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Time to Treat Your Toes Tenderly with Radiant Heated Floors

Radiant Heat Soothes and Comforts Feet

It’s true, radiant heat soothes and comforts feet but here’s the not-so-secret secret . . . it also radiates heat to every object of the room. Starting with the floor, radiant floor heating works subtly to produce an even warmth that envelops the entire room. You’ll feel it tenderly caress your toes and you’ll smile as you walk from each formerly cold surface, soaking in the inviting heat cast from the radiant heat cables working seamlessly below. Radiant heat radiates from your toes all the way to the soft tips of your ears.

Dad and baby on heated floor

The heat slowly warms your whole space and you find it tugging at the sides of your mouth, forming a happy grin and thoughts such as “why didn’t I install heated floors years ago? How do people enjoy their tile floors without radiant heated floors? What if I had to wake up tomorrow without the soothing comfort of radiant heat?”

Lucky for you if you are already a happy customer enjoying the benefits of radiant heat. Lucky because you’ll never have to ask those questions. Radiant heated floors are gaining popularity and are cropping up in most homes these days. If your home has hardwood floors or a tiled kitchen or entryway you’re an excellent candidate for radiant floor heating. These otherwise cooler surfaces take on the radiant heat produced beneath them and start to boast a consistent, calming warmth that tickles your toes tenderly with warmth.

A Heated Driveway is a Wise Investment

Make Every Dollar Count with Radiant Heated Driveways

You might be like many of us and are afraid to even say the word recession. If we say it then we’ll have to admit it’s really here and our spending choices have to be even more prudent. Economic downturns such as the one we find ourselves elbow deep in, dictate wiser, well-researched and more cost-effective purchases. The weak dollar and tighter credit allowances no longer allow the penny-pinching consumer the luxury of frivolous spending sprees. Each purchase needs to count and provide an investment for the future.

A cost-effective investment and smart way to add value to your home is by installing a heated driveway (radiant snow melting system). Once installed, an affordable radiant heated driveway provides low operation costs in the long run, helping you lower your bottom line on home expenses. A heated driveway with an area of 300 square feet operates for under 50-cents per continuous hour of operation. Snow melting generally only takes a few hours to clear your driveway when a storm hits.

Driveway heating is an investment that has demonstrated and visible results. Not only does it allow you some free time with your family – not to mention saving your back from shoveling duties – but it is a proven way to protect the life of grass and surrounding vegetation by eliminating the use of salt and harsh snow melting chemicals. It also extends the life of your driveway by defending it from chemicals and other traditional abrasive snow removal methods.

Radiant heated driveways are fully automated so you can stay inside where it’s warm and count the dollars you are saving as you watch the snow fall. An automatic snow sensor signals the snowmelt system’s controller when precipitation is detected and temperatures are below 39° Fahrenheit. The controller then sends power to the embedded heat cable, rapidly warming the driveway and keeping it clear of snow and ice. The system shuts off automatically after the storm. Electric radiant snow melting systems have an extremely fast response time, operate silently, and are maintenance free – and there are several options to choose from when considering a radiant snow melting system. There’s really no better, or easier way to keep your driveway clear of snow and ice during the winter than with a radiant heated snow melting system.

So, instead of shoveling for hours after a Nor’easter or powerful lake effect storm, you can spend time relaxing inside with your family. The peace of mind that comes with making a smart purchase is invaluable right now. We are all looking for ways to ride out this (shhh, whisper) recession and worrisome economic climate, but you can still enjoy some of the finer things in life, and invest in wise products.

Support Your Home Heating

Electric Heaters and Wall-Mount Heaters Aid Heating

It never hurts to supplement your home heating. From time to time you’ll catch a draft or realize there is a stingy cold spot in your home that can’t be penetrated with your current home heating system. You can offer support to your home heating system by supplementing the hard work it does with electric wall-mount heaters and towel warmers.

Climastar decorative wall heater
Climastar heater mounted on wall in livingroom.

Home heating amenities can target specific areas of your home and inject those smaller spaces with targeted heat designed just for your home’s heating needs. Wall-mount and bathroom heaters are a smart and affordable way to support your home heating. They require a small amount of electricity which is often cheaper than running your furnace at a higher temperature to achieve even warmth throughout your home. You can buy one or seven, depending on how many spaces in your home could use a little heating boost. Even if you need several you can rely on electric heaters to be more cost effective than replacing your entire home heating system. It also helps avoid the headache of tearing your home apart to gain access to the duct work or vents that require attention. Electric heaters offer very specific heat to very specific areas of your home and can aid your current system to achieve its highest potential without working too hard.

