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The Many Options of Radiant Heat

Radiant Heat Isn’t Just for Heated Driveways

Maybe you’ve put your shovel down already by treating yourself to a radiant heated driveway system. But the benefits of radiant heat aren’t limited to heated driveways and sidewalks. When it comes to radiant heat, Warmzone’s got you covered from your head to your feet.

Heated driveway in concrete

Have you ever walked out of your home on a snowy day to be greeted by large, heavy icicles or the drip of melting snow on your head? Snow accumulation on rooftops is more than a nuisance if you don’t have a radiant heated snow melting solution to protect you and your home. As the snow melts and refreezes, it creates ice dams where the repeated freezing and melting of water finds its way under roof decking and eventually into your home. Plus, large icicles not only can damage your gutters or hurt people below, but drip onto the sidewalk, causing slick, dangerous conditions.

Shoveling snow and salting the steps and walks are not always completely effective. Walking out your front door can be treacherous as you navigate slick, icy patches hiding under fresh layers of snow. Even with constant shoveling and steady applications of snowmelt chemicals, nothing can ensure the same level of safety as a radiant snow melting system.

The good news is that the same radiant heat technology in your heated driveway application can be used for roofs, stairs, ramps and more. With Warmzone roof deicing and gutter trace systems, you can eliminate ice dams and snow buildup. And these energy efficient systems are fully automated and maintenance free. Say goodbye to icicles and the steady dripping that can form slick spots on your porch or walks as the temperatures vacillate. Available in cable right off the spool, polymer panels or paper-thin “Film” heating elements, Warmzone radiant heating systems are proven industry leaders that are unobtrusive and effective. The fully-automated feature means they only activate as needed to keep your areas free of snow and ice ‘round the clock.

If you’re not ready to invest in a permanent solution, Warmzone also offers portable heated traction mats. These heated snow melting mats make it easy to enjoy the benefits of radiant heat on sidewalks, porches and even on steps. Just lay them down and plug them in. Made of non-slip rubber, they’re flexible and as durable as automobile tires, so they can withstand harsh weather and repeated use. The stair heating mats are available in rubber and aluminum.

Because radiant heated snow melting mats come in different sizes, they can also be used for walkways, kennels, porches, disability ramps and more, providing a reliable solution for slip prevention. Keep your trafficked areas free from slick ice and snow.

Whether you’re looking for an embedded snow melting solution or small, portable solutions, Warmzone has a number of great products to make your property safe and secure during winter weather. Call 888.488.9276 to learn about the many custom options for heating floors as well as exterior snow melting solutions.

Heated Tile Floors

Options for Radiant Floor Heating Systems
Warmzone offers one of the largest and most diverse selection of radiant floor heating solutions available. If you’re looking to install heated tile, hardwood or other floor types, you can be assured that Warmzone will have the ideal solution for you.

Radiant heated tile floor

Radiant floor heating is particularly well suited for warming ceramic tile floors. Tile flooring not only adds beauty and elegance to a home, but tile heats quickly and retains warmth for long periods, making a heated tile floor a very effective, energy efficient method of heating.

ComfortTile heating cable is the most highly recommended floor heating system for warming tile floors. ComfortTile floor heating cable can be purchased on spools as well as in mats. The floor heating mats feature heat cable that is pre-spaced with an adhesive-backed fiberglass mesh that can be rolled out for quick, simple installation. The 24-inch wide mats are pre-terminated for use with 120 and 240 volts, and are available in a variety of lengths. Thin metal straps are used to space cable that is purchased in lengths off a spool. The strapping is screwed into the subfloor and the cable is then secured to small eyelets/hooks at the desired space.

CT heat cable is ⅛-inch in diameter and can be installed on a variety of subfloors, including: plywood, concrete, pre-stressed concrete panels, crack isolation membrane or any floor surface compatible with the mats’ adhesive backing. Depending on your subfloor, thinset or mortar is applied directly over the heat cable, followed by the installation of the tile.

