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Now is the Time to Buy

Energy Efficient, Environmentally Friendly Radiant Snow Melting Systems

If you’re one of those unfortunate souls who has to manually remove snow from the driveway and walks every winter, you may want to reconsider your methods. The passing of new snow removal laws (as in Massachusetts) don’t make it any easier on homeowners, who are now mandated to provide snow and ice-free walkways for pedestrians. If the sidewalks are not cleared, property owners are not only susceptible to personal injury lawsuits, but they also face the possibility of fines, levied by the local government. Removing snow from your driveway and sidewalks is no longer an option – it’s the law!

Grass damaged from salt applied to melt snow during winter

Many consumers stock up on salt and other snow melting chemicals to ease the physical burden of shoveling the snow, but the amount of time, money and adverse environmental effects of these chemicals can be evident year round.  While effective in melting snow, salt and chemicals are not so friendly to the surrounding landscape. When spring hits, the bordering grass and shrubs often reveal the ugly scars from the repeated salt and chemical use during the winter.

So if you’re serious about going green (in more ways than one), consider this: Radiant heat snow melting systems

Operate on clean, renewable energy (hydronic or electric)
Are safe and environmentally friendly
Are fully automated so that they efficiently operate only when needed
Operate discreetly and silently

Of course, one of the most significant “selling points” of radiant snow melting systems is that it eliminates the time consuming, physical demands of the homeowner.

The best time to purchase and install a snow melting system is during the early spring. You are much more likely to discover discounted prices, because the demand typically wanes when the weather begins to warm. Springtime is a time when homeowners are more interested in outdoor grills and barbeques than snow melting systems. Of course, once the summer has run its course and Old Man Winter is peeking around the corner, consumers tend to scramble to install a snow melting system before the first storm hits.

While snow melting systems have become more affordable, installing a system should still be done with careful consideration. Do some research and deal with experts who will openly talk to you about the various products available. Don’t be fooled into thinking that some provider has the ready-made system that is perfect for your needs. You need unbiased professionals. Talk to the experienced radiant heat staff at Warmzone and learn the “how’s, what’s and why’s” before you make any decisions.

Warmzone is a trusted, leading provider of radiant heat systems, for good reason. We’ve been around a long time, and we offer a wide variety of proven systems from only the most reputable manufacturers. We’re not “locked in” to selling one brand or “one size fits all” system.

In fact, Warmzone provides customized solutions for all of its customers, and works within your budget. We evaluate, design and review every aspect of your project so that your system meets your needs, while keeping within your budget.

If you are serious about the environment and looking for a “green” solution for snow melting, look no further than Warmzone. Call 888.488.9276 today or email.

Pipe Tracing for Your Business

Keep Your Business Running Safely with Pipe Trace Cables
Owning and operating a business is serious business indeed. Your top priority besides making tons of dough is to keep things running smoothly and safely for all involved. If you own a large building or warehouse you are extra conscientious about keeping things moving at full steam ahead. Frozen pipes during the brutal winter months is a legitimate concern, one that savvy business owners are aware of. Commercial, municipal, and industrial buildings all need pipe tracing to protect pipes during dips in temperatures.

Heat trace cable installed on pipe of industrial facility.

Pipe freeze prevention is one of the first necessary investments you must make when your property is up and running. Pipes should be equipped with electric heat trace freeze protection for optimal temperature maintenance. In the long run, having pipe freeze protection will save you from costly repair and sometimes irreversible damage to inventory, equipment, and property.

Pipe freeze protection systems can be used with both metal and plastic water piping. In the coldest months where pipe freezing is a real danger, the self-regulating heat cable adjusts heat output in response to ambient temperatures. The power output increases or decreases in response to ambient temperature changes. This even occurs at each point along the length of the pipe trace cable effectively adjusting the power output in varying degrees along the length of the pipe. The design and intent of the self-regulating systems ensures safe and efficient operation. Operating your business safely is a whole lot easier with pipe trace cables.

Warmzone stands proudly by the quality of our products and services. Our radiant heat products are tested and proven to be among the best in the industry. Call Warmzone today. Your initial consultation and project estimate is absolutely free.

For more information on pipe tracing, radiant heated drivewaysradiant floor heating, or roof deicing and gutter trace systems, browse our web site or call 888.488.9276 today.

Radiant Heat Technology

Snow Melting Systems: Technology For the Ages

While radiant heated driveways are viewed as a relatively modern convenience, you might be surprised to know that radiant heat has been around since antiquity. The Romans actually utilized raised-slab floors and an exterior wood fired furnace to heat their villas. As hot gases from the furnace would enter the house below floor level, they were naturally drawn through the floors up and out of the walls, radiating heat along the way.