Proper Insulation for Radiant Floor Heating

Improve the Performance of Your Radiant Heated Floors

You may have seen an increase in the number of radiant floor heating systems being installed in new construction projects. Radiant heat technology is more popular and affordable than ever, and more consumers are enjoying the benefits of radiant heat.

Heated bathroom floor

Proper radiant heat installation requires an effective insulation beneath your radiant floor heating system. The response times of radiant heating systems are quicker and much more consistent thanks to the specific physical characteristics of proper ground insulation. Insulation provides critical protection for any radiant heated floors. Insulation decreases heat loss below the slab, allowing the radiant floor heating system to perform more efficiently and accurately in the face of drastic temperature shifts.

Think of it as laying a warm blanket beneath your radiant heated floor, allowing your radiant floor heating system to operate properly and most efficiently. You don’t want to spend your precious money on heating an already cold ground and losing much of the generated heat beneath your radiant floor heating. Proper ground insulation will catch the heat and throw it back upward where you want it, instead of allowing the valued warm air to seep needlessly into the ground below your home. Radiant floor heating is showing up more and more and home builders need to be aware that laying the proper foundation is key to having a radiant heated floor system operate at 100 percent.

Call a radiant heat expert at Warmzone (888.488.9276) to learn more about ground insulation for heated floors and the radiant floor heating system that is best for you.

You Wanna be Popular – and Comfy?

Invite Neighbors to Enjoy your Patio Heater and Your Popularity Will Soar

You’ve just moved into a new neighborhood. Rumors are circulating about Sam and Suzy Socialite down the street that throw raging block parties, complete with late night barbecues and mingling. Your anxiety is reaching an all-time high. How can you compete with such magnificent neighboring skills? You’ve got to come up with something fast. It is still early in the season, perhaps a bit brisk to host outdoor soirees. What if you could get a jump on the cocky neighborhood socialites by staging an early block party thanks to your patio heater from Warmzone. It will be a celebration of the summer to come, but you do it when spring is still fresh in the air and the crisp night air keeps most people hunkered down for a few months. Yep, the neighbors’ collective jaw just dropped as they opened your invitation to your spring fling.

Suddenly thanks to your patio heater your popularity with the new neighbors is soaring. Your patio heater is the talk of the block, the must see item of all the families within eyesight. A patio heater means that you can get a jump on summer barbecues and make it comfortable for your guests to stay outside as the stars twinkle overhead. The patio heater will kick out soothing warmth as you mingle as the King of Bunker Lane, circulating with smiles and warm food. Your guests smile and sink into a relaxing evening they will never forget. Then they will eventually retire to their own beds and talk about just how cool you are and wonder why Mr. and Mrs. Socialite didn’t think of a patio heater before now.

Heated Driveways are Winning Battle Against Snow

Automatic Snow Melting – A Winning Solution

A snow shovel competing with an automatic snow melting system is like pitting a fly against a wind machine. The automatic snow melting system has proven snow melting capability on its side and the snow shovel, well, it just offers a lot of grief and aches and pains. When keeping score, the snow melting system wins every time. Snow doesn’t stand a chance against the advanced radiant heat cable technology. Snow melting systems are becoming more and more widespread because those keeping score at home can see clearly for themselves that heated driveways are winning the war on snow every time it falls from the sky.

The radiant heated driveway is a smart driveway. The snow melting cables radiate consistent warmth beneath the surface of your driveway to provide a snow-free environment every time. The snow still falls, we haven’t figured out a way around that yet, but it doesn’t stick on a warm surface. It quickly turns to water and evaporates on the next dry day with some sun. Snow doesn’t have a chance to accumulate because the minute it begins to fall the snow melting cables kick into gear thanks to the automatic sensors included in the radiant snowmelt systems. Chances are the automatic snow melting system is going to keep on winning, so you better get on the right team.

Just Say NO to Snow with Radiant Heated Driveways

Heated Driveways Will Make You Say YES to Snow

Radiant heated driveways are an aching back’s dream come true and allow you to just say “no” to snow. Face it, each and every time a new snow storm hits you utter words that you wouldn’t say in front of your religious leaders. Each flake that lands on an unheated driveway is another thorn in your side, another creak in your back and a kink in your neck.

