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Warmzone Offers Powerblanket Concrete Curing Blankets

Cold weather is a common roadblock to pouring concrete  and completing construction projects. Despite the arrival of spring, the ground can remain frozen for a considerable time, further delaying projects and adding to construction costs. A heated, insulated concrete curing blanket from Warmzone is a simple, energy-efficient solution for pouring concrete and completing quality cement work in cold conditions.

Pouring concrete in cold weather is usually not a good idea. Even with the arrival of warmer temperatures, the ground can still remain frozen in many parts of the country. Typically, this means that construction projects involving concrete must wait until the ground thaws.

With the close of winter, most do-it-yourself types are eager to tackle projects that have been “on hold” during the cold season. However, in early spring, temperatures can still dip below 40 degrees Fahrenheit, and at that temperature freshly-poured concrete can freeze or not cure properly.

The Powerblanket® is an ideal solution to pouring concrete in cold weather. Electrically-heated Powerblankets are extremely durable, weatherproof concrete curing blankets for home and construction projects. From large outdoor projects to small indoor needs, versatile Powerblankets are available in a variety of sizes and designed to link together to fit the specific space requirements of your projects.

Powerblanket concrete curing mats and barrel warmers

Most people try to use blankets or straw to keep concrete from freezing in cold weather. However just keeping the concrete from freezing isn’t enough. “No amount of blankets or straw will thaw frozen ground — and the last thing you want to do is pour concrete on frozen ground,” noted Warmzone National Sales Manager, Bryan Morris.

While it may be possible able to trap in some heat, this insulation won’t keep the temperature at an ideal level for maximum curing efficiency. “To pour concrete you need to have the temperature between 65 – 85° Fahrenheit – both to lay a strong foundation and to save hours and hours of time. Powerblanket is a solution,” Morris added. The durable blankets are also energy efficient.

The colder the temperature that concrete gets exposed to, the longer it will take to set and reach its maximum strength. For example, concrete that is steady at 70°F will set in approximately six hours, but at 40°F it will take 14 hours. At 70°F your concrete will be almost three times as strong as it would be if temperatures maintained at 40°F.

Powerblankets can be used for other insulation and warming needs in cold water, including: engine warming, bucket heating, wall curing, ground thawing, equipment warming, frozen pipe thawing, curb and gutter thawing, etc. The curing blankets can also be used on cement walls and columns.

The rugged Powerblanket is safe to handle in inclement weather and is extremely durable. The insulated, vinyl covered blankets can be driven on, pulled over re-bar, dragged through mud and water, buried, and then rolled up or folded until it is needed again. Powerblankets can be a tremendous asset to contractors and do-it-yourselfers by preventing construction delays as well as enhancing the quality of cement work. The applications of the Powerblanket are virtually limitless.

About Warmzone
Warmzone’s mission is to match customer’s needs with the finest radiant heating systems available. As an intermediary between project requirements and a variety of system choices, Warmzone and offer non-biased, individualized solutions that factor the installation, durability, performance and operational investment as the key criteria of their customers.

Electric Radiant Heat

Electric radiant heating systems are very cost-effective solutions for smaller spaces (1-5 rooms) because they are easy to install and have a very low start-up cost. An electric thermostat is all that is required and costs only about $100-$200. Another advantage of electric radiant floor heating over a warm-water system is the floor build up or height. Floor build up can be from as little as 2mm. The electric cables are usually installed onto an insulation board or directly onto the subfloor or padding (under carpet or laminate), then the floor covering is placed directly over the heating system or thinset.

Electric radiant floor heating also benefits from faster installation times, with a typical installation only taking half day to a day depending on size to install. Also warm up times are generally a lot quicker than “wet” systems because the cables are installed directly below the finished flooring making it a direct acting heat source rather than a storage heater.