Of course, radiant heat technology has come a long way. Durable, easily installed and inconspicuous, it clears the driveways and sidewalks we travel on, and warms our floors (along with our soles). Great news if you’ve ever considered a heated driveway in your future!

Today’s heated driveways are made up of three main elements: the heating element, the controller and the snow sensor or activation device. Controlled by either a wall-mounted control box, snow melting systems can be activated manually; or, with the help of sensors, automatically as conditions change.

ClearZone radiant heat cable comes with several benefits. Safely installed in new concrete pours, under pavers and in harsh, high-temperature new asphalt projects, it delivers unmatched durability. ClearZone cable can be customized to meet performance and space requirements for virtually any snowmelt project. Featuring a unique, maintenance-free design, a 10-year manufacturers warranty and the quickest response time, ClearZone cable is built to consistently outperform the competition.

Warmzone’s compact 6 x 3.5-inch wall-mounted snowmelt control unit monitors the activity of the entire heated driveway system. The snowmelt control unit can be switched on/off (standby) and the heating system can be forced on in case of blowing snow or ice formation due to wind or shade. It features manual override capability, and can also be controlled using an external signal, from a day/week timer, GSM-module or other signal source.

When moisture is present and the preset temperature is reached, it is the snow sensor—whether aerial-mounted or pavement-mounted —that relays the information to the controller to activate the snow melting system. Once the trigger temperature is set, the sensor switch will only activate a radiant heated driveway when needed, saving energy and operating costs.

As radiant heat technology has evolved, the ease of installation and the chief benefits of snow melting systems–efficiency and convenience–make heated driveways more compelling than ever. Warmzone can install heated driveways during pre- or post-construction phases, in almost any medium. The good news—with so much expertise and experience, Warmzone can easily customize a snowmelt system solution that’s right for you, and your budget.

Warmzone Cited in Wall Street Journal

Online Wall Street Journal Interviews Warmzone Sales Manager, Bryan Morris

The Wall Street Journal recently cited Warmzone Sales Manager, Bryan Morris, in an online article, “ The New Cold Warrior,” published January 19, 2011. The piece features an in-depth view of the various snow removal tools and methods that are available to homeowners nowadays; ranging from battery operated snow blowers and ergonomic shovels to fully automated radiant heat systems. The general emphasis of the article is that high-tech snow removal solutions are on the rise because they are not only easy on the driveway and surrounding property, but also on the body.

Much of the exposé was devoted to Warmzone, including a spotlight on one of its recent snow melting projects. Richard Silverstein of Chappaqua, N.Y., purchased the snow melting system from Warmzone for his home’s steep 8,000-square-foot stone-paver driveway and walkways around his outdoor hot tub. The 60-year-old neuro-ophthalmologist works out of his house and was concerned that patients and visitors might hurt themselves because of icy conditions. The Journal was particularly interested in the Silverstein job because of the size and scope of the project.

Dr. Silverstein emphasized that he didn’t want to be at the mercy of numerous plows and snow blowers, but instead wanted to be “stress free” during the winter months. That’s when he decided to explore the options for radiant heat. Bryan Morris was the Warmzone representative who answered Dr. Silverstein’s call. Together with a team of designers and electrical engineers, Morris worked to develop the extensive snow melting system.

“At Warmzone,” Morris stated, “we deal with a variety of affordable environmentally green products; ranging from interior floor heating solutions to heated driveways and snow melting systems that melt snow and ice from roofs, gutters, walkways, ramps, etc.  Our approach is to thoroughly understand our customer’s needs, recommend services and solutions to meet those needs, and to support them before, during and after the sale.”

As a leader of radiant heat solutions, Warmzone carries a host of industry-leading snow melting and radiant floor heating products. The company also provides professional radiant heat design services along with detailed CAD drawings of each radiant heat system.

The Wall Street Journal article further elaborated on the components of Warmzone’s automated snow melting systems in addition to the cost and benefits of electric radiant heating. For a FREE quote, or to learn more about Warmzone heated driveways, roof deicing or radiant heated floors, visit the Warmzone website or call a radiant heat expert today, at 888.488.9276.


Aging Population in the U.S. Looking for Convenience, Comfort and Safety

Whether you are a senior, live with or have a senior in your employ, undoubtedly your comfort and safety is a priority, particularly in the prevention of slip and fall accidents. In inclement weather, radiant heat snow melting systems not only help to protect seniors, but all employees and customers from potential ice and snow-related falls.