Heated driveway

Homeowners watch in dismay as the skies open up and dump white harmless looking bits of snow crystals on their sidewalks and driveways. Shovels and snow blowers are taxed and so are backs, necks, and arms. Many people just want a way to say “no thanks” to snowy days and back-breaking efforts to clear their property.

Heated driveways are the latest rage now and with great reason. Installing a radiant heated driveway saves time and money for every homeowner smart enough to add it to their property.  Home values raise, winter blues decrease, and screaming body parts silence in homes that offer the perk of a radiant snow melting system. Check out the many affordable snow melting options from Warmzone. You might be surprised to discover that a heated driveway system is a realistic possibility for you.

So, if you are ready to stop cursing Mother Nature, then perhaps a radiant snow melting system is for you. Winter doesn’t have to be the enemy, you could be saying YES, YES, YES to snow once you don’t have to clear it from your driveway.

Radiant Heat – Get it, Got it, Good

Get in on Heated Driveways While the Getting is Good

Sure, you don’t want to be a sheep and just follow the crowd, twisting with the fads and turning tides of consumer whims…but some fads turn into life-long investments that can benefit you and your home value. If you ask me (and I know I’m being presumptuous to think you would since we’ve probably never met, but just hear me out) some home improvement investments can actually increase your property value. Want an example of getting while the getting is good? Take the idea of a heated driveway for starters.

Heated driveway in concrete

Think of luxurious winter months spent inside sipping a warm drink or playing games with your kids while your poor neighbors fire up the snow blowers or crank out the shovels. These neighbors clearly didn’t get a radiant snow melting system while the getting was good. Believe it or not spring and summer are the best months to say to yourself “heated driveway…get it, got it, good.” You’ll save money and you’ll be ready super early for the next onslaught of snow, which we hope is many moons away. Still, it helps to think about a ClearZone heated driveway now when the off season has the best deals to offer. Think of it like standing in the holiday isles after the holiday. Plenty of deals to be had, plenty of ways to say get it, got it, good. Do the same for a heated driveway and you’ll be glad you got while the getting was good.

Radiant Heat Could Never Be a White Elephant Gift

A Gift Like Radiant Floor Heating Would Win Big Points

With the holidays rapidly approaching do you find yourself scratching your head as to what would be the perfect gift for that special someone? We have a little hint that might get you off the naughty list and onto the “oh boy, are you ever a shining hero on a white horse” list. Giving the gift of warmth and comfort and luxury is closer than you think. I can guarantee that if you give the gift of radiant heat you will never find it in a white elephant gift pile as someone tries desperately to get rid of it. No, radiant heat will earn you major points at home or with family or with whoever you think would enjoy the glowing gift of radiant floor heating.

Radiant floor heating is more affordable than ever, so you can actually feel guilt-free about this precious gift of floor heat. Radiant heating systems are also easier than ever to install so you won’t have to muddle through a major home improvement project that uproots your lives through the busy holiday months. Many radiant heating systems can be retrofitted to your existing floors so there isn’t a lot of down time as you cross over from blasé home heating to “wow”radiant heated floors. If you commit to give radiant heat this holiday season we can pretty much guarantee you’ll see many smiles not just on the day you announce this coveted gift, but for many, many days and years to come.

Pipe Freeze Protection by Powerblanket

Check Pipe Freeze Worries off Your List Using Heating Blankets

If you are like Santa – and me for that matter – you are constantly making lists and checking them twice; especially when it comes to protecting your home or office building. Staying safe and feeling safe in your environment is key to feeling proud of how you maintain your property. Making lists helps me ensure that I don’t miss anything critical. This is especially true when it comes to seasonal needs, such as:

  1. Fertilize lawn in summer.
  2. Rake leaves in fall.
  3. Ensure my pipes don’t freeze during the winter.
  4. Rejoice when spring comes and my pipes made it through another winter without freezing.

Pipe freeze protection is vital to keeping a home, office, or production facility up and running. The Powerblanket can be a great solution for pipe freeze protection.

The insulated heating mats are unique in both durability and versatility. Using a heating blanket such as the Powerblanket to wrap and secure a consistent temperature for your pipes is a simple solution to pipe freeze protection. As long as a Powerblanket is plugged in and running, the warming properties of this unique heating blanket allow you the peace of mind to walk away from your pipes, even on the coldest nights in the dead of winter. So if you buy and use a Powerblanket, the worry of having your pipes freeze can be safely checked off your list.