has developed relationships with experts in cutting edge radiant heat technology, along with plenty of insights they enthusiastically pass on to installers and contractors selecting and installing radiant heat for their customers.

Warmzone also offers product and installation training. including certifications provided upon completion of training. If you’re in the area, you can also take advantage of in house training with Warmzone professionals.

Whether you’re new to radiant heat technology, or have a specific project you need help with, give Warmzone a call at 888.488.9276. The call is free, the quote is free, and the advice, invaluable!

Don’t Slip and Fall into a Lawsuit or Fine this Winter

Protect Yourself and Avoid Fines with an Automated Snow Melting System

Slip and fall injuries on icy driveways and sidewalks are serious business. A simple fall on a slick sidewalk can have far reaching effects, physically and financially. In an effort to protect citizens and minimize liability, state and local governments are passing snow removal laws “encouraging” homeowners to clear their walks. In most cases, if your sidewalks aren’t cleared within 24 hours after a snowstorm, you may be open to fines and vulnerable to lawsuits. Removing snow from driveways and walkways is not an option. In most states, it’s the law.

Heated paver sidewalk

If the coming winter is anything like the Polar Vortex of 2014, snow removal will be a challenge. During some of the heaviest snowstorms last year, homeowners shoveled as many as three times in one day. Snow removal services were inundated, and in some cases unable to reach their clients’ locations. Sidewalks that were cleared iced over, creating hazardous conditions for pedestrians. To solve this problem, many homeowners bought salt and other snow melting chemicals. While this shovel-and-salt method can be effective, it’s time consuming and expensive.

There is a better way to prepare for winter. Warmzone snow melting solutions are a clean, effective way to remove snow, with benefits such as:

  • Fully automated – Warmzone radiant snow melting systems are programmed to detect weather conditions, so they activate as the first snowflake hits the ground to keep your driveways and walkways safe and clear.
  • Maintenance free and easy to operate – Because electric heated driveways have no moving parts, they are maintenance free. In addition to being fully automated, the systems also feature a simple manual override capability to deal with snowdrifts or shaded areas that iced over.
  • Environmentally friendly – If you’re keen on all things green, radiant heat is definitely the way to go. Snow melting chemicals can damage surrounding landscapes, and the residue left behind often ends up in local water supplies.
  • Efficient and effective – At your shoveling best, you can’t outpace a Warmzone heated driveway. Before most of us can slide on a pair of boots, a radiant heat system is operating to keep the entire driveway snow and ice free.

How much will it cost you? Not much, especially when you consider eliminating the possibility of lawsuits and fines. Because Warmzone carries a large selection of snow melting systems and products, they can also put their expertise to work for you to come up with a custom solution that’s affordable and effective. The other good news is that Warmzone provides free installation support to help ensure that your system is installed correctly and performing as expected. You also have access to Warmzone’s extensive online library of radiant heat documentation.

Call Warmzone at 888.488.9276 to learn about the many snow melting options.

Self-Regulating Roof Deicing Cable

RoofHeat Snow Melting Cable: New Design for Greater Performance

Installing a radiant roof gutter trace system can save you in the long run. Because your radiant heat system is only as good as its components and installation, using the right roof deicing heat cable for your gutter trace system is crucial. Warmzone is dedicated to offering the most advanced snow melting technologies and components on the market, and the latest iteration of self-regulating heat cable is a great example. The fact is, Warmzone’s industry leading self-regulating heat cable for gutter melt and downspout heating just got even better.

The idea to take an already great radiant heat product and improve upon it for gutter and downspout installations came from installers in the field. Installing roof heating cable requires a heat cable that’s durable, lightweight and easy to work with. The footprint of every roof is different, often involving tight corners and hard to reach places that make laying cable tough. During an installation, cable durability, weight and flexibility all come into play to optimize performance at the roofline. The better the fit, the more secure the cable is for a confident performance. It bends nicely for times when you need to change directions, facilitating quick and proper installation.

The enhanced gutter melt cable is designed for long lasting durability and flexibility and is available in 3, 5, 8, and 10-watts per foot versions at 120 or 200-277 volts. The self-regulating cable is also rated for hazardous locations and features a 10-year manufacturer warranty. New activation devices such as the WZ-2C also enhance fully automated performance. So whether you’re new to home improvement or a diehard do-it-yourselfer, you can be sure you are installing a trusted, long lasting and proven roof deicing solution.

Steep roof with icicles in need of a roof deicing system

Warmzone’s enhanced self-regulating heat cable construction raises the bar for roof gutter and downspout heating. RoofHeat cable features an irradiated, conductive core that increases the heat output as outside temperatures fall, and decreases output as temperatures rise to efficiently, effectively melt snow and ice. This core is protected by a rugged outer construction designed to ensure the cable is functioning safely apart from the sting of a cold winter’s day. This unique construction also makes it durable, safe and extremely energy efficient.

The design changes have taken the top performing heat cable and given it even greater effectiveness and efficiency. When paired up with a Warmzone automation device, the new RoofHeat cable comes through with even faster automated response times to stop precipitation events that lead to unwanted ice damming and roof damage.

In cold weather climates, RoofHeat heat cable is a must for your radiant gutter melt system. It can stand up to extreme weather conditions to protect your home by keeping your gutters and downspouts free of snow and ice. The cable can also be used to heat other trouble spots on your roof. To find how you can take advantage of RoofHeat’s extreme snow melting abilities, contact Warmzone at 888.488.9276.

Self-Regulating Roof Heat Cable

Protect Your Roof and Gutters with a Warmzone RoofHeat Gutter Heat Trace System

Storm. Melt. Repeat. Snow continues to pummel the Midwest, leaving plenty of icicles and stratified layers of ice in gutters, downspouts and on rooftops. As the ice builds, so does the potential for serious damage to your home. Warmzone’s RoofHeat self-regulating heat cable provides the ideal way to melt ice and snow buildup in gutters, downspouts, and even the roof valleys and edges.