Just how likely is this problem for seniors? It is estimated that the majority of the lifetime cost for persons 65 and over is directly attributed to falls. Among people aged 65 to 69, one out of every 200 falls results in a hip fracture, and among those persons 85 years of age or older, one fall in ten results in a hip fracture. The most profound effect of falling is the loss of independent functioning. Twenty-five percent of those who fracture a hip require life-long nursing care. About 50 percent of the elderly who sustain a fall-related injury will be discharged to a nursing home rather than return home. Considering these disturbing trends, it’s not surprising that many home and business owners are turning to radiant heat to curtail this tragic trend.

Treacherous snowy driveway in need of radiant heat

Electric radiant heated driveways and walkways are a practical method of slip and fall prevention during inclement weather. Fully automated, these systems are activated by a high-performance snow sensor when precipitation is detected and temperatures dip below 39 degrees F. The sensor signals the master control box, initiating startup of the electric radiant heated driveway system. This heated driveway system not only eliminates the task (or in the case of seniors, the cost) of snow removal, it clears surfaces to prepare for foot traffic well before ice and snow buildup occurs, eliminating the possibility of a slip and fall due to changing weather conditions.

When it comes to maintaining a quality of life for seniors, radiant heat is not only valuable in terms of snow melting, but other applications as well. If you’re a senior, you can now say goodbye to unwelcome cold winter drafts in the home associated with traditional heat systems. Unlike forced air, electric radiant heated floors, once initiated, can heat a room quickly, radiating heat from the floor up. They can be safely installed under wood, carpet, and ceramic tile to keep seniors safe, warm, and protected against illnesses brought on by winter’s chill. By reducing the dependence on costly fossil fuels, they are equally cost-effective, and that’s important when you’re on a limited budget. And, with the help of a room-specific thermostat and sensors, you have the freedom to heat one room, or heat them all, depending upon your needs for even greater efficiency.

Large heated paver driveway

Due to medications, changes in vision and other health concerns, incidents of falling and illness increase dramatically with age. Each fall or medical setback brings with it a threat to independence. Taking preventive measures now is one way to lessen the chance of a fall, or illness, and ensure that seniors live healthy, productive lives well into old age.

Call a radiant heat expert (888.488.9276) to learn more about the snow melting and floor heating systems and options available for you.

Snow Melting Systems Work While you Sleep

The weather has been in the news a lot lately. Crazy storms are wreaking havoc on roads and structures across the country, as evidenced by the roof collapse of the Metrodome in Minnesota. The record snowfalls even resulted in the postponing of a couple of NFL football games, which hasn’t happened in decades. The storms have made many of us take stock in how prepared we are for these blizzards.

The fortunate homeowners with radiant snow melting systems installed were able to go about their days without missing a beat during these storms, but the folks without a heated driveway snow melting system were faced with considerable challenges. Repeated shoveling of driveways and sidewalks were necessary as a series of storms left heavy snow in their wake. The hours and efforts of manual snow removal took a toll, and many people simply couldn’t keep up with the winter barrage. For these folks, installing an automated snow melting system may be quickly jumping to the top of their priority lists.

Heated paver walkway

Heated driveways have automatic sensors that allow them to work even while you are asleep. The smart snow sensor signals the driveway heating system when weather conditions warrant, activating the heat cables and warming your driveway to keep it clear of snow and ice. You can rest easy and keep your aspirin in the cupboard, knowing that your snowmelt system will do the heavy labor while you get your sleep. Contact Warmzone to learn more about these affordable snow melting solutions.

Snow Removal Responsibilities

The Changing Legal Climate Surrounding Snow Removal.

While we can hope that this year’s snowfall won’t top last year’s record levels, snow removal will take on an increased sense of urgency this year in Massachusetts. In addition to the grueling physical demands, a recent shift in the laws regarding snow removal will have homeowners much more attentive to the condition of their sidewalks following each storm.

Manually shoveling snow
Keeping your driveway and sidewalks clear of snow and ice during the winter months can be a daunting task.

For business owners, the laws mandating snow removal are clear and unforgiving. Neglecting snow removal can result in fines levied by local government as well as leave businesses vulnerable to costly personal injury lawsuits. The consequences can be devastating, but for the most part, these are avoidable expenses, and as such, businesses in cold climates take their snow removal duties seriously. But the legal responsibilities of snow removal are not confined to businesses. Homeowners in the north east are also feeling the chill of a legal climate change.