The ComfortTile floor heating system is an industry leader and comes with a 10-year warranty. ComfortTile is extremely versatile and can be used to heat virtually all types of floor surfaces, including marble, slate, laminates and hardwood.

FloorHeat and FilmHeat feature thin heating elements that require no floor buildup, making these systems ideal for heating hardwood floors. Both of these systems can be used for heating existing floors as well. If you can access the floor joists from below, then you can install these heating elements – which can be stapled up between the joists.

Warmzone – A Top Radiant Heat Provider

Warmzone Rocks the World of Radiant Heat

Contemplating a radiant heat solution for your home? Before you decide on a radiant heat solutions provider, make sure you give Warmzone a call for the best selection of products and services at a price that will warm your heart.

Warmzone is a top manufacturer and provider of radiant heat solutions.From radiant heated driveways to dog kennels, Warmzone has got you covered. Warmzone has the perfect solution for whatever challenge you send their way. Having one of the most extensive product lines in the industry not only allows them to deliver the right solution for your specific radiant heat project. They’ll do it at a price you can live with. And, Warmzone takes pride in its professional engineering and design services, available at no addition cost to their customers.

Warmzone offers the most comprehensive information resource on the Web. Visit www.warmzone.com and you’ll find an impressive collection of free resources to choose from, whether you’re a current customer or not. Warmzone professionals are continuously updating an extensive library of online information devoted specifically to radiant heat. Let’s say you’re ready to take a deeper dive in researching a radiant heated driveway. Check into the library and chances are you’ll forgo a lot of research with one simple click on an article link. If you’re an avid do-it-yourselfer, there are plenty of helpful free resources available on line, 24/7, including installation manuals, cross section diagrams, specs and more to help you with your radiant heat project, from heated floors to snow melting and roof deicing.

Warmzone staff are not just professionals, they’re deep generalists. Warmzone has forged a number of relationships with manufacturers, suppliers and contractors well-versed in radiant heat. These partnerships often span years. The value, of course, is that Warmzone radiant heat professionals are on the pulse of the latest technologies, installation techniques and products. So you can expect the best radiant heat products and prices possible for each custom project you take on. In fact, Warmzone is constantly searching and testing the latest radiant heat products to give customers the highest quality radiant heat solutions around.

When you call Warmzone, you can’t help but notice the enthusiasm you’ll hear at the other end of the line. If you have a radiant heat solution in mind, it pays to call Warmzone. They’ll happily address your concerns, whether they make a sale or not. Because they believe customer service begins before any sales transaction is ever completed. Just call 888.488.9276 and find out for yourself.

The Importance of Roof Deicing

During the winter months, ice and snow build up can have a devastating effect on roofs, causing gutters to sag and shingles to break free. Electric radiant snow melting systems can eliminate this damage without emptying your wallet.

Roof in need of a roof deicing system

A well-fitted, properly installed roof deicing system can keep roof valleys and eaves free of ice dams and buildup. Eliminating ice dams greatly reduces the chances of roof damage and unwanted seepage. Water damage from a roof ice dam is often not discovered until a great deal of damage has been done. The necessary repairs can be very costly. Ceilings, walls and even floors can be damaged, and mold growth is also joins in the fray. A Warmzone roof deicing system is the optimal solution for melting snow and ice from roof eaves, valleys, even entire roofs.

Roof deicing systems are customizable for just about any roof type and configuration. And Warmzone is the recognized industry leader for providing one of the largest selections of state-of-the-art radiant snow melting systems, including electric and hydronic options. Unlike other “one-solution-fits-all” providers, Warmzone has the products to design a solution that not only meets your snow melting needs, but fits your budget as well.

Determining the ideal heat cable, thermostat and sensor for your roof heating job depends in part on the size, type and construction of the roof, and also on the overall requirements of a particular installation. Warmzone is always available, with the experts and expertise necessary to assess your system and determine what you’ll need to optimize overall performance for your home.

And keep this in mind: at Warmzone, the relationship doesn’t end with a purchase. Their experienced staff will work closely with you to ensure your radiant heat system is installed properly and performing as expected.

For more information on a roof deicing solutions, call 888.488.9276.