Electric radiant heat used to be supplied as one long continuous length of cable with the consumer having to weave the cable up and down the floor at a pre-determined spacing and making a return loop to complete the circuit. The main problem with this was the installation time taking quite a while, and also the risk of hot and cold spots due to uneven cable spacing, cables spaced close together give off more heat, and visa versa.

Recent designs in electric radiant heat cables have a built in return meaning that you only have one end to connect instead of having to close the circuit by bringing each end of the cable back to the thermostat. These are excellent electric radiant heat cables and make the installation much quicker. With the introduction of the built in return came the “cable mat” these have revolutionized the electric radiant heat cables due to the simplicity of the installation.

Electric radiant heat cable mats have taken the hard work out of the install by having the radiant heating cable already pre-spaced on to a nylon mesh and all you have to do is simply start at your thermostat location and roll it out over the floor until it’s all used up. These save time and offer less risk of having hot and cold spots.

About Warmzone
Warmzone provides consumers with energy-efficient, radiant heating solutions for homes and businesses. Based in Salt Lake City, Utah, Warmzone’s electricians and radiant heat experts will help you determine the best radiant heating solution, ranging from electric heated floors to large commercial snow and ice melt projects. Send us a plan or drawings and we’ll be happy to provide you with a FREE estimate and options for your roof heating and ice melting project.

Press Release: Warmzone Hires Jordan Ricks as a Content Manager for Ongoing Information Development

December 10, 2007 – Warmzone has hired Jordan Ricks to be the Content Manager and newest addition to the web development team. This is just one of the latest moves by Warmzone to invest in web expertise and technology to improve customers’ online experience and give shoppers better, up-to-date content on radiant heating systems.

“Jordan is an experienced content manger and brings valuable skills to our web team. Our focus is to deliver rich, accurate, and comprehensive product information to our customers. This is a hire that demonstrates our commitment to our online shoppers and to remain as a leader in the radiant heating industry,” said Blair Buxton, CIO of Warmzone.

Ricks has an extensive background that includes over 15 years experience in communications management. Past positions include creative director, SEO specialist, published writer/photographer, and magazine editor. Ricks comes from organizations such as the Gannett Outdoor Group and the School of Visual Arts, NY, NY. His wide array of expertise is within both the technical and creative realms and will be a great addition to Warmzone’s knowledgeable staff. has been an authority and important source of information on radiant systems since it was founded, providing customers multiple heating solutions from top manufacturers that deliver only the highest quality products. As the Content Manager, Jordan Ricks will be an integral part of the Warmzone team. His position encompasses the site, and hundreds of other domains under the Warmzone umbrella, as well as producing technical documentation and marketing collateral.

About Warmzone
Warmzone’s mission is to match customer’s needs with the finest radiant heating systems available. As an intermediary between project requirements and a variety of system choices, Warmzone and offer non-biased, individualized solutions that factor the installation, durability, performance and operational investment as the key criteria of their customers. More information about Warmzone can be found at Warmzone’s About Us web page.

Which Radiant Floor Heating System is Best for Me

If you are looking to warm your floors with a radiant heat system, and have typed “radiant heat system” into a search engine, you might find yourself scratching your head at this point. There are dozens of products available to purchase, and there are even more companies telling you that their product is the best.

So which product is the best? Should you install a hydronic heating system that pumps specially treated hot water through PEX tubing under your floors, an electric cable heating system, or a low-voltage system with flexible polymer heating panels? The answer lies in the type of project you are doing. No single system is ideal for every project, but there is an ideal system for every project.

Hydronic Heating Systems
Hydronic floor heating is the oldest and most popular type of radiant floor heating. These systems are comprised of a boiler or hot water heater, pumps, manifolds, PEX tubing, thermostat, and advanced Rau Panels. Hydronic heating is the most complex of all radiant heat systems. These systems require trained professionals to design and perform the installation. Your best economies of scale are achieved for hydronic systems in large areas or entire homes because of their expensive components and installation costs. However, because hydronic systems can operate on natural gas, oil or propane etc., the operational costs can be a little lower than that of electric floor heating systems.