A Massachusetts court recently overturned a 125-year-old “slip and fall” accident law. Prior to this latest decision, the state’s courts made a distinction between snow and ice conditions caused by nature and those caused artificially. Not anymore.

In the past, Massachusetts law had stated that property owners did nothing wrong when they didn’t remove ice or snow that accumulated naturally. But now, whether the snow on your sidewalk is a natural accumulation from Mother Nature or the result of a passing snow plow, the responsibility rests squarely on the shoulders of the homeowner to clear that snow from the sidewalk. Essentially, the new ruling states that walkways in Massachusetts must be safe to walk on at all times, making homeowners liable for “slip and fall” accidents that occur on their property.

While diligent snow shoveling and timely distribution of ice melting chemicals can enhance safety and reduce the chances of personal injury, it’s hard for any homeowner to feel completely at ease during the winter cold spell. There are no “anti-lawsuit” guarantees, but radiant snow melting systems are proving to be the most popular long term remedy for “litigation angst”. The automated systems ensure safe, snow-free sidewalks, whether you are asleep in bed, at work, or just relaxing in the front room with a hot cup of coffee.

Electric snowmelt systems are activated by a high-tech snow sensor that signals the unit’s controller when it detects precipitation and temperatures are below 39° Fahrenheit. The control unit then sends power to the embedded heat cable, warming the driveway or sidewalks. Installing a heated driveway not only eliminates the time consuming, arduous task of manual snow removal, but provides peace of mind by enhancing safety as well as increasing the value of your property.

Contact Warmzone and find out more about how radiant heat can become a part of your winter weather strategy.

Is Your Roof an Accident Waiting to Happen?

Each Winter Storm May Slowly be Compromising the Integrity of your Roof

Every winter, homeowners in cold climates experience the damaging effects of heavy snow and ice as it accumulates on their roofs. Contrary to the seemingly harmless splendor of winter’s white wonderland, snow can cause as much damage as fires, severe storms, hurricanes, tornadoes, and blizzards.

Beneath the serene blanket of fresh snow on your roof, destructive forces are silently at work, stressing your home’s structure and gradually infiltrating the vulnerable areas of your roofing like an unrelenting cavity gnawing away at your tooth.

In freezing climates, two common types of roof damage are responsible for hundreds of thousands of dollars of roof repair. Ice dams and condensation of water vapor on cold surfaces in the attic slowly take their toll on roofs, and the consequences can lead to safety hazards as well as expensive repairs.

Ice dams are typically the most problematic areas of roofs in climates with freezing temperatures. When the temperature in the attic is above freezing, it can cause the snow on the roof to melt and trickle down the roof valleys. When it hits the colder eaves, it refreezes.

As this cycle repeats over several days, the freezing snowmelt results in ice buildup that acts as a dam, causing water to slowly back up behind it. The melting snow continues to run down the sloping roof, accumulating at the dam and causing several potential risks. It eventually backs up under the roof covering and can leak into the attic, and perhaps, even along exterior walls. Because the warm air of the living space below the roof penetrates the attic, it is difficult to avoid the conditions that cause ice dams naturally. However, the good news is that you can protect yourself from the danger and excessive costs associated with roof damage.

Warmzone roof heating systems are discreetly installed under the roofing and eliminate prolonged ice damming that can cause severe roof damage. Investing in a quality roof heating system and protecting your home from structural damage and dangerous icicles can save you a considerable amount of money in the future.

Roof deicing system heating roof edges and valley

Automated roof heating systems can be customized to accommodate just about any roof type and configuration. Warmzone examines each project individually to determine which system will provide the optimal solution. A valued roof deicing system is based on its cost, performance and aesthetics. Based on your budget and needs, Warmzone will maximize your investment to the best working system possible. (A variety of proven roof heating options are available to choose from.)

Warmzone roof heating systems are controlled by automatic sensors that activate the heating elements when conditions warrant. Warmzone roof heating systems have been installed in most cold regions around the country and are still the most effective for roof deicing. RoofHeat deicing systems are a wise investment that could save you thousands of dollars in repairs if you live in an area with harsh winters. The energy-efficient roof heating systems are ideal for new construction and/or remodeling of existing roofs.

In addition to roof heating, Warmzone is a premier provider of radiant heated driveways and floor heating systems. Call a Warmzone radiant heat expert (888-488-9276) to learn about the systems and options available for you.

Driveway Snow Melting Cable

Automated, Maintenance Free Heated Driveway Systems

We’re getting close to the time of year when we can put away the snow shovels and snow blowers. Or, were you one of the lucky ones who enjoyed the services of a radiant heated driveway this year?