Considering all of the damage caused by ice and snow, RoofHeat roof deicing systems are an investment worth considering. Why bother? Without a sound gutter trace system in place, in many instances, precipitation in the form of snow and water can freeze in gutters, downspouts, and along edges, creating ice dams. Once that happens, the ice continues to build, backing up under roof decking before finding its way into your home and causing costly water damage.

Let’s face it, dedicating your time and energy to roof raking is extremely challenging. And removing dangerous icicles will not prevent the precipitation from steadily dripping, and freezing on your porch, before creating hazardous slip and fall conditions impervious to snow melting chemicals. RoofHeat systems provide a variety of benefits and the self-regulating heat cable ensures an effective way to keep your home or business safe from structural damage and dangerous conditions for pedestrians.

Self-regulating heat cable is the “backbone” of a RoofHeat gutter heating system. It’s extremely effective, energy efficient and completely safe. Composed of a rugged, durable outer construction, RoofHeat cable can tough out the most demanding weather conditions to melt snow and ice from your roof. The self-regulating cable features an irradiated conductive core, so it responds to changing conditions, increasing heat output as temperatures fall, and decreasing heat output as temperatures rise, generating heat only when you need it.

How does a roof gutter melt system work? In response to weather conditions, the cable heats up and melts snow before any accumulation can form. Communication between RoofHeat cables, automatic sensors and a thermostat initiate snow melting, and continue working together to keep roofs, gutters and downspouts clear of ice and snow. There are no switches to flip, nothing to plug in and no raking to do. While you’re sleeping, at work or relaxing at home, Warmzone gutter and roof deicing systems are quietly working to protect your roof, and maintain the integrity of your home.

Like most of us, you may find yourself on a shoestring budget. If so, then there is no better expert to partner with than Warmzone. Their professional designers will configure the best system to fit your particular situation and budget. Warmzone will carefully evaluate your needs and identify problem areas to come up with the best solution for you, and Warmzone provides personal installation support services. Before you spend one dime, you’ll understand the challenges of your situation and the best options to resolve them.

Call Warmzone today to discuss your unique weather challenges this winter at 888.488.9276, or visit warmzone.com to learn more.

FloorHeat Under Carpet Heating

FoilHeat for Carpeted, Laminate and Floating Wood Floors
FoilHeat under carpet heating systems are designed to efficiently provide heat under carpet, laminate and floating wood floors. The heating element installs easily and is very flexible, allowing for total wall-to-wall coverage. Because the heating element is so flexible, it can easily be cut onsite and turned at 90° or 180° to cover the intended area.

Superior Design and Construction
FloorHeat Under Carpet heating systems feature a state-of-the-art design and premier quality construction. The floor heating system consists of fluoropolymer insulated heat cable that is sandwiched between two thin layers of specially reinforced aluminum. The uniform spacing of the heating elements and the aluminum ensures a nice, even heat distribution.

Features and Benefits
Easy to Install: The thin rectangular mats can be cut onsite and do not require an adhesive.
Requires no Floor Buildup: Because the heating mats are so thin (only 1/16-inch), no floor buildup is required.
Energy Efficient With virtually no heat loss, the system boasts outstanding energy efficiency.
Smart Control: 7-day programmable schedule to provide comfort when you need it.
Installation Support: Warmzone provides technical and personal installation support with each system.
Complete System Design: Warmzone radiant heat experts provide complete, professional system design services.
Premier Construction: The under carpet floor heating element consists of an aluminum foil heater with twin conductor, with primary insulation of Flouropolymer, sandwiched between two layers of thin, specially reinforced aluminum.
Safe: The FloorHeat Under Floor heating system conforms to the product safety requirements as per latest EU Directives and is UL/cUL Certified and GFCI protected.
Environmentally Friendly: Over 90 percent of the heating element consists of metal (primarily aluminum), which is considered as a “green-metal”. The system does not emit any green-house gases while heating.
Top Warranty: Manufacturer warranty of 5 and 10 years, covering parts and labor. Warranty covers 5 years for under carpet applications and 10 years for under laminate or floating wood floors.
Approvals: UL and cUL
Voltage: 120V, 240V
Watts: 12 Watts per square feet

Cut Down on Icicles with Roof Gutter Heating

Family and Guests are Safer Thanks to Roof Deicing

Icicles are really cool to look at. They are even fun to break and shatter into pieces onto the sidewalks below. Icicles are a good sign of upcoming warmer weather too, as they drip and shrink they predict the welcome upcoming spring. But as pretty as they are, icicles can also be incredibly dangerous. Icicles can fall without warning and small children, pets, and the elderly won’t be able to move out of the way fast enough. This often leads to injuries that could otherwise be avoided. Many business owners and homeowners alike worry about the best way to keep to their patrons and families safe.

Self-regulating roof heating cable

To create a more hospitable entryway into any building, consider installing a roof gutter heating system . Heat cables from one of these fully automated systems stretch the length of your roof line and keep icicles from ever forming.

Roof gutter heating is the #1 way to provide a safe entrance to any dwelling. Roof deicing isn’t a new concept but it is one catching on as people strive to protect the people they love as well as the structure itself. Extensive roof damage has been known to occur thanks to large ice dams forming in the winter. The daytime temperatures often never reach melting levels so the ice melts and then re-forms repeatedly. And then it snows again, creating several more layers of damaging ice that potentially could ruin your roof. Ice dams and icicles don’t have a chance to form with roof deicing, which protects your gutters and the people walking beneath them too.