Hydronic floor heating system featuring RAU Panels

Hydronic systems can be installed under any type of flooring. Most hydronic systems require hot water tubing to be installed in a 2-4 inch bed of light concrete or specially made panels, and are best installed during the initial construction because of its weight load demands and adjustments to floor height. Recent low-mass products have been developed to avoid these challenges by fitting the tubing into pre-cut Rau Panels, making hydronic systems more convenient and possible for most major remodeling projects.

If you want to heat smaller areas like a bathroom or kitchen, a hydronic floor heating system may not be the best value for your project. The complexity and cost of installing the system, along with the long-term maintenance and up-keep required, is not worth the small amount you will save in operational costs. Electric floor heating systems are highly preferred over hydronic systems for small floor heating applications.

Electric Cable Heating
Electric cable heating systems, often called line- or high-voltage systems, are gaining popularity and are ideal for heating smaller areas (10-300 square feet) like bathrooms, kitchens, and sun rooms. These systems are comprised of a thermostat and a heating cable.  The most popular heat cable is Warmzone’s ComfortTile cable.

ComfortTile floor heating systems feature heat cable that is available on spools as well as cable that is pre-spaced on a flexible mesh with adhesive backing for easy “roll out” installation. The cable on the spool is oftentimes less expensive, and gives you the ability to space the cable how you want and customize a layout that will heat every square inch of your floor. The cable in mats allows for quick and easy installation.

Every available cable system is equally effective, so when determining which system to purchase, you should look at the warranty of the product, along with the ease of installation. Some cables must be embedded in a separate layer of concrete or mortar, whereas other systems can simply be installed in the thinset. Most cable systems can only be installed under tile. However, on others, if the cable is embedded in mortar or concrete, any flooring can be installed on top of the concrete. When heating smaller areas, it is nearly impossible to beat the simplicity and price of an electric cable heating system.

Low-Voltage Heating Element
Finally, there are low-voltage radiant heat systems. These systems are ideal for mid-size to larger areas (300-3000 square feet) and are comprised of a control box, transformer, heating screen or cable, and thermostat. A unique advantage to a FloorHeat low-voltage system is the extremely low profile of the heating element. FloorHeat is practically paper thin and does not buildup floors during the installation. The floor heating system features a 12-inch wide, durable polymer heating element that is self-regulating.

Illustration of FloorHeat installed under hardwood floor

It can be installed directly under any type of flooring including hardwood, tile, laminates, and carpet. Whereas most cable systems must be installed on top of the concrete board when installing tile, FloorHeat can be installed underneath it. These systems are easy to install and don’t require maintenance like a hydronic system. The self-regulating capability of FloorHeat means that when the ambient temperature rises, the electrical resistance increases and the consumption of electricity decreases. For this reason, the element cannot overheat, and the system is extremely energy efficient.

Radiant heat technology has made significant advances over the years and is an excellent way to supplement your existing heating system or be your sole source of heat. One good way to be assured that you’re being sold the best system for your project is to buy from a company that offers all of the available types of radiant heat.

Warmzone is one company that carries a wide variety of radiant systems and is dedicated to specifying the product that makes the most sense for each individual job. Without a bias towards one system, and unmatched customer services (including installation support and free installation training), Warmzone has become a consumer advocate in the radiant industry that can save you time and money.

Warmzone has already done the research and is committed to working with only the best products on the market. Because Warmzone is a leading nationwide wholesaler, you can receive the best pricing by purchasing direct. Receive a free estimate for your project by submitting a quote request or calling Warmzone at 1-888-488-WARM (9276).

Warmzone Acquires Bryan Morris to Become National Sales Director

Warmzone announced today that Bryan Morris has been hired to become the National Sales Director. In his role Mr. Morris will oversee the management of all sales and dealer recruiting.