Electric snow melting systems have proven their value in cold climates throughout the country, particularly during the brutal winter of 2009-2010. Designed for convenience and rugged reliability, these automated snowmelt systems lie in wait to ambush the white flakes as they silently descend from the gloomy sky. Okay, maybe I’m being a little dramatic and falling into my romance novel writing mode, but you get the point. The system melts the snow before it even has a chance to stick.

Driveway with heated tire tracks

Heated driveway systems include an aerial or pavement mounted snow sensor that detects the impending snow barrage and signals the control unit, which then sends power to the ClearZone heat cable, heating the driveway. After the storm, the driveway remains warm for a period of time, ensuring that it is clear of ice before it automatically shuts off. More often than not, this all takes place before you’ve even slipped on your Daffy Duck slippers or poured your first cup of Joe. Isn’t technology great?

In addition to the convenience (as if that wasn’t enough), heated driveway systems increase the value of your property and are friendly to the environment. Using renewable energy, electric heated driveways eliminate the need for abrasive, and often damaging, snow removal methods as well as the use of harsh snowmelt chemicals that harm nearby grass and other vegetation. So naturally, there’s no salty runoff from your driveway filling your street gutters. Ya gotta love that!

ClearZone heat cable is the preeminent snow melting cable on the market, and features the most impressive manufacturer warranty in the industry. Whether embedded in concrete, asphalt or underpavers, ClearZone cable has a proven track record for a wide variety of applications, and is a favorite among contractors and professional builders. It’s no surprise then that it is most commonly chosen by homeowners.

Radiant snowmelt systems have been around a while now but are continually gaining popularity because of their affordability and effective, maintenance-free operation. Homeowners from coast to coast are discovering the many advantages and enhanced safety from installing a radiant heated driveway and/or sidewalk.

Heated driveways can be customized to fit your driveway surface and shape as well as your budget. While most homeowners install radiant heat throughout their driveway surface, you can also choose more affordable options, such as installing heat cable in tire tracks. Or, simply heat only the areas that you use. Warmzone professionals will evaluate your needs and provide several options and a detailed drawing of your radiant heat system. If you are going down the radiant heat road, make sure you deal with respected industry leaders who will guide you along the way.

Heated Driveways are Winning Battle Against Snow

Automatic Snow Melting – A Winning Solution

A snow shovel competing with an automatic snow melting system is like pitting a fly against a wind machine. The automatic snow melting system has proven snow melting capability on its side and the snow shovel, well, it just offers a lot of grief and aches and pains. When keeping score, the snow melting system wins every time. Snow doesn’t stand a chance against the advanced radiant heat cable technology. Snow melting systems are becoming more and more widespread because those keeping score at home can see clearly for themselves that heated driveways are winning the war on snow every time it falls from the sky.

The radiant heated driveway is a smart driveway. The snow melting cables radiate consistent warmth beneath the surface of your driveway to provide a snow-free environment every time. The snow still falls, we haven’t figured out a way around that yet, but it doesn’t stick on a warm surface. It quickly turns to water and evaporates on the next dry day with some sun. Snow doesn’t have a chance to accumulate because the minute it begins to fall the snow melting cables kick into gear thanks to the automatic sensors included in the radiant snowmelt systems. Chances are the automatic snow melting system is going to keep on winning, so you better get on the right team.

Just Say NO to Snow with Radiant Heated Driveways

Heated Driveways Will Make You Say YES to Snow

Radiant heated driveways are an aching back’s dream come true and allow you to just say “no” to snow. Face it, each and every time a new snow storm hits you utter words that you wouldn’t say in front of your religious leaders. Each flake that lands on an unheated driveway is another thorn in your side, another creak in your back and a kink in your neck.

Heated driveway

Homeowners watch in dismay as the skies open up and dump white harmless looking bits of snow crystals on their sidewalks and driveways. Shovels and snow blowers are taxed and so are backs, necks, and arms. Many people just want a way to say “no thanks” to snowy days and back-breaking efforts to clear their property.

Heated driveways are the latest rage now and with great reason. Installing a radiant heated driveway saves time and money for every homeowner smart enough to add it to their property.  Home values raise, winter blues decrease, and screaming body parts silence in homes that offer the perk of a radiant snow melting system. Check out the many affordable snow melting options from Warmzone. You might be surprised to discover that a heated driveway system is a realistic possibility for you.

So, if you are ready to stop cursing Mother Nature, then perhaps a radiant snow melting system is for you. Winter doesn’t have to be the enemy, you could be saying YES, YES, YES to snow once you don’t have to clear it from your driveway.