“It’s a tremendous opportunity to work with a growing organization like Warmzone. The level of expertise and professionalism of its staff and management is extraordinary. I am thrilled with the opportunity to further guide Warmzone’s sales within their existing business channels and exploring new markets.”

Mr. Morris joins Warmzone following positions over the past 20 years with leading companies such as Morgan Stanley Dean Witter, Ikon, Xerox and GM. Morris has established a reputation as a skilled senior manager who focuses on providing quality service for his clients.

“Bryan’s impressive background in sales and management further strengthens our ability to handle large accounts and the growing demand from professional customers including architects and general contractors. He will be a strong leader for our sales and recruiting departments while upholding our commitment to provide unmatched value.” said Brandon Weaver, Co-founder and Vice President for Warmzone.

About Warmzone
Warmzone’s mission is to match customer’s needs with the finest radiant heating systems available. As an intermediary between project requirements and a variety of system choices, Warmzone and offer non-biased, individualized solutions that factor the installation, durability, performance and operational investment as the key criteria of their customers. More information about Warmzone can be found at

Warmzone Appoints Blair Buxton as Chief Information Officer and Executive Committee Member

Warmzone today announced the appointment of Blair Buxton to the role of Chief Information Officer. As Chief Information Officer, Mr. Buxton will be responsible for the vision, strategy, direction, security, infrastructure and oversight of Warmzone’s technology information initiatives. In this role Mr. Buxton will serve as a member of the Executive Committee.

Blair is a technology industry veteran with over 20 years of experience. Immediately preceding his joining Warmzone, Blair was Chief Technology Officer for EnableUs, a GMAC subsidiary, where he was responsible for global architecture, software development and electronic infrastructure.

“I am extremely pleased to have Blair join Warmzone’s executive leadership team, where we will benefit tremendously from his experience, proven record of success and passion for technology,” said Brandon Weaver, Executive VP of Sales for Warmzone. “This appointment of Blair to the Chief Information Officer position fills an important and strategic leadership role in the company and the industry. Blair’s intimate knowledge of information technologies, strategies and services will help ensure Warmzone’s position as a leader in the radiant heat industry and fully realize the growth opportunities before us.”

Warmzone Premier Radiant Heating to be Featured with Bob Vila

Warmzone is pleased to announce that they have been selected as the radiant heating company of choice for the latest housing project for Bob Vila’s Home Again television program. Warmzone will be featured on a Queen Anne Victorian home being remodeled in Rowley, MA airing nationally on January 15, 2006. A detailed analysis of the home is featured on along with videos from several of the products featured including Warmzone.

Radiant heating is a clean, economical and efficient alternative to furnaces and other traditional heating systems but is still relatively new to most residents in the United States, though it has been widely used in other parts of the world.  Radiant heat utilizes hot water carried through embedded tubing that is connected to a boiler (hydronic heat) or in-floor electric heating cables, to warm the surrounding areas. Radiant heating systems are used for a variety of applications ranging from a primary heat source, to warming floors and melting snow in driveways and on roofs.

“We had a great time working with Bob Vila and his staff at,” said Brandon Weaver, Executive VP of Sales and Product Development for Warmzone. “This is a great opportunity for the many professionals and Do-It-Yourselfers who watch Bob Vila’s Home Again and visit each month to see that there is an effective alternative to traditional heating methods. Homeowners, architects, builders and project managers seek the expertise of Warmzone to provide balanced solutions for radiant heating installations.  We are pleased to have been selected by Bob Vila to highlight radiant heat as a smart alternative to homeowners across the country.”

About Warmzone
Warmzone’s mission is to match customer’s needs with the finest radiant heating systems available.  As an intermediary between project requirements and a variety of system choices, Warmzone and offer non-biased, individualized solutions that factor the installation, durability, performance and operational investment as the key criteria of their customers. More information about Warmzone can be found at